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Part 36: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace, Level 6

Supplemental 10- Aurica's Soulspace, Level 6

Get ready. This is about to get ugly. Level 6 is the part of Aurica that's a crazy jealous bitch. I will comment more on what's going on in this level in a 'meta' sense at the end, but otherwise I'm not going to say much about it because this level creeps me out in a very real sense.


What!? I've already been through a lot. I was blown away by that dragon...
It won't be that simple... You'll know what I mean soon enough.
From now on, you can't rely on common sense.
It is not always good to encourage her or give her advice. Do not forget that.

Huh!? Wh, what is it, I have a bad feeling...
Did you know Aurica is having trouble sleeping lately?
Oh? R, really?
Aha! I get it! You're not looking after Aurica in the real world, are you?
N, no I do! But, I wonder why...
Hmph, you don't even notice this, and you say you're going to protect her. I have a pretty good idea what it is.
Y, you do!? So, what is it?
Since Aurica has been traveling with you, it's not often she gets to sleep with nice blankets.
Y, yeah, you're right... I mean, for camps, there are no blankets at all...
I knew it! That's it!
Huh? Wh, what's that...??
Aurica can't sleep unless she hugs a blanket between her legs!

Oops! My tongue slipped! Forget what I just said! Forget it!
Alright! Pretend you just didn't hear anything! Get it!?
Uh, yeah...

Here it comes... By the way, in this upcoming section the choice is meaningless, you might notice I pause in the video because I'm trying to remember if that was the case.

Oh, hey! Have your grades gotten any better?
I don't want to talk about it.

What's with this chain? Wh, why am I chained to a bed?
Whoa! Heh, Au, Aurica! What happened to your clothes!?

What are you doing!? Please unchain me!
Oh? Am I so beautiful that you can't wait anymore? Well, I'm sorry, but I'm just not ready yet...
What are you talking about? I just want you to take off the chains.
I'm sorry, but you're a popular guy. It's the only way I can keep you here.
That's not true!
Oh, I've heard that before... Today, you're mine... no one else's...

...Uh, yes...?

Whoah... I'm getting numb...
But, you feel the same... I'm so happy...
Lyner, I made a decision.
About what?
I'm going to keep you tied down like this. That way, you'll always be mine.
And, you'll always be thinking about me...
No, you can't!
If you don't let me go, I'll never be able to return to the real world...
But, you don't have to go back to the real world. I don't even have to wake up.
If I do wake up, then I can't be with you all the time. And, reality is too harsh, don't you think...?
As long as we're together in this world, I never want to wake up...
Are you serious?

I'm chained up again... and I'm getting hungry.
You look terrible.

I came from a world that you haven't visited yet.
But, enough chatting. We need to get you out of here, quick!
Thank you. Those chains were starting to chafe. So, how do we get out of here?
Follow me!

We get Thunder Shot for this, Aurica's last Green Magic. Nothing much else to it.

I didn't expect her to chain me down like that...
That is one of my deeper feelings for you.
But as long as we're still here, we can't really say we escaped, right?
You're right...
So, how can we escape completely?
The easy way is if you never return to Aurica's Cosmosphere...
The only other way is to complete the Paradigm Shift.
Which means, I have to talk to the Aurica of this world...
Yes. Do you know what the Paradigm Shift represents?
It only occurs when we free ourselves from all of our attachments or scars in this world.

Find the problem? But, I don't know anything about it...
Well, you need to talk to her. If something bad happens again, I'll come back to save you.
Why did you come all this way to save me?
Because, I want you to visit my world. So hurry up already...
Your world...? I wonder where that is.
Lyner; But, I have to leave this world first...

Someone helped me...
By the way, what's wrong with this world?
I don't know.
Oh, right... I have to figure it out myself...
...Good luck.

Aurica? What are you doing here? What are you wearing!?
Please don't go...
I can't let you leave this world.
But, you have to let me go.
No! If I let you go, you'll leave me forever!
No, I won't!
I want to be with you all the time.
I'm scared to be apart from you...
Aurica, trust me. I will protect you. I'm not going to leave you...

So, come to my house... We can live there together.
I don't think you get it...
You just told me you weren't going to leave me. Was that just a lie?
No, I didn't life. But, well, come on!

I'm another Aurica. You don't know me yet.
...What do you want?
You're jealous of another persona? I'm ashamed of myself...
What you're doing is creating a paradox loop. I'm sorry, but I have to stop you, you know.
What are you doing!?
It's time for you to wake up.

What!? It's so cold!
It's the Paradigm Shift! Lyner, hurry and take Aurica through it!
Wait! Can we force her to do this? Isn't that, sorta bad?
Yes, but it is necessary. We have no choice but to pass this level.
No! I don't want to go through the Paradigm Shift!
Lyner! Nooooo!
This looks bad!
The entire world is distorted because of the paradox. You have to hurry! The Aurica of this world is in danger!
Lyner! Stop!

I guess you're right... this time. But, this distortion hasn't been fixed completely.
You advance in this world by healing the scars in her mind. The incident earlier...
It made a new scar instead of healing one.
I hope the distortion doesn't explode in the later worlds...

So, we got Undine, a powerful Red Magic that does Ice damage. More importantly, though, we really screwed things up badly. This is going to come back to bite us in the ass later on, as you can guess.

Let's talk about this level in a more 'meta' sense. You might have gotten that these Dives are parodies of dating sim games. I see Level 6 as a sort of scathing indictment on many of these games. The basic situation is the sort of ridiculous thing you might see in a game like that, but instead of being intended to be 'sexy' it's just creepy as shit.

And you know the worst part? We still have to go through this again with Misha's Level 6. Sigh...