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Part 47: Chapter 26- RE Nation

Chapter 26- RE Nation

Journal: Lyner Barsett:

We went down to the Altar of Apostles, and Dad filled us in on what we were going to need to do if we wanted to wake Lady Shurelia. This is going to be harder than we thought...

I... didn't... say any of that!
Hahaha! That's funny!
A picnic doesn't sound so bad, but I wanted to come here today.
Lyner, do you remember Kyle Clancy?
...Kyle? I think I've heard that name before... or not...
He went down to the Wings of Horus and disguised himself as Bishop Falss.
Bishop Falss! That's him!?
Bishop Falss...
Kyle Clancy took away the key to Lady Shurelia's rebirth.
What!? How did he do that?
He used to be an executive at the cathedral.

Lady Shurelia used to say that our teamwork was one of the strongest in the history of the Three Magi.
Kyle and I used to be best friends, ever since we were little...
...I never knew that!
The Three Magi were responsible for protecting the Tower, and in essence, the entire world.
We were each entrusted with one Hymn Crystal.
There is another one called RE Nation. It's the crystal used to reactivate the Tower.
RE Nation...
RE Nation is a last resort. It should only be used for emergencies with the Tower.
Lady Shurelia trusted us that much to let us handle that.
But Kyle betrayed that trust. He committed a forbidden crime.
That's the one we most recently found, Revival of Mir.

I put all my efforts into researching how to make this world a better place...
Dealing with Mir is forbidden in the Contract of Elemia!
We can't allow anyone to do so, for any reason!
Kyle... you're a wise, competent, and powerful man.
But, I can't allow you to stay in Platina any longer.
You must leave Platina... immediately.
It's a shame that you don't understand my research.
The world has started to deteriorate because of poor laws known as the Contract of Elemia.
We should always strive toward progress. The world ends when a civilization stops advancing.
There are sophisticated technologies from the past. Their immense power... and resources are being wasted...
I can't stand ignoring them, while living a primitive lifestyle.
Kyle! Where are you going...?
Lady Shurelia banished me from Platina. I'm getting ready to leave.
...So, goodbye. Until we meet again...

He jumped off of here and committed suicide.
But, even that was a part of his plan. He didn't really die.
His plan worked. We never even noticed the man called Bishop Falss.
As a result, this disaster happened.
I didn't know that's what happened in the past.
I'm sorry, Aurica. You ended up cleaning our mess.
No... don't worry about me.
If it wasn't for that... I wouldn't be here now...
Besides... I got to meet Lyner...
With RE Nation, we can wake Lady Shurelia.
But he hid RE Nation somewhere.
It's probably somewhere in the Lower World... It's almost like he expected this to happen...

I wonder how the others feel about Lady Shurelia's return...
I'm sure that everyone's hoping that she will.
I wonder if they'll help me again.
...We should ask them. They might have some clues, too...
I wonder where Radolf, Krusche, Jack, and Misha are...
I think Radolf is definitely in Nemo. Krusche is probably in Firefly Alley.
Jack and Misha said they're going on an adventure, so...
We can probably find some clues in Em Pheyna.
Come on, let's go!
What's wrong, Aurica?
My Song Magic hardly works at all now... so...
...Don't worry.
I'm here with you.
...That's right.

We headed down to Em Pheyna to talk to Flute. He didn't know where Jack and Misha were now, but they'd been there recently.

How are things in Platina?
It's actually too peaceful now. Hahaha!
I see. That's good to hear.
By the way, do you know where Jack is...?
...He just came back the other day, but he left again after talking to Tastiella.
I knew it...
He's probably wandering around somewhere...
You've known Jack for a long time, right?
Yes. I've known him before I became the chief. And, it's been a little over ten years since then.
Then, you must be worried about him.

With no idea where Jack and Misha might be, we headed for Nemo to talk to Radolf.

How are you?
And Aurica, how are you doing?
I'm glad to see you, Cardinal. You look good.
Cardinal? Nobody's called me by that title for a while.
I'm a Bishop now...
Really!? That's great!
It's unprecedented for a knight to become an oracle...
They recognized my efforts to save the entire Church, so I was ordained as a Bishop. Anyway, that's what I was told.
Congratulations, Radolf!
Thank you. Now, I'm embarrassed.
Anyway, this church is not about helping Mir anymore.
This church is for the people.
So, your dream has come true.
Yes. But, this is still just the beginning. We still a lot to do! Hahaha!

What!? What is it? ...Are you two getting married?
What!? No!
Actually... it's about Lady Shurelia...
If we can find the crystal called RE Nation...
That's great news! I was really shocked when we lost her...
So... I was hoping you'd help us search for the crystal.
...I see.
I'm sorry, but with my new duties, I can't leave.
I didn't have many responsibilities before. I had a boss, and I only had to follow my instincts.
But, things have changed now. If I leave, the Church would...

I came here unannounced, and I understand your circumstances.
...That's right...

So with Radolf out, we headed to Firefly Alley.

We have to help her!
Hey! You!
Huh!? Lyner!? Long time no see!
Krusche! Are you alright!?
...Huh? I'm fine... are you okay, Lyner?
...I thought you were... being attacked by Tenba's security...
No. I was just having a meeting.
...A meeting?
I was personally recruited by president Ayano as soon as I got back to Firefly Alley.
I'm an engineer for Tenba.
It's been a while! Why don't we stop by headquarters?

