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Part 37: Chapter 21: Flight

Chapter 21: Flight

Personal Log: Lyner Barsett:

Yesterday things went all to hell. Lady Shurelia and my dad are missing. What's worse, it looks like Lady Shurelia's been taken over by Mir! We're on the way to save her now. I guess I should explain how we got here. After picking up Misha at the Crescent Chronicle, we headed back to Platina.

What kind of place is this Prism Garden anyway?

Lyner, what do you think we should do?
...Well... I...
Why don't you take some time to think about it?
Yeah. I'm sorry. I'll do that. Just give me some time.

This statue is exactly the same as the one in our church. It's called the Songstress and the Guardian.
Aurica, do you know the meaning behind this statue?
Since as long as anyone can remember, there was a guardian who protected a songstress, as long as she continued to sing.
No matter what happened, the guardian always sacrificed himself to protect her.
When she trusted him completely, she formed an unbreakable bond with him, and a win that healed the world began to blow.
...I'm impressed, That was one of the most difficult classics.
Ever since I was little.... I was fascinated by the Legends of Elemia. I used to read myths all the time.
That's how I memorized it.
Strong Songs can only be crafted if there is a strong bond between a songstress and her guardian.
That's right. A reliable relationship and a strong bond between a Reyvateil and a Human is the only way to create strong magic.
...I hope Lyner is okay.
Are you worried about him?

He's used to following orders from Lady Shurelia and his father. But now, he has to make his own decisions.
But, that is the best way to become a leader.
Lyner is steadily maturing on the inside.

There was really only one thing we could do. We had to get to the Prism Garden and save my dad, then find some way to help Lady Shurelia before Mir made her do something horrible.

Yes. I'm going to... fly an airship past the Blastline.
And.. then I'm going to save Lady Shurelia and my father.
But... no existing airship is capable of passing the Blastline.
It's like committing suicide. Can't you just go through the Tower?
Of course there's a way to go through the Tower, but I don't think it's wise.
Lady Shurelia is probably watching the pathway very closely. And, she has total control in there. It's too dangerous.
Besides, I've never gone up there through the Tower before...
But, that airship that I had...
I'm sure that it was capable of passing through the Blastline.
I've been thinking about all the stories I've heard before.
Airships from the Lower World can't come up to Platina because of the Blastline.

It sounds interesting. I'd love to help. It's been my dream to do this.
I won't discourage you, Lyner. You must do what you feel is right.
Yeah, we'll find some way to work this all out.
Thanks, everyone!
Krusche checked it out once, and she told me that it's probably impossible to fix it, but...
Why don't we check it out thoroughly?
Maybe then, we can find a way to fix it.
Sure. I'll go back there as many times as you want. I only took a quick look before.
Alright, I'm counting on you.
Now that we have a plan, let's get to work on it.

We returned to the site of the airship crash. It was in as bad a state as we left it. Krusche got to work immediately, going over it from top to bottom.

Then, it's a top-of-the-line airship. I'll check what parts need fixing. This could take a while.

We waited around for more than a day while Krusche pored over every bit of the airship. Eventually, she came to us with her conclusions. It wasn't as bad as we'd initially thought.

And, the Symphonic Power Battery, which stores all the Symphonic Power.
Other than that, the outside wall is lightly damaged, so I'll need Airmetal to fix that.
...That's a lot of things to fix.
It's still a lot easier than building a new airship from scratch.
That's true. But, it's going to be difficult to fix it all by ourselves.
Then, let's look for people who can help.
We might find someone else like Krusche in Firefly Alley...
And the Teru Tribe can make a lot of mysterious items, right? Plus, they can use magic.
You're right. And, though the Church can't offer much in technical support, we can provide the manpower.
Sounds like a plan. Let's get to work.
Lyner, Aurica, and Misha should wait here.

Other games might be pricks and make you go do all this FedEx shit. Ar Tonelico is cool, though. Your party goes and individually finds all these people, and you end up only having to actually make one of the required items. Which one depends on whether you chose Misha or Aurica. Misha needs to make the Sharing Core, and Aurica the Flipper.

Oh, and I didn't show the part with Lyra I think, but she's a member of the Teru Tribe who knows Jack and will scavenge items for you. I'll go back and see if I can find shots of the section with her soon.

The others came back after a while with what they found. Before I'd have thought we were screwed, but we suddenly seemed to have a chance.

And if that's the case, I think it is possible to make our own.
It is possible!
Lyra, will you help us, too?
Of course! I'll do anything for Harm!
Harm... aren't you popular with little girls...
Oh, gimme a break...
Krusche's late. I wonder what she's doing.
Well, Firefly Alley is farther than you'd expect.
Thanks for waiting! I brought someone who'll be a great help.

Krusche had brought the President of Tenba! It turns out she'd helped them recover the Chronicle Key.

See, isn't she a great help?
I don't believe it...
Then, let's go out and look for Airmetal.
We'll need as much as you can find. You can find it up the Tower.
And, we'll get to work on making a Nabite Cap.
Knock yourself out. I'm leaving all that up to you.
All that's left is to make a Flipper and Sharing Core.
Tenba can easily make a new Sharing Core.
Hey Lyner, you're a Melder, right? Can you make a Flipper?
Here's the Recipe Card for it.
...Just great. This item looks so difficult to make. That's it, I think I'm gonna cry...
Come on, it'll be good training for you.
Alright, let's get started!
I don't think I can... make something like this...
Don't worry! If you really put your heart into it, you can do anything you want.

