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Part 49: Chapter 28: Conflict

Chapter 28: Conflict

Welcome, Administrator!

Computer, create a new log file. Subject: Journey in the Lower World.

File created.

Enter write mode.

I've decided that I should better understand the Lower World. I want to keep track of everything I see and do down here, so I'm going to record periodic logs of our activities. It was late when we got into Platina, so they decided to wait until the morning to see Leard. While I am of course happy to be awake again, at the same time I still feel the world was better off with the Tower suspended.

L, Lady Shurelia!? What happened?
I'm sorry to bother you so late. I wanted to tell you something...
What is it?
Lyner, it's about you waking me. I'm not pleased with your decision.
I was happy when you did it, but...
Waking me was still the wrong decision.
The world is once again faced with the threat of Mir.
But, I just can't stand anyone being sacrificed like that!
I told you, I don't think it's right for someone to have to do that.
I respect your opinion, but I still believe you were wrong.
Whatever happens, I will accept full responsibility.
It's too late to argue now.
I'm sorry. I just...
It's okay... besides, I shouldn't be so hard on you.
I was happy when you told me that I'm important to you.
I'll be back if anything comes up.

I don't really understand Lyner. After that he asked me about Installing.

Do you want to do it to me?
Uh, no, that's not what I meant! I was just a little curious...
...I see.

In the morning we went to see Leard. I had to inform him of my plans.

Lady Shurelia!
I'm sorry I made you worry.
No, please don't say that.
I know that I've just returned, but...
Will you take care of things while I'm away?
This incident made me realize something.
I didn't know anything about the way people live, or think, or about the current situation.
I thought that I was the only one who was protecting this world...
But... I don't think that anymore.
So, I want to see and feel the reality of this world.
...I understand your intentions, but...
...You don't want me to go.

Thank you very much.
Lyner, shall we?

A Teru warrior appeared as we were getting ready to leave. Unfortunately, it seemed as though another crisis had emerged.

Teru: Commander! The Crescent Chronicle...
Priestess: It's been taken over!
What did you say!?
Teru: Currently, a swordsman in red armor has taken over the Crescent Chronicle!
Red armor...? Could it be Ayatane...!?
It's possible. We must hurry.
Lead, sorry for rushing off, but... we have to go!
I understand. Please take care of yourself.

We headed down the Tower as quickly as we could. Viruses and rogue Guardians were on the prowl. While weak, they're a sure sign that something is wrong with the Tower. At the Chronicle, Chieftain Flute was waiting for us.

There was nothing we could do to stop him.
Alright, we'll be there soon.
Wait! He's too strong.
Don't worry, I know him all too well...

Sure enough, it was Ayatane who was responsible for the attack on the Chronicle. Clearly his apparent demise earlier was some sort of ruse. Luckily he had not managed to free Mir's body from the Chronicle yet.

I'm sorry it took me so long to get here. But, everything's gonna be alright.
...Ayatane. You're still alive...
Yes, though I'm just as surprised as you. I didn't expect for this to happen.
I know it sounds weird, but... I'm glad you're still alive.
How can you say that!?
...I don't understand your reasoning, either.
We fought together. We were Knights of Elemia.
...That was all an act. I set you all up. Don't you understand that?
I only did what I had to, to maneuver myself into the perfect position...
What about all that time we spent together?
To tell you the truth, I was sorta beginning to regret killing you.
I know there must have been a better way.
Are you insane? It's too late for that...
Ayatane, do you remember what you said as you were dying?

...They made me realize something.
Sure, you may be a virus, but...
I won't let that come between us.
Just because fate forced us to fight, I won't give up our friendship.
That's when I decided that if I were to ever meet you again, I had to tell you this.
Thanks for all the good times we shared together. All things considered, it was a lot of fun.
Lyner... you're a sadistic human being.
If only you acted like a soldier, I wouldn't have to suffer like this.
But, I am a child of Mir.
Even though we may be friends, my mother will always come before you.
...So, I won't be a very good friend.
And right now, I have a mission to accomplish.
Are you going to possess Lady Shurelia again?
Ayatane; Heh, that's ancient history.

Mir... what are you trying to do?
Humans... go away...
This place is too dangerous. We have to back off.

We pulled back out of the Chronicle and regrouped near the Em Pheyna Temple. I'm not sure I get what Lyner was trying to say about Ayatane myself. Then again I don't understand why he does a lot of things, so this will be just one more for the list.

...Where is Tastiella?
She cut off her display so that she could concentrate on stopping Mir.
She has burned most of her energy over the past several incidents.
If we don't do something, the Crescent Chronicle... no, Tastiella will...
Anyway, I have to head to the Crescent Chronicle. There's something I have to do...
...Lady Shurelia?

We had to decide on a plan of action. I had hoped to discuss it with Tastiella, but sadly that seemed impossible.

