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Part 39: Chapter 22: Rescue

Chapter 22: Rescue

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico, Administrator.

I've not gotten tired of that yet. Ayatane tells me our wonderful friends from Platina are on their way up here. Show me.

Loading security footage...

Location: Observatory


I can't believe she's just sleeping there...
Don't worry, she's not Human.
...I think I've met her before.
Oh, poor Lyner... you go out with so many under aged girls, you can't remember them all.
...Do you have to pick on me?
Whoa! I didn't realize I had customers...
Is it really that surprising...?

Yes. I'm Mei Mei, the security protocol.
And you are... Lyner Barsett, correct?
Wow, I'm impressed...
Yes. And, I also know your entire access log.
Until 98 days ago, you accessed the A7 Dividing Gate every morning between 11:03 and 11:06.
Then, 58 days ago, you accessed the B1 Dividing Gate No. 3. Oh, and then...
Okay, that's enough! I get the point!
Wow! You know everything.
Yes. I have a catalog of all activity within the Tower.
A catalog...?
Then, you can tell if Aurica has been sneaking around the Tower at night to visit Lyner.
...Why would I be sneaking around to visit Lyner?

...I don't see any activity over the last few days.
Somebody's erased it.
What about Leard Barsett?
Leard Barsett has recently accessed the SPU.
It's the room where the Tower's brain is located. It's farther up the Tower.
...The Tower's brain? Is the Tower alive!?
That's a philosophical question. Sometimes, it really looks alive.
But, biologically, the Tower is classified as non-living matter.
C'mon, let's go find this SPU.

We can Dive at the Observatory with Mei Mei, which is needless to say really helpful. We're approaching the end of Phase II so you probably want to do your best to finish Aurica's or Misha's dives. The best songs and costumes will really, really help you in the final battles of the Phase.

Curses, I hadn't considered that the old man could activate something in the SPU that would log his location. Oh well, it doesn't even matter. There's no way these idiots could ever deal with what I have in store for them.

Location: Prism Garden

Subjects entered Prism Garden facility. Severe power loss in area detected shortly before entry, 95% probability of virus sabotage.

This is the Prism Garden...?
Does this lift go up and down?
It might work if we turn it on. Let's try it.

Transit systems inactive due to loss of symphonic power.

The Prism Garden is a long and annoying dungeon wherein on any given level you travel out to the Reactor Services scaffold and reconnect a power line in order to power a lift somewhere in the dungeon. There's an awful lot of walking back and forth and once you've killed each random enemy fight once you might just want to run away to save time and annoyance.

Symphonic power to facility slowly restored.

Virus activity detected on upper levels of facility.


Which means, we have to keep on going.
This place is huge.
We've gone pretty far. I wonder where we are...
We're only half way...
I'm right behind you.
Ayatane! Where've you been! I was worried about you.
You came here to help us save Lady Shurelia, right? C'mon, let's hurry!
...Ayatane? What's wrong with you?
Lyner, we've fought many enemies together...
...Yesh, but why are you bringing that up now?

I can't let you go any farther...
This is your final warning. Stop climbing the Tower.
If you keep climbing, something bad will happen... to both of us.
Ayatane!? Why are you trying to stop me? I'm on my way to save Lady Shurelia. Let me through.
You're really stupid, aren't you? You still don't know?
I'm a virus created personally by Mir.
What did you say!?
My mission was to sneak into Lady Shurelia's mind...
And help my mother take her over.

That can't be...
You've been lying to us all this time!?
I was just trying to carry out my mission. I wasn't trying to deceive you.
You think you've been deceived because the imaginary world that you live in has been destroyed.
When in reality, the world hasn't changed at all. The relationship between us has always been this way...
Anyway, you must stop climbing.
I recommend enjoying the little time you have left down there.
Ayatane... don't!
He's been lying all along! I'll never forgive him!
We know the truth. Nothing can stop us now.

Hmph. Fine. Let him warn them off. As long as he does his job, I don't care.

Location: SPU

Hold on, Dad...

Subjects released containment on prisoner Leard Barsett.

Leard! Are you okay?
I'm... barely still alive.
Come on! We have to get down there.
Wait... I have to tell you something...
You're in no condition to talk!
Let's take him back to the observatory. It's safer, and he can get some rest.

Location: Observatory

The reason Shurelia... no, Mir, took me away...
Is because I know how to remove Mir from Shurelia.
Lyner, listen carefully.
The key to separating Mir from Shurelia is in the SPU.
you mean, that room where you were locked up?
Yes. In the large room, next to where you found me.
There's an item there that is protected by a light shield.
It's called the FFT Divider.
It can remove outside factors from within a Reyvateil.
So... it can remove Mir from Shurelia.

But, getting the device will be difficult.
The shield that guards it is so powerful that humans can only survive it for a few seconds.
And, I don't know how to disable the shield.
...Don't worry, you told us enough. We'll figure it out.
Dad, thanks for the help.
We better get going.
I'll... continue investigating...
Try and get some rest.
You've been working nonstop.
Well, see you around!

You saved me today.
Swords aren't as useless as I thought.
Please... take care of Shurelia.
...I will. You can count on me!
I never noticed how much he's grown.
I didn't even stop to notice it...

They've no hope of recovering the FFT Divider. I'll leave a surprise for them if they try, though. Keep this connection open, monitor their every move.