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Part 38: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace, Level 7

Supplemental 11- Aurica's Soulspace, Level 7

Level 7 begins the battle for Aurica's mind. Her rational, restrained side, Seraph, is battling Lilim, the side that does whatever it wants whenever it wants and screw the consequences. Let's get going.


Lyner, how far are you trying to go? I'm getting scared...
Why? Isn't this your world?
Yes. But from now on, I cannot control this world. I don't know what might happen.
So, no matter what happens, I can't help you. And, my own life is in danger...
I see... then I better stay alert...

There's some scenes that I'll leave for the video in this. They're pretty boring really.

Someone collapsed!
Are you alright? What happened?
Lyner... you're finally here...
This is level 7. It's located pretty deep in Aurica's Soulspace.
What happened to you!?
Aurica's mind is slowly moving in a negative direction. My power is weakening.
Negative direction...?
There are opposing forces in every Reyvateil's Soulspace, the positive side and the negative side... a masked world and a shadowy world.
Humans have feelings and memories that combine to make two separate worlds.
Right now, the real Aurica sees herself only as a cause of failure and disaster.
So, her negative feelings have started to occupy her deep subconscious.
Hmm... but, none of this was in the previous worlds...

Now, the truth is finally being revealed on this level of the Cosmosphere.
Lyner, the real Aurica isn't even aware of this world. It's created unconsciously.
I forced the Paradigm Shift to happen.
I trusted you. That's why we're here in a world that I don't even know about...
So, what can I do?
Fight with me. I have to fight the king of the negative world...
Who is the king of the negative world...!?
An assassin sent by the devilish Aurica to turn this world negative.
...Okay. I'll do my best to help you.
Thank you.
The negative king lives in Monster Castle. Let's go there first.

Here goes one of the more emotional scenes.

Why is there something as dangerous as this in here?
Till recently, it was somewhere else. But, this castle was created to change my world...
Change your world?
As I told you before, Aurica's Soulspace is gradually shifting in a negative direction.
Level 7 is generally known as the Final Conscience. If this level is destroyed, she'll become irrational.
That's... not good.
No, it isn't. That's why I needed you to come to my world.
I see. But, I still haven't gotten over that Paradigm Shift from the other day.
Ah, yes. But, I always come up with the most efficient and practical ways to deal with my problems.

Sorry, that wasn't very efficient of me. Let's go.
King: What brings you to my castle?
I'm here to rid you from this world!
King: Rid me from this world? Don't make me laugh. Do you really think you can defeat the one who created me...?
Who are you talking about?
The devilish Aurica. She's one level above us. Although, she used to be one level below...
King: You are correct. You used to be above her. But, don't feel bad. The real Aurica made the change.
I suppose you only have Aurica's heart to blame for that! Haahahaha!
Enough talk! I'll turn you into pieces!
Wh, what!?
King: What's the matter? Losing your power, Symbol of Rationality?
It's such a shame it's already time to say goodbye.
Take this! Sword Slash!

I promised to protect you!
From any obstacle or danger! I will always protect you!
King: Hey! Let go of my sword! If you don't, I'll have to kill you, too!
I am prepared to die! But Lyner, if it your turn now. Run for your life.
Got it! Let's go!
King: Argh!
I did it...
Good job, Lyner!
Don Leon! Are you alright?
Lyner, you have grown so much. Honestly, I did not expect Aurica to let you reach this level.
I was suspicious of you. But, I guess I was wrong about you. You are a nice young man...
Stop, you're embarrassing me.
Please take care of Aurica until the very end...
Don Leon! Come on! I can't lose you!
Do not worry. I shall never leave your heart...

Let's get him to an inn. He can get some rest there.


But seriously, Aurica isn't able to defeat the creation of Lilim by herself, so Don Leon and Lyner need to help out. Don Leon's grave wounding is going to force us to do a little side quest in the real world to advance. We get Sword Slash, which you've seen me use on some bosses, out of this. It's a nice non-elemental song, and you get a lot of them which is pretty helpful.

