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Part 43: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace Level 9

Supplemental 13- Aurica's Soulspace Level 9

Get out the streamers and ticker tape and such, because we're about to complete Aurica's Soulspace  sort of. There's actually one more level but it's an Atelier Series cameo level  Get ready for some nice touching moments and such.


All kinds of random people around Level 9, because it's the culmination of everything in the Cosmosphere.

Flamia? What are you doing here?
Flamia: Today is a special day for Aurica. I just had to be here!
So, where is she?
Flamia: I don't know...

So I notice Aurica's all grown up now. Well, compared to before, she's much easier to talk to.
It must mean she's finally becoming an indepenent lady. It only makes me happier. Heh heh.
What's that supposed to mean?
Ohh, Lyner. If you don't make your move, I'll just take Aurica.
I'm very fond of ladies. And I also have confidence in my tenderness as well.
What are you talking about?
Well, you don't have to worry. I have Misha. It's a shame, but I won't lay a finger on Aurica.
So, that's it. Become as happy as you can.
(Jack is becoming a good guy in Aurica... I guess it's proof that Aurica is beginning to trust in people... That's good.)

I'm all right... What are you doing here?
Watch Rabbit: I'm here to celebrate with Aurica. This world is very busy now.
So, where is Aurica?
Watch Rabbit: I think she's preparing for the ceremony at home.

Wow, everyone's here...
Chronicle: Of course. It's a special day for Aurica.
So where is she?
Chronicle: Why don't you look for her yourself?

Huh? ...Uh, yeah... Now that you mention it, I guess so.
I think, when I touched her, Aurica was so surprised she screamed a voiceless scream... And it scared me too.
That's it! Don't touch Aurica's neck like that! Or her collarbone!
Huh? Why?
It's her weakness!
...Weakness? What do you mean...
If you don't know, forget it. Just remember, don't touch her neck and collarbone! Get it!?

Radolf! Thanks to you, too. Even though so much happened.
You did well!! Ah-, it's joyous! Oh very joyous!
(Such high tension...)
But yeah! Now that we're here, I think Aurica is the Church's... no, the world's strongest Reyvateil!
What!? ...Isn't that a little too much...
No it's not!
For example, she can just blow Misha away with just a snort, you know?
A snort... you say...
Aurica, the divine child! Hurray! Level 9 graduate! Hurray!
(A, Aurica-! You're getting way too carried away-!)

Yes. So, Aurica's not here?
Life Shower: No. She's not here yet.
Not here yet...? So she'll be here?
Life Shower: Yes. There will be a ceremony here. We have a lot to celebrate.

Now let's get the main part of this underway.

What is that...? What are you doing with that white dress?
???: ......
Who are you?
???: ...!
That felt nice!
I didn't mean to sneak in. It was an accident...
Lyner, you're here! I'm so happy!
I'm not a p... huh!?
I didn't expect you to come this deep. I'm so glad you're here!
Well, I've been through a lot. I'm amazed that I'm still alive...
...You're right. My selfish side was pretty strong...

Yes. The ceremony is used to get more power from this world.
Lyner, you led me to this world... so, I want you to be there with me.
Alright. I'll be there.
Really!? Thanks!
So, are you going to get dressed?
Yes! My dress should be here. ...Huh!?
I can't find my white dress!
White dress!? I saw a feathered, little girl take it earlier!
No! I can't attend the ceremony without it!
She couldn't have gotten far! Let's go look for her!

I see her by the cliff!
Sylph: I'm Sylph, a free roaming traveler.
Give me my dress back, Sylph!
Sylph: No. If I do, the ceremony will begin.
And then Aurica will be bound to Lyner.
What are you talking about?
Sylph: The ceremony is for the two of you to exchange vows.
Aurica, if you attend the ceremony, you won't be able to live your life freely anymore.
What!? That's what the ceremony is all about?
...Is it?

