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Part 46: Chapter 25: Dreams

Chapter 25: Dreams

Journal: Lyner Barsett

Today will probably be the last day we were all together. The others all have places to go, things to do. With the threat of Mir gone, there's no reason for them to stick around here forever. I walked around and talked with everyone about what had happened.

For a while, we couldn't even do that.

When I think of it that way, the world doesn't seem that bad.

But, it'd be even better if I had someone to walk with me...


It seems to me that your people's technology is way over my people's head...
You must really like airships.
...Yup. I know that's weird for a girl, but I can't help it.
At first, I was only making airships to be with Luke.
...Oh yeah, we passed the Blastline, but we didn't find any clues.
Yeah, but we really didn't have any time to look for them, either.
You're right.
Besides... he's probably...
...I'm way into making airships now, anyway.
Once I get back to Firefly Alley, I'll put the knowledge that I gained from this trip into making an airship. Next time, I'll pass the Blastline.
Yeah... I'll pass the Blastline with an airship that I made myself.

We all got together in the morning, our final morning together.

He should be entitled to oversleep. He worked harder than anyone. It's no wonder he's exhausted.
I'm sorry for the long wait, but I didn't want to make an announcement while Lyner wasn't here...
I've decided to leave for Nemo today.
Same here. Hey, I'm spontaneous.
Hey, I'm glad the world is peaceful and all, but I need some excitement in my life.
Me, too. I was stuck having to sing for most of my life. I didn't have any freedom.
Now that I'm free, I want to travel the world with Harm.
I'm going back to Firefly Alley. I learned a lot about airships.
Now, I wanna go home and make my own airship as soon as possible.
Sounds great.
As you know, we accomplished our mission.
And, I understand how you all feel.
Hey, Lyner...

No matter what happens, we'll always be friends.
...You're right.

Leard and I went to the Frozen Eye to see everyone off.

I would love to return with some people from the Church.
I'll be back to collect more technology.
...See you later.
Take care of yourself, Lyner.
We've been through some tough times, but it's been the best journey ever.
Lyner, I'll come back and see you sometime.
The next time you see me, I'll be so beautiful that it'll be love at first sight.
So, goodbye until then...
Hey when I come back, we'll go pick up some hot babes!
Ugh, you were supposed to say something meaningful!

Huh? Aurica!? I thought you were going with Radolf.
Lyner, I...
I decided to live in Platina.
What!? ...How can you do that?
I hired Aurica to be a librarian at the cathedral.
Do you have a problem with that?
...Well... no...
But, Radolf... and the Church. Will they be okay without you?
Yes. I spoke with Radolf. He said that I could stay...
Okay. Aurica, this is gonna be great.
...I know.


Are you alright?
I messed up again...
Why are you working here? Did my father tell you to do this?
No! I volunteered for this myself.
Isn't it lunch time? Let's go eat at the Gather!
Oh, yeah.

But, I like eating lunch with you even more.
Haha, I see. You always come up with new and creative food.
Hey, you know what this is? It's pickled funbun!
Well... experimenting with cooking is nice, but remember, we're supposed to eat it.

...Yes. I'm very happy. I love it here.
I can't believe I'm saying this.
If not for you, I'd probably still be at the Church, feeling sad.
You changed me for the better.
But, I didn't do anything.
You gave me hope, and the will to live.
You made me realize that it can be nice to have someone to be with.
I was hostile and rude to you...
But, you never gave up on me.
You were always kind and honest, and accepted me for who I am.
And by doing that, you melted my icy heart.
Lyner... thank you.
I want to be with you forever...


...I've never seen viruses like these before.
...They're pouring outta the Altar of Apostles! What's going on here?
Cut the chatter. Everyone, get ready for battle!

The behavioral pattern and characteristics of these viruses are unknown... I don't know how this battle will go.
But, they're viruses, right? The first move always get them!
Lyner! Wait for Lady Shurelia's orders.
Lady Shurelia!
...This is a dangerous mission, but we must do something.
I'll start chanting and we'll see what happens. You two, back me up!
What's this... it's transparent! What's going on...?
I don't care what they are, let's go!
They passed right through us! Our attacks don't hurt them at all!
These viruses... they're...!
Lady Shurelia!

Ughh, what a strange night this has been.

How long has Lady Shurelia been gone...?
I can't forget this...
What's happening to me...?

What's wrong? You look depressed.
Huh? Oh, yeah...
...Are you alright?
Don't look so sad.
...Hey, Aurica, do you have any time to hear me out?
Of course! You don't even have to ask!
...I see. You dreamt about Lady Shurelia...
Everyone around us looks so happy...
Mir is gone, the viruses were destroyed... there's nothing left to threaten us.

...Lady Shurelia! No!
I understand the consequences... But I must...
I want to... save the world!

Lady Shurelia handed this world over to us.
After the battle, we came down and saw the world at peace... and, I was so happy to see it.
I thought that everything was alright, that the battles were over.
...I know how you feel. I felt the same way...
But... it's too late to do anything now...
There might still be a way to save her.
Do you think that Lady Shurelia is... really gone? Was it really something that we would consider "death?"
I don't know how to explain it... but, I don't feel like we tried everything.
You're right. Maybe, it is too soon to give up.
Hey Lyner, why don't we talk to your father... the commander?

We headed for the cathedral. It turned out Dad had been thinking the same thing I had.

Since the end of the battles, are you trying to get a better lifestyle?
Dad, is there any way of bringing Lady Shurelia back!
Why are you bringing that up, all of a sudden...?
It's not that sudden. I've been thinking about it a lot...
Dad! Did Lady Shurelia really die!?
Was it really something that we would consider "death?" Can she never come back to life?
...Lyner, Lady Shurelia's body is in the back of the cathedral right now.
To tell you the truth, I haven't given up on bringing her back, either.
Really!? Then...

I think that the Song Lady Shurelia sang was called Suspend.
The song can stop the functions of the Tower temporarily, but the administrator goes with it.
With the Tower in this state, Mir is not a threat.
That's how the song works...
If my theory is correct, Lady Shurelia is not dead yet.
She should be in a condition called Sleep State.
Sleep...? So, she's just sleeping...?
She lives in tune with the Tower.
So, the state of the Tower and her state should be the same all the time.

She is a Reyvateil Origin.
Yes. They're the original type of Reyvateils. They were all created for a purpose.
She was created to be the Administrator of the Tower. She is the Tower, and her life is maintained by it.
You look confused... Basically, if the Tower sleeps, then she sleeps.
If the Tower is destroyed, she'll die.
...Then, it's not too late to wake up Lady Shurelia!?
Yes. As long as we can find that one thing...
...What thing?
What do we need now?
Lyner, we should go for a walk sometime.

Lyner, don't be shy.
It's not like that!
Come on. Let's go to the Altar of Apostles.
Altar of Apostles!? ...Is that where you want to walk to?

So we're going to head down to the Altar here. I just hope Dad has a way to do this. I don't know why, but it just feels like the most important thing in the world right now.