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Part 40: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace, Level 8

Supplemental 12- Aurica's Soulspace, Level 8

These levels actually explain what they're supposed to be about during them, so there's not much for me to say. This is Lilim's level. Lilim does whatever she wants whenever she wants. She's not actually evil, she's just really selfish.

Oh, and this level is almost 100% voiced, so the video really does add something.


I better get going...

Since otherwise this update won't have enough Don Leon, here's some now.

Don Leon. I'm really glad you're back. Aurica is happy too.
Let me ask you this. Why did you revive me?
I have tried to eliminate you all this time. You could have done whatever you wanted to Aurica if I were gone.
That's not the issue. If you're gone, Aurica will be sad. That's the only reason.
I do appreciate it... Thank you.
...No problem.

Over here!
Welcome to level 8!
Isn't it beautiful? The whole world covered with them! Don't you like it?
But, doesn't that make it hard to walk? I have to watch every step.
That's kinda the idea. Let's see you escape me now.
Huh? You're supposed to stay here forever.
I won't let you go.
Didn't we go through this before?
We did. In the world where Aurica was wearing a towel.
Unfortunately, level 6 wasn't complete. So the problem hasn't been resolved.

When problems aren't fixed, they only get bigger as the world evolves.
And, it's erupted here.
This is just a mess...
Ugh! I think I'm dying!
Do you really like it that much? Doesn't it feel much better than before?
That was the gift from the Aurica of level 6. Remember, she said the next time you try to escape, it'll be much worse than the chains. Hahaha!
I won't chain you down like before. That just isn't any fun.
I know! Let's play hide-and-seek! You're it, and I get to hide!
I'll give you a surprise if you can find me! This is going to be so much fun!
I'm off to hide! No peeking!
I guess I can start looking...

Now we see the delightful results of Seraph's rushing us through Level 6. This level would probably still be bad even if that hadn't been done, though. It just would have been different.

The church looks so empty...
Watch Rabbit: Hello... hello...
Aren't you...?
Watch Rabbit: Yes, we've met several times. Please call me Watch Rabbit.
But, you're a different color now...
Watch Rabbit: That's because I'm a different type. I'm called a Slasher.
How did you come this deep?
It wasn't easy, I'll tell you that.
Watch Rabbit: Oh, of course. You helped Aurica build her confidence.
I'm here to thank you. I want to help you, if I can.
Will you let me come along? I'll be a big help to a swordsman.
Watch Rabbit: Yes. I'll see you in the real world.

Slasher is a really nice support spell that makes you hit like crazy.

Is this a chain?
How did it feel to be chained down?

What are you doing here? There's magma everywhere!
I'm preparing your surprise.
You see, I'm the surprise! You get to keep me!
We'll go into the magma together. Then, we'll be united as one... forever!
Why do you want to do that!?
I want to be with you, silly.
We don't have to do this! I'll always be there for you!
What are you talking about? I'm doing this because you aren't even looking at me.
Don't you know how patient I've been?
You told me that you'd protect me... that you'd care for me...
But, that's not enough... Aurica isn't satisfied! That's why I'm here.
You said you'd protect me, but you're never there when I need someone to cheer me up.
And, you didn't even take care of me when I had that fever. You were too busy talking to Claire...
I'm sorry, but that's not what happened. I was worried about you, so I asked her what I should do...

Was it really so difficult that you had to ask other people what to do?
You make me so mad every time I find you talking to Misha...
I hope she gets captured by Tenba, again. I hope she never comes back...
That's why I chained you down... so that you'll stay with me.
But, what you're doing... do you really think the Aurica from the real world will be happy with this!?
It doesn't matter! I'm not planning on ever waking up. I don't even like the Aurica from the real world.
She's so slow and clumsy. She's always worried about the consequences.
I don't want to be that kind of Aurica. I want to unite with you, right here!
You're crazy...
You're too late. You're in level 8... the world driven by instincts and desires.
In this world, these feelings are the only "law" and "order" to be had.
I'm surprised at how good it feels to know that I own you.
It feels good, just thinking of how we'll be together forever...

We'll go into the magma... and then we'll melt together. We'll know we're going to be together forever.
We'll make our own wonderful world together.
You don't belong this far down. And now, the dark era of Aurica is over.
How did you get here!? I thought I was the only Aurica left inside...
You were, until just now. The Aurica of the real world made a complete structural overhaul.
I'm here because of the Don Leon stuffed animal you made for Aurica.
Though she didn't say anything, I could see how happy it made her.
That's when I realized just how much I want to protect him...
I looked past my own jealousy...
I wasn't wishing for happiness. I was only trying to satisfy myself.
When I realized that, my conscience and hope returned to me.
And then I could access level 8...
So, you're here... What can you do? What do you want to do in this world?

But, I need your help, Lyner!
What do I do?
Keep believing that I can cleanse this world! Have faith in me!
I can do that. I've always had faith in you.
Thanks, Lyner. You know, I love you.
Whoa! What an earthquake!
What are you doing!?
I'm destroying this world so that I can build a new one.
When the Paradigm Shift occurs, you have to jump inside it right away!
If you don't, you'll wander around the remnants of this world forever!

We get the Red Magic Seraphlier for this, which is quite nasty indeed. The high level Red Magics can pound enemies down brutally.

Wait, the other Aurica's still here!
You don't have a lot of time. You might not survive if you wait too long to jump.
What should I do?
I have to go check on her!
I found her! What are you doing? We have to go!
Leave me alone! If this world is being destroyed, I want to go with it.
How can you say that?
By destroying this world, Aurica's saying she doesn't need me anymore.
Even if I pass through the Paradigm Shift, I'll still just disappear.
You don't know that!
You don't need me anyway!

You're not really nice, but you're one of Aurica's motivating forces.
You'll always be a part of Aurica.
I promised to protect and take care of her.
Which means, I have to care for every single piece of her, including her devilish side.
I have to accept you as an important part of her.
Let's go...
Lyner, hurry!
We made it!
Just barely!
Let's go!

Now we fix the horrible mess we've created.

But, it's empty...
Yes, it is... now.
But, I thought a new world was going to be created...
I guess her will wasn't strong enough... or maybe it was just too late...
...We can restore it.
We can shape the Cosmosphere with our feelings and desires. If we put enough feeling into it, we can restore the world.
It's a good thing I'm made entirely of passion. My desires are the strongest in our Soulspace.
I can craft strong, pure feelings.
But being pure isn't as strong as being passionate.
Yeah, but how do we know what kind of world you'll make for us?
Well, excuse me. I don't want to live in some boring soap opera world that you'd create.
Stop it!
I don't want to live in some suspenseful world that you'd create!
Wait! Now isn't the time to argue!

We're all here together.
And what's the point of being together if we don't help each other out?
Let's do it.
To create a new world...

Who are you?
Chronicle: My name is Chronicle! I can pretty much fix anything in a jiffy.
...Can we trust her?
You made another fantasy like creature, didn't you?
No, it wasn't me!
I don't care as long as we can fix the world.
Chronicle: Sure! It'll be a piece of cake!
Just let me do it!

Hmmm... it's not bad.
This is great.
I have to say goodbye for now, but please come back again soon.
An Aurica will be waiting for you on level 9.
But, we have to say goodbye from here...
Stop by anytime. We'll be here for you.

Chronicle is Aurica's curing and revival magic. We're almost done with Aurica's soulspace. Level 9 is the last 'normal' level. Get ready for some good old fashioned symbolism, it's coming.