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Part 44: Chapter 24- Nocturne

Chapter 24- Nocturne

The Humans approach. The final hour is at hand. Once I have crushed these wretches, there will be nothing to stop me.


A cowardly species who only fight to protect themselves.
Your time is at its end.
There are guardians all over the world, and new viruses continue to be born.
Under a single great god, our apostles will usher in a new world.
No! Stop! What do you think you're doing?
I'm creating the perfect world, "Reyvateilia."
A peaceful world, inhabited only by Reyvateils.
But, to create such a paradise, all Humans must be exterminated.
Why do you want to exterminate the Humans?
You're not the only one who wants to live in a peaceful world.
We... everyone wishes for a safer world!
Hey, Mir... why can't we all stop fighting?
Everyone is scared of what you'll do. Everyone is suffering.
We... you... let's stop the hurting. Let's put an end to the battles.

You think we can just stop fighting? What do you know?
Do you really believe that you can create a world without conflict?
Are you willing to throw your life away!?
Are you really that determined!?
You aren't capable of doing that. History has proven it, time and again...
Nothing can quell my hatred of Humans?
...Okay then. I won't go easy on you.
I must defeat you for the sake of every life in this world!

Please... take... this!

No! I will not be driven from this body! I've come too far!

...Huh? It... can't...
That was close... I didn't expect you to find that...
But, you can't stop me that easily...
No! We have to defeat the guardian first.
Aurica, we have to attack first! But we have to beat it without hurting Lady Shurelia!

Hmph. Human filth. Prepare to face the power of Ar Tonelico itself...

Boss Battle: Shurelia

So, this is a bit more serious than Ayatane. Shurelia has just three attacks. Satellite Strike hits one person for decent damage. Satellite Rain hits everyone for a bit less damage. This fight wouldn't be very exciting if not for her ultimate attack, Ar Tonelico. It's a Stored Attack that is far beyond anything we've seen so far. It will likely nearly kill your entire party, and if you fail to guard even one portion it WILL kill your Reyvateil. Just keep your party health high and end the fight as quickly as possible, it's not that bad.

Aahahahaha! This is so much fun!

Nothing can stop this power! Nothing!

We will protect this world!
it's no use!
Please work...

Mir! Get out of Lady Shurelia!

Worthless Human filth! It doesn't matter what you do! I don't even need her! This Tower is MINE!


Lady Shurelia! You're back!
Mir was forced out! We did it, Aurica!
Yes! We did! Oh, we're finally...

Mir... so, you finally show your true self!
Mir...! Urgh...
Lady Shurelia! Take it easy. I'll defeat Mir!
Don't worry. I can do this, because I have...
...Aurica and everyone else...
And I have the power and the spirit of the people all around the world.
The will of the people got us up here.
So, there's no way we'll be defeated!

What does that even mean, anyway? That's seriously the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'll butcher you all and then this meaningless world.

I'm only here because of you.
I'm counting on you!
...You bet!
Okay, everyone... this should be our final battle. I'm counting on all of you!

It WILL be your final battle, on this we agree!

Boss Battle: Shadow Mir

And now we come to the final battle of Phase II, Shadow Mir. Mir's attacks follow the same pattern as Shurelia's, one large single target hit, a multi-target attack, and a devastating Stored Attack. She's got more health and hits harder than Shurelia, but you should be able to get through it with some consumables and powerful Red Magic. This is the perfect time to pull out ultimate attacks like Ar Tonelico or Tower Connection.

No! This cannot be! I can't be beaten by Humans!


I won't take it easy... on this world... anymore...
I will... create... a new world!
Mir...? Is it... immortal?
I... cannot die... because... I am... the Tower!
And as long as... the Tower lives... then I shall live...
Then... we...

Lyner, do you like this world?
I'm glad to hear that.
You've traveled the world and met many different people.
Your spirit was strengthened by your experiences... and it will fuel a brand new world.
I'm confident that you'll nurture this land... and raise a beautiful world.
Lady Shurelia...
Lyner... you grew up to be a great man.
I'll leave you with all of my hopes for the future...

This Song is... Suspend!
I don't believe it... Singing this song means you will disappear as well!
...Lady Shurelia! No!
I know what I'm doing... I want to...
I want to... save the world!

System shutdown commencing. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico. Have a nice day!

Yes, that is a credit sequence. Roll with it and listen to Suspend, which is probably my favorite Hymnos.

Journal: Lyner Barsett

It's all over, but I can't believe things ended this way. Mir vanished before our eyes, and Lady Shurelia fell to the floor. The armor that normally surrounded her faded away. Looking at her, you'd never imagine she was the eternal Administrator of the world. We don't know if she's dead or asleep, but whatever she did seems to have shut the Tower down completely, preventing Mir and her Viruses from destroying the world.


...Lady Shurelia!
...I can't believe this happened.
I can't believe it ended like this...
...Huh? The air feels... light for some reason.
...Aurica! Can you sing your Song Magic now?
Huh!? ...I'll try.
Ha... ha... no! I can't sing at all...
Neither can I. It won't turn into magic... and... I feel exhausted.
What's happening?
The Tower stopped functioning. So, we're no longer blessed by the Tower.

We can hardly use any Song Magic.
And now that Lady Shurelia's gone, the Tower just went to sleep.
It's a whole new world...
It's the dawn of a new age. The era of the Tower is over.
It's over.
...You can say that again.
So, what do we do now?
Let's start by going back down.
But, what about Lady Shurelia?
...We're taking her with us.

We took Shurelia back down to Platina. It was a long walk, but restful somehow.

But I didn't expect this to happen...
Dad, listen...
...I see. So, Lady Shurelia...
She sacrificed her own life to save the world...
Lady Shurelia... handed the world over to us...
She wants us to create a peaceful world, that has no absolute administrator...
She wants us to create a peaceful future, where we're all free...
Radolf, Jack, Krusche, Aurica, Misha... and Lyner.

You all have a lot to talk about. You should take a day off to catch up with everything.
I'm sure you're tired from the constant battles.
I feel suddenly relaxed...
It almost feels like that battle with Mir never happened.
Huh? Aurica, what's wrong?
I'm sorry. I'll catch up with you all later. I need to speak with Lyner's father.
I'd like to be alone for a little while, if that's alright.
Oh, I want to go check something out, too.
Then, let's all just meet back up later.

If it's all over, though, why does it all feel so wrong? Is this really it? Does it really end with nothing resolved? Why was Mir even trying to kill us all? Was there really no way we could come to some understanding? This is going to bother me. There must be something I can do...