It's a famous mineral from my old neighborhood. It's used a lot for music boxes.
...Lyner, I want to help you. Let's promise to do our best.
I need to do something helpful. I don't even care if it's cooking and cleaning.
Thank you, Aurica.
Way to go, Lyner.
You can find Skuwat Metal in Skuwat Village, where I used to live.
It's a little far, but it's not too bad. Come on, let's go!

We headed to Aurica's old hometown. The place had been ruined when Bourd and the Teru had fought. It was horrible.

Aurica's home was in ruins. We decided to stop in for a moment, though, to see her old room.

I'm sorry that I can't get you anything.
No... but, just looking at your old home makes me feel like I'm a little closer to you.
Can we go inside?

What is it, Aurica?
I used to write a letter to my mom and dad every month. I just put them away.
A letter? But, I thought your mom and dad...
Yes, they're gone. So, when I write them a letter, I store it in this drawer.
My mom used to keep my letters in this drawer.
I... I don't even know if my mom and dad are dead or not. I've never seen any proof.
I'm hoping that if I store my letters in this drawer, she'll eventually open them...
I'm hoping that she's still alive somewhere and that she'll come and pick them up someday.
...I can't live without holding onto that hope!
I didn't want to believe that I was all alone in this world!
If I accepted it as reality... I wouldn't be able to go on...
So, ever since I heard that my parents were dead, I wrote them a letter every month.
I couldn't find anyone to deliver my letters, so I brought them here myself.
It sounds crazy, doesn't it? But, that's what I've been doing.

I just don't want to be alone, Lyner...
I'm sorry... I lost control of myself.
No, I don't mind. But, I've been wanting to ask...
What's this?
Oh, that! It's the original Don Leon that Claire gave to me.
Isn't he cute?

We left Aurica's house. The Skuwat Metal was nearby.

It doesn't belong to anyone now, so take as much as you want.

We also decided to stop by Claire's old home.

So, she is and always will be my best friend.
But, talking about her makes me start to miss her.
Let's stop by her bar in Nemo on the way back.

We went back to Singing Moon Inn to talk to Claire.

I went to Skuwat Village with Lyner the other day.
I saw your old house, and I wanted to talk to you.
What? You saw my house? That's kind of embarrassing.
Oh, do you remember that time capsule we buried a long time ago?
I think it's still buried near my house... We should try to open it!
You should find something useful in there.

We went back to the village and sure enough found the time capsule.

With the Skuwat Metal is wasn't that hard to make the Flipper. We took it back to Krusche.

Really!? Good job!
Now, all I gotta do is mount the Flipper.
...There. We're finally done! I can't believe it...
Good job, everyone!
Yeah, we did pretty good.
See? If we all work hard, we can accomplish anything!
We really restored the whole airship.
That airship...
Is a true treasure of the world.
Don't you agree? It is the first step toward a global society of peace.
The Teru Tribe and Humans, the Chuch and Tenba, the Apostles of Elemia and anyone else...

The Teru Tribe and Humans...
The Apostles of Elemia and anyone else...
The Church and Tenba...
We all worked hard to create this shining beacon of hope...
This world is finally ready to unite.
For years and years, nothing has brought all these people together...
But, we all came together for this masterpiece...
Yeha, yeah. I get it. We're all happy now.
Once we leave, it won't be easy to return.
If there's anything you need to do before we go, you better do it now.
Just let me know when you're ready to leave.

It was time for us to move. It was time to save Lady Shurelia and my Father.


This trip will be totally different from anything I've experienced in the past.
We don't even know if we'll survive. Do you guys still want to come?
Of course.
I'm looking forward to it.
I can't wait!
I'll be fine. Everyone's here.
I don't have any regrets.
Okay, let's go!

We headed up to the Blastline. The monster that had destroyed my airship the first time was waiting, but we were ready.

Boss Battle: Sleipnir:
Sleipnir is a pretty easy boss fight when you get down to it. He's got a lot of health and is normally very hard to damage. He's got a weakness, though. His Stored Attack, while very powerful, causes him to go dormant for several rounds after he uses it. He takes much more damage while dormant. The general strategy is to get ready for his Stored Attack then pound the hell out of him when he's vulnerable. You can easily take tens of thousands of hit points off of him with a big Red Magic attack in this fight.

Oh, and also note that I'm using Lilim. The next boss fight will feature the penultimate costume for Aurica, and the end of the phase will show off her absolute best, which is wildly overpowered honestly.

We managed to slay the dragon from the Blastline and broke on through to the other side. The airship took a real beating, though. Coming back down is not going to be fun.

We're not going back down on this...
Anyway, let's get going. Once we save Lady Shurelia, we can find another way down.
...You're right.
There's no turning back now...
Aurica, are you scared?
No, I'm not scared at all, because I'm with you.
I can overcome any obstacle as long as I'm with you.
We overcame Mir's revival by working together.
...So, we'll be fine.

So now we start the long climb, to the very top of the Tower. I just hope we're in time.