Mir has been awakened.
If we can still attack her, it's better to take her down now.
I agree. If it was Mir who blew Lyner away earlier...
Maybe, our attacks will have an effect on her. Let's go to the Crescent Chronicle.
I just hope we can find a way to attack it without hurting Granny...
Sounds good to me... but, I want to check on something first.
What did Ayatane mean by creating a new world?
And... how is he going to make a world where his mother "can live in peace and comfort?"
Misha; We don't have time to figure that out. Mir has been awakened!
Misha's right. Once we defeat Mir, we won't have to worry about anything Ayatane said.
I'll help if Lyner still wants to find out what Ayatane meant.
Me, too.

Thanks... everyone.
But... we hardly have any clues. We'll probably have to travel around the world.
Let's search places where Ayatane might go. I wonder if Dad would know.

While we were there, I decided to ask Lyner what he thought of the Lower World the first time he arrived here.

Um... actually, I didn't really have much time to think about how I felt.
I was dying when I got there, and I was in a rush...
Oh, but when I got to Karulu Village, I did think it was a bustling place.
...In other words, you almost died as soon as you started your mission?
Heh... I'm sorry?
That was partially my responsibility. There's no need for you to apologize.
This is actually my first time visiting the Wings of Horus since the Third Era began.
And now that I see it, it's very energetic. Everyone tries so hard in life...
I once again feel the greatness of people's life energy.
I need to maintain the world peace, for these people, too...
You're right.

We headed back to Platina to see if Leard knew anything about where Ayatane might be.

No, it's not like that... I just thought I might ask.
What's the latest news on Mir?
The Crescent Chronicle is in chaos.
And then, we saw a light that talked to us in Mir's voice.
Mir has restored 50% of her power.
Oh, no! I didn't know the situation was so... grave.
Lady Shurelia...
It's too late to turn back now.
The only way we can defeat Mir is by destroying her real body.
...I see.
This is my fault. I didn't have enough power. I was only able to seal her away.
Destroying her is my responsibility.
...But... Lady Shurelia...

Commander... Lyner is important to me.
Lady Shurelia...
If you say so... Then, I guess I don't have to worry after all...
Either way, we have to deal with Mir as soon as possible.
But to defeat her, you have to go to Em Pheyna...
And convince Tastiella to release Mir...
...That's right.

We headed back to discuss matters with Tastiella. She was as reluctant as I'd expected to release Mir. I suppose nobody knows Mir better than her at this point, so she's the expert on what's going on.

Unfortunately, she's in no condition to see anyone right now.
She's focusing all of her energy into suppressing Mir.
I'm fine, Flute. I can speak with them for a short while.
...Shurelia!? My, it has been a long time.
Are you alright!? You seem to have expended your energy...
I'm still fine.
But I feel like I'm aging. My powers aren't as strong as they used to be.
You've been pushing yourself too hard. It's all my fault...
...You shouldn't say such things.
So Lyner, what did you want to talk to me about?
Open the Crescent Chronicle.

Fine, then come with me.

Huh? About Mir...?
Do you know what kind of life she had?
Do you know why she attacks Humans?
Do you know what she wants to accomplish?
I... I don't know.
I see... Then, Two.
Why do you want to fight Mir? Why do you want to defeat her?
That's easy! Because she's endangering the world! Why else would I want to?
What do you think of Mir now?
What do you mean?
You have animosity against her. You hate her.
Of course. She's playing with peoples' lives...
Just as I expected... I can't let you through here.

You are under a tremendous amount of pressure. You've lost your mind. You need to calm down.
You want me to do what...?
I will only let you through when you can answer my questions properly.
What is the simplest, yet strongest reason for the rise of conflicts?
You don't have to guess. I doubt you can answer that question yet.
You should travel around the world to find the answer.
But Tastiella, I don't have time for that now...
I know. Shurelia is right. I don't expect to live much longer.
I didn't mean it like that...!
...It's okay.
I have sustained heavy damage. I will never recover completely.
But, I need you to believe me. If I die, I won't have any regrets.
I've been living for the past 400 years. It's about time for me to rest in peace.

After hearing your answer, if I think that you're the right person to entrust with the future of the world...
I'll release Mir... and let you handle the rest.
...I understand. I'll find the answer to your question.
Thank you. I'm counting on you.

I'm not sure what Tastiella's plan is. Tonight Lyner asked me about who she really was. I decided to tell him the truth of the matter.

Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to see your face...
Oh, I'm bothering you, aren't I?
No, not at all!
Oh, there's something I wanted to ask you.
What is Tastiella really? Is she a program like Mei Mei?
She is... a soul. She is the soul of High Priestess Tastiellof of the Teru Tribe. She lived 400 years ago.
A soul!?
Yes, she sacrificed her life when Mir was sealed.
We owe the last 400 years of peace to her sacrifice.
Oh... I never heard of that before.
She and I have always been friends. We've been friends since she was living an ordinary life as a member of the Teru Tribe...
Besides, she saved my life too... I'll do anything to help her.
I want to help her in times of trouble. Well, let me rephrase that. I can only help her in times of trouble...

No. It's just that... every time I think of her, I start to cry...
If I was stronger, she wouldn't have sacrificed her life...
...She did it to help me.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't be talking about such private matters right now.
No... I'm glad I got to talk to you. You never showed your emotions to me before...

What was I thinking? Crying in front of him? He needs me to be strong, everyone does. That takes us up to the present time. Pause recording, save file.