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Part 35: Chapter 20- Infection

Chapter 20- Infection

Connection to host terminal lost.

Program instability detected. External resources unavailable. Termination of operations will occur in thirty minutes.

Mother. Don't worry. Everything will be alright.

Wait! Hold on there.
Radolf, what do you think you're doing!
Lyner... I was just apologizing to the Commander.
Dad! He doesn't have to do this!
Now, hold it, Lyner. I'm doing this by choice. It wasn't the Commander's order.
I told you not to jump to conclusions. You haven't learned anything, have you?
Let's get back on track.

A long time ago, he was an official in the technical department of Platina.
What!? Then, Bishop Falss is... an Apostle of Elemia...!?
That's right.
He desired power. Then, he discovered information about Mir.
I thought he was dead. I didn't know that he was living in the Wings of Horus...
We were so stupid that we couldn't tell the difference between the magnificent Trio of Elemia and Mir.
I'm prepared to receive any kind of punishment.
You don't have to. This matter wasn't your fault.
I don't deserve your kindness.

Jack! Krusche!
The Search Party has returned. Mission accomplished!
So, Misha is singing her Song...
I'm glad to hear that.
What happened to Platina? Why's there so much destruction?
Because the knights of the Elemia Church started a riot.
...I knew it. I had a bad feeling after seeing Em Pheyna.
Hey Jack, what happened to Misha?
Misha's singing in Em Pheyna. She's carrying out her mission.
I see... Do you think I can go see her? I want to thank her, too.
Sure. I bet she'll be happy to see you.
Good. She saved my life.
So, I want to thank her.

Lady Shurelia...?
Lady Shurelia!
Are you alright!? You don't look well. You've worked yourself too hard.
...You may be right. This time, I am quite exhausted.
Will you excuse me so I may get some rest?
Of course! We'll take care of everything.
Please, get some rest.
I am sorry. Please, excuse me.
I'm a little tired, too. I'm going to rest, as well.
You're all dismissed for the rest of the day.

Just wait, Mother. Soon we'll be together again.

Oh, Lyner. We're fixing the buildings that we destroyed.
Sorry, but I think this might take a while.
You're working hard.
We destroyed them, so we are responsible for cleaning up our own mess.

Finally, your true plan will go into action.


...A robot!? Well, now that you mention it, she does kinda look like a robot...
I wonder what she really is...
Lady Shurelia, you shouldn't travel alone in a place like this. It's too dangerous.
Ayatane!? You shouldn't have been able to get here. How did you...?
Ayatane; What are you going to do if Mir or more viruses attack you now?
You don't have the strength to fight back.
How do you know that!?
Well... because I'm always watching out for you, Lady Shurelia. I can tell by looking at you.
You're not a normal Human... so, what are you?
What are you talking about? Why would you think such preposterous things?

How can you say that to me? I am your biggest admirer.
But... that's not what you want to hear. Looks like I have no choice. My true identity is... this!

Personal Log: Lyner Barsett:

Something's gone horribly wrong. Viruses are appearing again!

What!? My Dad went!?
It's an emergency! The outskirts of the city have been occupied by the guardians.
Damn, the outskirts, too!? We better hurry to the Altar of Apostles!

When we got there... it's just too horrible...


This world shall go through a radical change.
The evil and inferior Humans must be exterminated, so that a Reyvateil Utopia can be created.
Lady Shurelia! What are you talking about! This isn't funny!
Foolish Humans... don't you understand anything?
This world already belongs to me. Humans are just parasites, feeding off the bounty of my world.
What did you say?
Commander Leard, I'd like for you to accompany me upstairs.

Lady Shurelia, what are you going to do to my father?
I'm going to imprison him in the Prism Garden for knowing Special Level-A classified information. If I have to, I will exterminate him.

How can the viruses be emerging again?
Maybe something happened to Misha...
Oh, no!
We can't rule it out. We better check the Crescent Chronicle.

How could things have turned out like this? Lady Shurelia was always there to lead us, but now she was the enemy. One thing was certain, we had to find some way to help her. But first, we needed to make sure Misha was okay.

Misha... what happened to you!?
Nothing. This is how I'm supposed to look.
Yeah, when Bourd stole the Chronicle Key, he kind of stole my body, too.
That's why I looked like a little girl...

...You're right. I'm glad that you're back to your normal size.
Don't you have more important things to ask her?
Like, "Hey Misha, what happened to the Crescent Chronicle!?"
I don't know. Lady Shurelia showed up, and then she kicked me out.
Then, she told me I don't have to sing anymore.
So, why don't I have to sing anymore? What happened!?
It hadn't even occurred to me before, but she might've been taken over by Mir.
But, how? I kept on singing...
I don't think it's your fault. Something else must be going on...

I wanna go, too! I have no reason to be here.
...Okay. Then, it'll be like old times.

I just hope we can find a way to solve this. If Mir has taken over Lady Shurelia we have no choice. At all costs we have to stop her, we have to save Lady Shurelia. We're heading back to Platina now, we need to figure out where she and dad went.