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Part 45: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace, Level E

Supplemental 14- Aurica's Soulspace, Level E

Level E isn't 'about' anything in particular. Instead, it's a shoutout to a previous Atelier Series game, in Aurica's case Atelier Marie. Since that never came out here it's sort of hard to appreciate, but it's still got some funny parts to it. We also get the best Costume and some decent songs.

By the way, Aurica is in on this, she's just playing along with the story more than we are.


I should take a walk around.

Oh no... I failed again...
Oh, a customer!
Aurica!? Why are you dressed like that?
Aurica? Who's that? My name is Marlone, but you can call me Marie.
So what do you want? I'm busy.
Why are you in such a hurry?
I'm working on my graduation thesis! Since I'm failing my classes, I have to turn in an additional project...
I guess I always fail my classes no matter where I am.
Hey, why don't you help me! Can you go get some materials for me? I really need them...
Sure, I don't mind...
Great! Then I'll tell you what I need.
Essence of Baldness, Foul Mouth, and Teacher's Tears... and one more...
Oh yeah! Don Leon's Toothache. I need those four items.

And, Don Leon's Toothache can be found in the castle on the eastern hill!

Chris: I've never seen you around here. Are you in the special class...
No... I'm Lyner. Who are you?
Chris: My name is Chris. I've made the honor roll every semester.
I have to share a workshop with this girl who fails her classes every year. We're total opposites.
Are you talking about Aurica... I mean Marie?
Chris: You know her!?
Kind of...
Chris: So, how do you know Marlone?
She's... very important to me.
Chris: No way! I didn't think any guy would find her attractive. She's so lazy and rude...
Well, she asked me to get a Foul Mouth from you.
Chris: How dare you say that to me!
I can't believe how insulting an idiot like you can be. Besides, you're asking me to give you my tongue!
But, you and Marlone are in a special relationship. For the sake of being an honor roll student at the Academy of Alchemists in Salburg...
I have to tell you something! I can't believe Marlone asked you to get a Foul Mouth!

Thanks, I've heard enough already...
Chris: Hey, I'm not done talking to you!
Do you like Marie or something?
Chris: Are you serious!? You think I'm in love with the biggest failure in the entire history of the academy!?
Is that what you think!?
Chris: I'm glad that you're catching on so quickly. By the way...
How is Marlone doing lately? Please tell her that she can come to me if she needs help.
I'll teach her the basics of alchemy, one step at a time.
(So, this guy does worry about her... but he'll never admit it. I should just leave.)
Chris: Hey, wait! I'm still talking to you...

...The Soulspace...
Hagel: Soulspace!? Never heard of it, but it sounds so... spooky.
So, what do you need?
Do you have the Essence of Baldness...?
Hagel: ......
Uh... the Essence of Baldness...?
Hagel: Oh, I get it...
You're talking about my head!!
No! It's the name of an item! I swear!
Hagel: In all my 40 years, I've never been insulted by a kid before!
You got guts, kid!
I don't even know what's going on...
Hagel: I can't let you get away with insulting me. So, let's have a singing contest!
A singing contest!?

Hagel: Great. I'll sing first!
My beautiful singing might make you faint, so watch out!
Whoa! My love, my darling...
What is this!? ...I think I'm dying! Did Aurica create him, too...!?
...Wh, where am I...?
Hagel: Whew... I'm done. I don't know anymore songs...
You're done...?
Hagel: You're a nice guy. You let me sing for a straight six hours. You want to sing, too, right?
Six hours!? I fainted for that long...?
Hagel: You're the first person who took my singing seriously.
Your eyes were wide open... I could tell that you were totally into my singing. I'm glad I finally got to sing in front of such an enthusiastic audience!
Ha ha ha... glad to hear it...
Hagel: Alright, you win! I'll give you the Essence of Baldness.
Hagel: Come back anytime!
A, alright...

Well, I better look for the next item.

We get the Boe song, which is a strong Red Magic attack. It hits enemies with words.

Lyner! Aiyaiyai...
Whoa! You're really here? Did you get permission to live in this castle?
N, no! That's not what happened. Ooh...
Why are you in pain?
That is ridiculous. I am fine.
Aurica... I mean Marie needs Don Leon's Toothache. Do you know anything about it?
I do not. Aihai...
Do your teeth hurt, or something?
How did you know?
I have eaten too many sweets...
Well, I'm sorry to hear that...
What is it?

I have to bring them back!
No! Stop it, idiota!
I found it! I found it!
No! Aihaiiiii!
Sorry, Don Leon, but I'm doing this for Aurica!

I couldn't find Teacher's Tears. I haven't even seen a teacher.
What!? The teacher wasn't there? There's always a teacher at the academy...
???: Marlone! Marlone!
Oh no! I still haven't finished my thesis!
???: Marlone! I know you're in there! Open up!
I have to pretend that I'm not here, so will you open the door?

Ingrid: Who are you? Are you her friend?
Yeah, sort of...
Ingrid: So, where is she?
She went to gather some items...
Ingrid: That's too bad. I came to check on her. I wonder if she's doing her homework...
Does she really do that bad in school?
Ingrid: Yes, of course! She's the worst student in the entire history of the academy, and she just happens to be my student...
She's a real headache. On top of that, she's supposed to complete her thesis within five years. It's already been 4 years and 364 days.
She hasn't turned in any work yet! If she doesn't turn anything in by tomorrow...
(She's so intimidating...)
Ingrid: I feel sorry for you, being friends with such a troublesome girl...
Oh no, now I'm crying...
Yes! I got your tears!

Ingrid: Do you think this is some kind of game? Please remind Marlone.
If she doesn't turn anything in by tomorrow.... Well, she should know what will happen.

She's the scariest teacher in the academy!
Oh, by the way, I got some Teacher's Tears.
Really! Good job!
Great! Now I have all the materials! All I have to do is synthesize them!
I can do this!
I did it!
What did you make?

Let's activate it!
Oh no! Mrs. Ingrid is gonna be so mad... I better go!
Ingrid: Marlone! What are you doing? I heard you all the way at the academy!
Huh? Where is she!?
She went to gather materials! I think I better go, too!
Ingrid: Wait!
Let's go to the Stonehenge. You have to leave this world!

For this we get Aurica No. 1, which is pretty much Aurica's second best Red Magic attack. It also fills out her attacks by giving her a strong Lightning attack. It's also awesome because it summons that crazy crayon robot.

???: It's my gift to you. Enjoy.
...I'm back.
???: How was the virtual world? Did you enjoy it?
I don't even know what happened there.
???: That's great. Since you did good, I'll give you a gift.
Please accept me as a gift and craft me as your Song.
???: I govern the mysterious side of Aurica. It's time for me to unite with Aurica.
So long, till we meet again...
It's gone.
It feels like the end...
Is it?
I've shown you everything. I'm not hiding anything.
I like that.
Me, too.

??? is a pretty cool Blue Magic. It randomly copies the effects of other Blue Magic songs. It costs very little MP for what we get out of it, with the downside that it's not reliable. When you're not in a fight where total perfection is required, all of the possible benefits are quite valuable, so it's a good Song once you've gotten your Burst Gauge full. For example, I used it on the final encounter of AT once and several times had it absorb thousands of points of incoming damage copying the vacuum cat song.

This is the end of Aurica's Soulspace, although we still have reason to return. The DP we get after combats can still be spent on more uses of our Songs at the Song Store.