Sylph: You might not even be able to be alone whenever you want to.
Do you want to throw away your freedom, just to go through with this?
I still want to have the ceremony with Lyner.
I may not be free, but I can still do things that I like.
Plus, I can do other things that I couldn't do with him before.
Sylph: So, you've made up your mind. Then, I won't say anything.
I'll give your dress back.
But, I still have one more thing to say. You still miss your freedom.
Lyner, when she starts to feel that way, please let her be free for a while.
Sure, of course.
Sylph: Aurica, don't be afraid to be honest with him, and tell him when you want to be alone.
I will. I promise.
Sylph: It feels great to let out all of my emotions. Now I feel much better. Good luck, you two.
My dress...

She sure is taking a long time...

Do I look funny?
No, you look... beautiful.
Really? Thank you...
Come on, let's go to the Church for our ceremony.
...Yes, dear.

We get the Sylph's Dance red magic out of that, which is a powerful Wind based magic. It's a good high end sweeper.

???: The time has finally come.
Aurica has been through plenty of hardships and Paradigm Shifts, but she's finally made it here.
She finally reached her deepest point, the access point to the Tower, Ar Tonelico...
Access point to the Tower?
???: Yes. Didn't you know that a Reyvateil's Cosmosphere is connected to the Tower's Binary Field?
They're connected right here on Level 9.
By connecting to the Tower directly, she can boost her power significantly.
Now, she can access the Tower directly. It's their greatest power!
???: Now, let's begin the ceremony.
* cough*
Aurica Nestmile...
???: Do you promise to love and support Lyner, and to stay by his side forever?

...I... I do.
???: Lyner Barsett...
So, now it's my turn to make promises?
???: Lyner, you've helped Aurica down her path of development. Do you promise to support her emotionally, so as to maintain peace in the Cosmosphere?
...Sure, why not?
???: Good. Now, hug Aurica to solidify your vow.
Do I really have to hug her?
???: Yes. It is of utmost importance.
The Cosmosphere is very delicate. It'll leave a huge scar on her psyche if you don't.
Aurica needs to maintain a strong, healthy connection with the person who helped her develop.
Where a man and woman help, support, and improve each other...
That's the kind of relationship you and Aurica must create.

I'm getting nervous.
...Me, too.
Thank you for everything. I never knew I possessed so much hidden power.
I was only able to discover it because you believed in me, and always stayed by my side.
I want to be with you, forever...
???: Now that you've exchanged vows, let's go get the power.
You mean, she hasn't gotten it yet?
???: No. First, she must touch the Tower. Come on.

???: Yes. This tower acts like an umbilical cord, connecting Reyvateils to Ar Tonelico. The Binary Field is just around the corner.
Really? I thought the Tower has always been here...
???: You may have seen it on a lower level, but you couldn't access it before.
It may have seemed close, but you couldn't reach it. Not any more.
By touching the Tower, Aurica can access her greatest power.
She'll be able to access the Tower directly.
...Access directly?
???: Yes. She used to absorb power form the Tower to turn into Song Magic. But, she couldn't affect the tower.
But, that's all about to change. She'll be able to affect the Tower by crafting her feelings.
???: Now, Aurica, go touch the Tower.

Thank you for staying all the way to the end.
But, this isn't the end. It's just a new beginning.
Yeah, you're right.
I can go on forever.

We get Ceremony, a very powerful Costume, and Ar Tonelico, the most powerful Red Magic available to Aurica. It smites some poor bastards with the power of Ar Tonelico itself. Now we can do a couple of things. We can buy additional uses of our Song Magic for DP, which is always nice. We can also now go to Level E, which I'll show off next time.

???: Aurica is finally connected with the Tower, right? Now she's capable of creating any world she wants.
Any world? What do you mean by that?
???: I mean like a playful world that has nothing to do with her mind.
I see.
???: So I want to create a gate to that world using this Stonehenge. We have no use for it now, so... what do you think?
It sounds interesting.
???: I knew you were going to say that.
It's no fun to just create the door, so let's play a game.
I'll create some challenges for you to clear. And if you successfully clear them...
I'll become one of Aurica's Songs.
You're a Song, too!?
???: Not quite. To be precise, I'm the one who governs Aurica's mysterious side.
But, that's not important right now. Let's open the gate.

The virtual world, Level E, is a topic for another day though.