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Part 42: Additional Music

Falconer posted:

That's part of it, but Feinne also outfitted Boom with two crystals that reduce the MP 'cost' slightly along with one that turns part of the damage dealt into MP (the fourth was Jelly Weapon as Feinne noted, which reduces enemy attack power with each cast). Even though Jelly Weapon and the Damage to MP crystals end up adding more to Boom's cost than the two -MP crystals subtract, it still costs next to nothing. So that particular costume and the MP regeneration per cast pretty much means that Aurica's MP will never run out so long as she spams Boom.

Yeah, as long as it gets to the 4th burst level the damage to mp usually negates the cost. Plus she's got like 4000 MP so spells that cost low hundreds are meaningless.

If you're wondering about the Ayatane fight and what happened with the Sylphan Dance there, I used a Supernatural Ice, an item that is a large party heal and MP heal for the Reyvateil, which restored a large amount of her spent MP.

Speedball posted:

Is that about as close to a declaration of "I love you" as this game gets? Still, a pretty sweet sentiment.

I'm amused at Ayatane and Lyner's discussion. I initially read Ayatane's final words as "Oh, goddamit, if I had to die, why did it have to be to a moron like YOU!?" but of course, it's more that he's embarrassed to die in front of an ex-friend. I also like how both of them agree, almost cordially, that reasoning is useless and the time for hitting things with swords is at hand.

It's got some more stuff to go yet, it's far from over.

Yeah, Ayatane feels bad because would have rathered it didn't end like this, but was given no choice. He has to try and stop us even if he doesn't really want to and we have to get through him because if we don't Mir will end the world. We won't really find out much specific about WHY Mir wants to destroy all humans until Phase III.

And here's the music from before we fight Ayatane, Brave Beat.