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Part 59: The Singer Angel, Episode 5

The Singer Angel, Episode 5

Last time on the Singer Angel, we had a damned unhappy ending! On today's episode, we refuse to accept this monstrous fate!


Y, yes, well...
Lady Shurelia, can't we do something to fix it? It's been bothering me so much that I can't even sleep at night.
I see... What do you think we should do?
You don't like tragedies, do you? It was a sad ending, but the story was beautiful.
The real world is full of tragedy. That's why I want a happy ending in the virtual world.
...That's a good point. Let's see, maybe I can tweak it a little.
All of your actions have been stored on the server. I'll try to pull it out and modify it a little.
You can do that!?
I'm not sure if it'll work, but it's not like I'm changing the whole story...
You'll be able to continue the story right before the ending.
If you're ready, we can start right now... So, what do you say?
Are you ready? Just to warn you, it'll start in the middle of the story.

This time, I'm aware of the real world! That's probably because Lady Shurelia rewrote the program.
Oh, you were here the other day. How may I help you? Leila hasn't showed up yet...
Leila...? Oh, right! Leila!
I have to save Leila... but what should I do?
I was still at home at this time.
I should probably go home.

What are you doing here? Today should be the day of the big ceremony...
...Oh, don't worry about it. Everything's fine.
Something's not right. Isn't there something you want to tell me?
Yes... it's about Leila.
But it's okay. Today's your special day, so you must be busy... I'll just come back tomorrow.
No! Tell me now!
What's wrong with you!?
It's about Leila, right!? Tomorrow will be too late. I need to know now!
Huh? Do you know something?
Look, we shouldn't talk about it out here. Come to my house.

Really!? Somehow, I doubt that.
So, what about Leila!?
Oh yes. Actually...
Something strange is going on in this world...
Yes. Leila was created by Team Mir... well, more specifically, by me.
So, she shouldn't need to be refreshed every week to survive.
I don't remember programming her to be that way! That's not even in my specs!
Well... I don't know what to tell you.
I think this world might be threatened by forces from out of this world.
Out of this world...? You mean, like aliens?
No, not aliens. I don't mean out of this planet, I mean out of this world.
If my hunch is right, there's a larger world outside of this one. And, this Outer World is controlling ours.
So, you think that our world is secretly being manipulated by some Outer World?

Never mind.
If only I could see this Outer World...
I think this world is about to drastically change.
Let's go to town and look for clues.

Aurica! You're walking around town dressed like that...!
I can't believe her taste. We can't help it.
Excuse me! I made this formal costume just for you, Lyner! I don't normally wear things like this, you know!
I didn't mean to insult you...
By the way, Lyner. The ceremony will start soon. Don't you need to change?
Don't worry about me. Have you noticed anything unusual lately?
For instance, anything that used to be unusual, but has started to happen regularly. That sort of thing...
What are you talking about? Well...
I guess something happened in my dream...
Everyday, I dream of a lion... and not just any ordinary lion, but one who wears a pan on his head...
He knows my name. He calls me Aurica...
Oh, I have the same kind of dream everyday, too.
Can it be...?
But, in my case it's a little girl who holds an ocarina in her hands. Maybe we're possessed...
I knew it...
...Lyner!? Do you know something?
Well... sort of...
Hey you guys, when did these dreams start?
Well... I think it started... when I confessed my love for you, and you turned me down.
He turned you down! You poor girl! Lyner is so mean!
That doesn't matter, now. I think I found a clue.
...What is it?
I might be able to view this world from the outside.

What is it!? Are you two keeping secrets or something?
If Don Leon and Hama show up... then I might be able to find some clues by accessing their Cosmospheres.
I better try them both...

This is a huge flaw in this level, that the talks with Don Leon and Hama have so much in common. They really should have made two talks for each of them instead of just one.

What is it! Quiet down! What is wrong this time!
Hey, do you ever show up in Lady Shurelia's virtual world as a guest?
No way, Jose! I am Aurica's mind guardian! Why would I ever leave Aurica's mind!?
...I see... I guess it's not so simple...
What is going on? If you want my help, you had better 'splain yourself.
Well... actually...
Okay, okay... I get the big picture. I suppose it is possible for me to visit Lady Shurelia's virtual world.
But, it is just a theory.
Through the Tower of Life, every Cosmosphere is connected to all the others. They're also connected to Ar Tonelico.
Since I am a product of thought, I can access Ar Tonelico through the Tower of Life.
It doesn't feel nice to know that I exist somewhere else, and I didn't even know about it! I should look around the Tower of Life.

I will enter Ar Tonelico and search for the fake me. Please wait here for a while.
Oh, I get it. Only thoughts can go back and forth into the Tower...
Every Reyvateil is connected to Ar Tonelico...
Lyner! It's an emergency!
What's wrong...?
I found my copies. The viruses are making copies of me!
...Viruses!? What do you mean!
As you know, there is a virus that lives inside Ar Tonelico.
They can easily make copies of thoughts.
Which means, the Don Leon who appeared in Lady Shurelia's virtual world is...
...A virus.
What!? Then a virus is in the virtual world!?
That's right.
Lady Shurelia's virtual world isn't inside the Cosmosphere, right?
No, it's not. She said she doesn't have her own Cosmosphere.
Then it must be in Ar Tonelico. Which means, viruses can invade there much easier than in a Cosmosphere.
That world must be contaminated!
Don Leon... you're more knowledgeable than I expected.

