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Part 41: Chapter 23: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Chapter 23: The Agony and the Ecstasy

Welcome, Administrator!

Where are they? Have they reached the SPU yet?

Confirmed. Subjects confirmed at SPU.

Give me a live feed. I want to watch them as they realize there is no hope.

Displaying... Subjects approached storage of FFT Divider.



Subject Barsett attempted to pass force shielding. Subject repelled.

Lyner! Are you alright!?
You got too careless...
Oww... I should've been more careful...
You didn't even warn us!
I'm sorry.
But, I think I can get inside.
What!? No! It's too dangerous...
Aurica... I need you to cover me.
I want you to keep singing your best healing song.
My Dad said that there's no way to shut off the shield.
But we can't just stay here. We have to do something.
Please, Aurica!

Of course...
Okay. I'll keep singing.
Thank you. I'm counting on you...

Agh... Arghh...
Lyner, don't push yourself too hard!
...I'm... alright... Aurica is protecting me...
...This is the FFT Divider...?

IMPOSSIBLE! Fine. If they want to be THAT way...

Lyner! Hurry up! Come quickly!
I'm... leaving now...
Don't worry about me...
The guardians are coming!

Guardian ELMA-DS engaged intruders.

Boss Battle: ELMA-DS + ELMA x3- version 2
The first boss in our four boss series to end the Phase is a refight of our good friend ELMA-DS from Phase I. He's changed tactics slightly since we last fought. His basic attack has gone from Bugs Fangs to Cross Cut, a much more powerful attack. He still uses Harm Wave as a Stored Attack, and has gained the ability to call more ELMAs. The ELMAs in turn all have the same attacks DS used to have with the exception of a 2 stored attack instead of Harm Wave. It's just a matter of grinding the ELMAs down and hitting ELMA-DS with the best stuff you've got whenever you can directly hit him. The damage output of this fight is pretty much in control and it's the easiest of the four bosses we're up against, although it's also close to the longest.

Guardian defeated.

Useless. Why did I ever model something after that piece of junk?

But, what was that? Was there a guardian in this area?
I... know this one...
I think it's called ELMA, one of Lady Shurelia's guardians.
Lady Shurelia's!? Then, what was it doing here?
ELMA... it looked like some of the viruses that I fought before...
Maybe, they were modeled after this guardian. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?
Damn... Mir's even taken over Lady Shurelia's guardian...
With this FFT Divider, we can kick Mir out again!
All we have to do is climb up.
Let's hurry!


Yes, Mother?

It's your turn now. No more hesitating. Destroy them!

As you wish, Mother.


Well, you are only human. I guess your stupidity can't be helped...
My mind is made up! I'm going to save Lady Shurelia. So, step aside.
I'm sorry... I can't. I can't let anyone pass through here.
So, nothing I say can change your mind?
And, nothing I say can change yours.
Looks like we have no choice. I'm sorry, Ayatane...
But, I have to defeat you to complete my mission.
As do I. Let's get this over with...
...Let's go!

Boss Battle: Ayatane
Ayatane is a short but potentially nasty boss fight. He's got the exact same abilities he had when he was in the party. All of his attacks are single hits. His Spark hits a character for a bunch, his Dual Slash hits them for an even larger amount, and his Roaring Blade will likely one shot anyone but Lyner if they're not at full. He also blocks randomly, which can be painful. Try to avoid large single hits, because you don't want blocks to ruin your day. Jelly Weapon in your infinite song is a good choice for this fight, because anything that makes Ayatane hit softer will help. The saving grace is that he has no stored attack, no multi-target hits, and very little health, so if you can keep the single target damage under control this is a very manageable fight.

...I didn't want you to see me like this...

Let's go. I know how you feel, but we have no time.
Yeah... you're right.

Ayatane has failed... I must prepare then. My final victory approaches.


...I had so many regrets.
Aurica, thank you for trusting me enough to come this far.
...Why are you telling me this?
I just have to let you know how I feel. I might not get another chance.
But, it doesn't seem appropriate now...
Why not? I almost died, remember?
And if I had, I could never tell you how I felt.
When I realized that, I got kinda scared.

Even with my past, body, and being a Reyvateil...
If I knew I had to choose those to get to meet, you, I'd have no regrets.
I've been meaning to tell you that for a long time.
It's finally time.
Lyner... I believe in you.
I'm counting on you.
...I know.

It's finally time. It's time to make human history... end.

Will Lyner and his friends be able to stand against the unstoppable fury of the Mother of All Viruses? Will they be able to save Shurelia from her horrible fate? Find out next time on Let's Play Ar Tonelico, Chapter 24: Nocturne!