But, I'm still doing the same thing. I'm doing research on airships.
Remember how I organized the team that fixed the airship, and we flew through the Blastline...?
Well, they recognized my efforts.
My current job is to create an airship that can take us anywhere in the world.
Now I have the resources to do research!
I see... So, you got promoted? Congratulations.
Lyner, we have to tell her...
What!? What is it? ...Are you two getting married?
What!? No!
Actually... it's about Lady Shurelia...
...Lady Shurelia?

I couldn't forget about her, either...
So... will you help us find the RE Nation?
...I really want to help you, but unfortunately, I can't do that right now.
...Oh! Really?
I have big responsibilities to my work.
The project that I'm working on is very large-scale, even for Tenba... So, I can't just leave now.
I... I really can't leave right now.
...I'm sorry.
That's alright. Don't worry.
I asked you out of the blue... I didn't mean to put you on the spot.
No... I'm just sorry that I can't help you...

On a hunch we decided to head back to Karulu, and sure enough who should we find there but Jack and Misha.

What!? You can't be serious!
Huh!? That sounded like...!
Jack! Misha!
Good timing!
Listen! This old man is squabbling about this treasure that I worked really hard to find!
Just forget about it! It's not that important...
...You haven't changed at all.
It's been a really long time. I didn't expect to find you in Karulu Village.
I didn't want you to see me like this.
Harm... you need to grow up...
It's just great to hear from you again, Jack.
What are you talking about? Give me a break...
Anyway, I'm glad to see you're both doing well.
Same here.
Lyner, we have to tell them...

Geez! What the hell was that for!?
We're not getting married!
Huh? ...I was going to ask if you were on your way to a new ruin...
Ohhh... are you in love with Lyner?
Dating him isn't easy. I hope you guys can work things out.
No, it's not like that!
...Can we get back on track?
You aren't interested in romance...?
It's about Lady Shurelia...

...Sorry, but I can't.
Huh!? Why not, Jack...!?
I don't want to remember Lady Shurelia.
Harm! What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry. I gotta go...
Sorry, Lyner...
Harm, wait up!
It can't be helped. Jack probably has a good reason for turning us down.
We couldn't find anyone to help us.
...I know.
You look so sad... like you're about to cry.
We can do this as long as we're together.
Let's go back to Platina. We have to come up with a new plan.

When we got back to Platina, there was a surprise waiting for us.

What are you doing here?
Lyner, I'm sorry about the other day...
I'll help you search for the RE Nation.
Radolf!? You don't have to go out of your way...
No, it's not like that. I've wanted to work with you again.
After you left, Church Executives discussed that matter. Since it's related to the Falss incident, we decided to aid your mission.
Radolf found a clue regarding Kyle.
Yes. I investigated the Church the other day and found a hidden door in the library.
It seemed that Falss was using that area to conduct some research.
We should examine the library.
Then... maybe...
Yes. It's very possible. He probably used that area as his base when he was in charge.
...That's great! Aurica... we did it!

Dad, we're leaving.

We headed for Falss' library.

We'll be fine. We're used to that.
Well... don't be careless. You should always be prepared.
Let's enter.

Yeah, let's try it.

So, in this area you need to light candelabra with Fire Shot to see. There's no enemies in this dungeon, but it can be tricky if you don't get what you're supposed to do.

The library was full of Falss' journals! He'd been planning all of this for a long time. What we wanted, though, was in his study.

We can find some information here.
What is this box!?
It looks suspicious.
It's sealed. We have to say something to unlock it.
Lyner... this piece of paper...
What is it?
A notebook dated 7/2/3770...
It is sealed and will not open. There is a piece of paper on the ground. Written is "Note column of 3770/7/2..."

We checked the notebook out. It was pretty odd.

Everyone believes their livelihoods will improve forever more by the Trio.
I'll have to get rid of Radolf right away. I can't allow him to interfere.

We looked at the journal for what felt like ages before we noticed it. The first column spelled out 'bookshelf'. We checked the bookshelves all throughout the library until we found a hidden door. Deep in the depths of the hidden area we found something strange. A Hymn Code!

Let's go back to the library!

We headed back and opened the chest. Sure enough RE Nation was there!

Why don't we go to the inn and talk this over at dinner?

We had another unexpected meeting at the inn.

That's the only thing I can do for now. Besides, I want to sing.
Alright. Please sing, Aurica. Then, let's download it at the cathedral in Platina.
Misha! Jack...!
...What's up?
...Lyner, I'm sorry I turned you down the other day...
Are you still trying to reawaken Lady Shurelia?
Y, yes... of course.
Then before you do, can you stop by Em Pheyna?
I need to tell you something really important. I need you to reconsider this after listening to my story.
What is it? Just tell me...
I can't tell you it here.
Besides... I'll get all emotional like I did the other day.
Alright. Let's go to Em Pheyna.
Thanks. I'll go with you.

I'm not sure why Jack doesn't want us to revive Lady Shurelia, but we're headed to Em Pheyna now to hear him out.