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Part 48: Chapter 27- Reboot

Chapter 27- Reboot

When we reached Em Pheyna Tastiella was waiting. She had a surprise for us.

I do...
I've heard that you are trying to wake Shurelia.
Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?
It's better not to wake her. That is... it's better for the world.
...What are you talking about?
I'll be straightforward with you. Mir is still alive.
What!? How can that be!?
I thought that we... Lady Shurelia sacrificed her life to destroy her! I can't believe Mir's still alive!
...Lyner, follow me.

Sleeping!? Do you mean... Mir has a body like us?
Yes. Mir's true identity is that of the greatest Pureblooded Beta-Type Reyvateil in history.
She was born at the peak of civilization. Her power is even greater than Shurelia's.
A long time ago... there was a battle between Shurelia and Mir.
Since Mir's power was greater, Mir could read Shurelia's mind through the Tower. So, Mir was always one step ahead of Shurelia.
Therefore, there was no way Shurelia could win...
As a last resort, Shurelia "sealed" Mir.
I... the Crescent Chronicle was made to be a coffin to contain the sealed Mir.

Once that happens, Misha has to continue to sing above me.
So... I don't recommend you wake Shurelia.
Once you wake Shurelia, the Tower will reactivate. It also means Mir will be reborn.
And, you'll have to start fighting the viruses again.
And... Misha will have to return to this room and sing forever.
...So, you suggest that we never wake Lady Shurelia?
I know this because I was always with Lady Shurelia...
I know about her bloody efforts to fight the viruses.
She has been responsible for many people's lives all by herself!
She has given us many things!
I can't just give up on her. That's not the way to repay her for her efforts!
I'm not trying to stop you. I just want to give you advice...

I'm sorry... but, can you sing...?
Lyner... you care so much about Lady Shurelia, but don't you care about me at all?
Once Lady Shurelia comes back to life, I'll have to keep singing here forever!
But... Misha...
I'm not saying that I don't want to keep singing!
Even thought it's nothing compared to the way you care about Lady Shurelia, I just wanted you to show me that you care about me... just a little.
I just wanted you to say... something. That's all...

Misha ran out. Why do things have to be this way?

It's okay... You never have before, either...
I made up my mind...
I decided to sing for Lady Shurelia.
But... I just wanted you to think it over a little bit. I know that I'm being selfish...
I would've been happy if you just took a second to worry about me. That's all I wanted.
...I'm sorry.
No, it's alright. It made me realize how you really feel inside...
...Lyner, can I ask you for one last favor?
...Sure. Whatever you want...
Hold me...
...Lyner, I'm lonely. I don't want to do it...
Why do I have to keep singing?
...I don't know why.

Nothing... I was just wondering who you're singing Chronicle Key for...
Does that song make anyone happy?

We headed back to the Chronicle.

Misha... are you sure about this?
Yes. It's my decision. So, don't worry about it.
I see... I've been worried about you since I heard about the plan to wake Lady Shurelia.
But, if you've made up your mind, I won't say anything.
...Take care of yourself.
Misha... I'm sorry...
Lyner, get a hold of yourself!
I won't forgive you if you can't wake up Lady Shurelia!
Yeah, I know...
I'm just kidding. Seriously... do your best...
...Thanks. You too, Misha.

We left the Crescent Chronicle. Tastiella had some more advice for us.

It's going to be another long trip. Take care.
After waking Lady Shurelia, please come back here.
I'm sure it'll make the Star Singer very happy.

We went to Platina to download Re-Nation into Aurica. It was almost time for us to go.

...Well, the circumstances were very different from my search for the Purger.
So... can we do the download ceremony here?
Oh, you can do it on your own now. I don't mind.
Let's begin.

How does it feel?
...It feels fine. It downloaded okay...
Then, let's go to the Rinkernator.
Make sure to handle Lady Shurelia's body with care.
I know!
Oh, if you're going up, you should stop at the Gather.
The airship that we're working on might be completed by now.

We headed down to the Gather.

Engineer: This is the result of the collaboration between Platina, Tenba, and the Teru Tribe.
This one is very sturdy! This airship should be able to easily pass the Blastline!
Is it ready for a take off?
Engineer: It looks like it's ready, but it's not completed yet.
I see... that's too bad. I guess we have to go through the Tower.
Engineer: Huh? Are you Lyner...?
Y, yeah. Why?
Engineer: Oh, no! I gave her the wrong information...
Wrong information...?
Engineer: Yes... the director was looking for you...
The director...?
Engineer: Yes, you know Director Krusche.
Krusche is here!?

We started our long climb up the Tower.