You're right!
How is he?
He's sleeping well. I think he'll be okay.
I'm glad to hear that.
But, he needs bed rest. I'll find a suitable place for him.
That's a good idea.
I thought he was dying... I'm glad he's gonna be alright.
But, when Don Leon was dying, you were getting irrational.
I thought that you were always calm and collected. I'm surprised to see you so emotional.
What!? That doesn't happen very often...
I liked seeing you like that.

I have a favor to ask you.
Will you make a Don Leon stuffed animal for Aurica when you return to the real world?
...Why are you asking me to do that?
In the real world, Don Leon is still in the ruins of Skuwat Village.
The real Aurica left him there to leave the memory of him behind... but I miss him.
So, I want you to make a Don Leon that's filled with your thoughts and memories to give to Aurica.
Alright. But, you have to teach me how to make it.
Claire has the recipe. You should ask her. Please...?

So we go out and talk to Claire.

You made Aurica a stuffed animal before, right?
Yes, you know damn well...
I've seen it in Aurica's Cosmosphere.
His name is Don Leon. He's pretty important to Aurica.
I see... she still remembers. It makes me happy to know that.
And... I want to make that stuffed animal myself.
So, can you teach me the recipe.
...Yes, of course. I'll teach you.
Thank you very much!
Lyner, I hope you do well.
Take good care of Aurica.

So to make Don Leon you need ?Cotton? and ?Cloth?. ?Cloth? is made from Funny Clothing, which you should have from a bonus item, the Funbun T-Shirts you can buy in Platina, and the String of Binding accessory, which you should have no problems making. Cotton requires the Big Bomb recipe you can buy in Platina to make. The hardest item to get is Shiny Fur, which you might not have seen if you didn't pick Aurica's path because the earliest place to find them is the Musical Corridor. All this together gets us one Don Leon!

I should give it to Aurica...
Aurica, can I see you?
Lyner? What's up?
I made this for you. Will you accept it?
This is... Don Leon!? Lyner, why did you...?
You used to adore him when you were little, right? And he still supports you emotionally...
...Who told you that?
I'm sorry. I found out about your past in your Cosmosphere.
I found out that you left Don Leon in Skuwat Village and tried to make it on your own.
So I wanted to give you this to cheer you up a little.

So now we head back into the Cosmosphere to talk to Aurica.

It had a positive effect on this world. This world and the devilish Aurica's world are changing.
Which means, her conscience is growing. Her positive side is getting stronger.
That's great!
Let's go to the Stonehenge. It might be time for the Paradigm Shift.
I couldn't believe the real Aurica.
Since this rational world swayed to the side of the devilish Aurica, she might've though that she didn't need a conscience...
But by creating Don Leon, you gave Aurica hope.
I realized how stupid I was. It's so pathetic that I couldn't even trust myself.
The real Aurica gave me hope. She made me feel like she still needs me.
So, a Paradigm Shift might happen soon.
I see... you're aware of your own shifts. I'm impressed.
At this deep a level, I'm aware of a lot of things.

Now let's see how this level ends.

The next level is where the devilish Aurica is waiting. Be careful.
I will...
What is that?
What's going on!?
I won't let you get to my level that easily.
I'm still Aurica. Why aren't you nice to me?
Or, are we so close that we no longer have to be polite? Hahaha!
Enough! I can't believe you destroyed the Paradigm Shift...
Well, you're one to talk. Is it any worse than forcing the previous Aurica to enter the Shift?
That was unavoidable!
Anyway, I won't let you come here that easily.

Can we fix it?
Yes, but I don't want to fix it...
Why not?
You might not be able to survive the next level. It's too dangerous. Look, she broke the Stonehenge...
I know...
Are you sure? It's going to be really tough.
I'm ready for it.
Well, then I'll try it, too.
Please fix this Stonehenge...

Life Shower: That problem is solved. I must get going.
Alright, let's try this one more time...
Yes. And you already know what I'll be like in the next level. Please don't give up on me...
...Then, don't hurt me too badly.
Since I met you, I think I've gotten softer...
I should go...

We get Life Shower, the level 3 healing spell. It's pretty damn powerful, almost excessively so. We also get SERAPH, which is a very powerful Costume. Once you get to the last few Costumes preference somewhat enters into it because they're all pretty good for the most part (although the final one you get does always blow the others out of the water).

I think this level was pretty much self-explanatory. Aurica's struggling with herself.