Let's go!
I don't think it'll work.
Let me try.
...Let's move on to the next one.

We entered the center of the tower. I'd never seen it before. It was strange.

I don't know. I think... it's probably the center of the Tower.
I don't care what it is. Let's get out of here.

We were climbing for what felt like forever.

Yeah... We have no choice. We should be grateful that we do have stairs to climb.
Besides, if this is the only way, Krusche must be climbing them, as well.
You can't be serious... I'm really exhausted. Can we take a short break?
This is my first time being inside the Tower... this place sure is mysterious...
Yeah. This place is way beyond life and death.
I wonder what the people who built this place were thinking.
What he's talking about... it's all way over my head.
I just think that the Tower is too advanced to have been created by Humans.
Whoever built it must have had some strong intentions to create something like this.
You sound half poetic.
I just hope that they had good intentions...

...I guess you're right.
Look at Lady Shurelia. She looks pretty when she sleeps.
She doesn't look like the administrator of the Tower, that's for sure...
I know... but, she's been responsible for this whole world all by herself.
We should get going. Krusche could be way ahead of us by now.

Soon after we ran into Krusche.

Great! We finally caught up with you...
I see. So, they told me the wrong information and I went ahead of you.
I'm just glad that you were taking a break.
I'd been walking for a while. I was about to give up.
I'm sorry that I turned down your offer to save Lady Shurelia...
It doesn't matter any more. You're here now.
It took some time to transfer my project to another engineer.
...Say, where's Misha?
Well, actually...
Oh... so, Mir is still alive? I didn't expect that.
Misha is getting ready to sing at the Crescent Chronicle.
She was so excited when she didn't have to sing anymore. I feel bad that she has to do it again.
She has no choice. She's gotta do what she's gotta do. It's a job.
...Speaking of which, Jack.

You should take good care of Misha.
I know. That's one thing you don't have to tell me.
We should get going.

We had to take another break, it was so much walking.

Why are you so quiet all the time?
M, me!? You really think so...?
She used to be a lot quieter than that. She has changed quite a bit.
I don't know anything about your past. Where are you from?
...I used to live in Skuwat Village.
What!? Skuwat Village!?
Oh, you've heard of it?
I was stationed there as one of Tenba's temporary soldiers.
T, Tenba!?
Yeah. It's a long story. I worked for Tenba, briefly.
You're lucky that you made it through the war in Skuwat...
Yes, I am. I happened to be out of the village at the time...
I can tell the truth, now. That was when Misha was kidnapped by Bourd.

Then... I joined the Church, since I'd always been fascinated by the Trio of Elemia.
Is that so?
The Trio of Elemia can heal and make people happy, just by singing.
Don't you think that's wonderful?
Hmm... Jack, Misha and I could've all met in Skuwat.
What a coincidence.

We finally reached the connection with the SPU.

I wonder how far we've gone so far...

The Rinkernator was just ahead. There was nothing left in our way.


The Tower stirred.

Lyner, it was only for a moment...
But thank you for giving me freedom...

Systems check. Power Systems: Functioning at 100% Efficiency. Life Support: Functional. Climate Control: Functioning at 88% efficiency. Security Systems: Functional. Administrator coming online.

I remember... Lyner, what have you done!?
You might not have known, but Mir is still alive!
If I'm awake, the Tower will reactivate. Mir is...
Lady Shurelia, we know. We know all about it. But, we wanted to wake you up.
Lyner... you...
You're very important to me, Lady Shurelia.
I know what you've been through. I was always there for you.
I know what you went through to protect this world...
You love this world more than anyone else. It's not right for you to be deprived of it...
Despite your sacrifice for the world, nobody even bothered to give you a second thought.
I can't understand why.
But, that's no excuse for allowing Mir to return!

Misha is singing at the Crescent Chronicle.
I was talking to Misha earlier, and it got me thinking...
To keep Mir sealed away, you must sleep...
And if we wake you up, then Misha has to keep singing...
Why does one of you have to sacrifice themselves so the other can be happy...?
So, I thought about it, and...
Isn't there some way for all of us to be happy? There must be something we can do.
...Lyner, you've matured... into a respectable man.
I'll do whatever it takes to help you. Lead the way.
Now that Lady Shurelia's back, I better go check on Misha.
I wonder if Misha's still singing...


I love that song. It hits me straight through the heart.
Huh... Ayatane!?
That's right. My name is Ayatane. I'm glad that you remembered it.
...I thought that... you...
Oh yes... well, you see...

We're headed back to Platina for a moment. We'll head back to Misha after we talk to Dad. After all, with Mir sealed away again, there's no real rush.