I better hurry up.
...Huh? What is it?
...Take this with you.
A ring!?
Yes. It's called the Mamorimino Ring. With it, you can tell how badly the virtual world is contaminated by viruses.
Really!? Great!
I appreciate you for helping Aurica. Just take it and leave.

What is it!? Why are you yelling so loud?
Hey, do you ever show up in Lady Shurelia's virtual world as a guest.
No. A mind guardian isn't allowed to leave the mind of the person they're guarding.
I see... I guess it wasn't you...
Hama; So, what's up?
Well... actually...
So, I appeared in Lady Shurelia's virtual world?
In theory, it's possible, but I've never left here, not even once.
Man, I came all this way, but I still don't have a clue...
There is one thing I might be able to help you with. I can go and check inside of the Tower of Life.
Tower of Life!?
Yes. Through that tower lies the binary field of Ar Tonelico.
If a fake me exists, I should be able to find a clue in that field.
Great! Let's do it!

So, I'll go search inside by myself. Wait here, okay?
She's gone...
I hope Hama's okay.
Lyner! I have horrible news!
Viruses are making copies of me!
So the one who was in Lady Shurelia's virtual world must be a virus.
A virus...?
Viruses can easily make copies of someone like me, who was made by thought.
Then... Lady Shurelia's virtual world is...
Contaminated by viruses....
No... I have to hurry! Hama, thank you for helping!
Wait a second!
Take this with you.
A ring!?

Yes. You can change the virtual world back to the way she rewrote it.
Great! Thanks! You were a big help!
I didn't do much. Do your best at exterminating the viruses.

So, what is it!?
Misha was right. This world is being threatened by forces from out of this world.
I knew it!
Actually, this world is being contaminated with viruses. And, those viruses are distorting the world's order.
...Viruses? You mean, like the ones we used to fight all the time?
No, these are different. I'm talking about ones that are from out of this world.
What? I don't get it. Do you mean like the flue or something?
Anyway, it all makes sense now... including Leila's life.
If these viruses did rewrite this world, Misha had no way of knowing it.
...But, I did start to notice it.
What!? I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Are we all going to die of the flu or something?
Just ignore Aurica and let's hurry and save Leila.
Don't forget! It's a special day for you guys. You better go change!
Oh, right! I'll go home and change.

Damn! I better get ready quick!
That's it, I'm ready! Now, I better hurry to the chapel!

Just barely...
Sorry, I took so long.
If there's anything I can do, just let me know.
Me too. I'll do anything.
Thanks, you two... For now, just pretend that you don't know anything.
Don't worry. I know what happens next.
...? How?
Because, I'm the real hero who can save this world!
...Are you serious?
Of course! Are we ready! Let's go!
I'm so happy. Today is going to be a new beginning for the two of you.
Now, it's time for the bride to enter.
How do I look?
You look beautiful.
...Thank you.

...I do.
Leila Togasaki, do you promise to love, honor and cherish Lyner Harasett for as long as you both shall live?
I do.
Great. Now I want to tell you both something.
Never forget that revenge is passed on for generations.
And you can find yourself the victim of hatred at any time.
You never know what can trigger those feelings. You may suddenly feel the urge to abuse someone for no reason at all.
You're not a real priest!
Of course I am. I'm simply not a human. Just like you, Shurelia!
You're... a virus!?
What's going on?
Never forget that revenge is passed on for generations.
And you can find yourself the victim of hatred at any time.
Hello, Leila and Lyner... Sorry for ruining your special day.
Claire! How dare you show up here! I won't let you get away with this!
And I won't let you get away with destroying my headquarters, stealing Shurelia, and ruining my life.
I'll never forgive you... That's why I chose this day to get my revenge... the happiest day of your life.
Leila... You're going to die.

Leila, I'll save you. You're not supposed to disappear like this.
Come on out, virus!
You had a good hunch! You're right. I am...
I'm not talking about you! I've known you were a virus for a long time.
What did you say!?
W, what?
Someone's been hiding in here!
Are you alright?
...Lyner... I feel pain...! Something's inside of me...
What!? Could it be another virus...? Dammit... we need a plan...
I know! I'll use the Guardian Ring I got from Don Leon!

Here it comes...

...Are you... Mir? What are you doing here!?
This is what you get for acting foolish next to my prison...
Lyner! Are you okay?
Leila...!! What are you doing? Are you being manipulated by Team Mir again!? No! It can't be...
(I finally saw the truth...)
You two, back me up! Try to get Leila's attention, long enough so I can contact her!
Got it!
(I have to find a way to put the Hasaiyano Ring on Leila...)
Leila! What's wrong? Don't you recognize up? Did Claire do something to you again?
Please go back to normal!
They won't hold her attention for long... I better get closer...
...I didn't do anything this time. What's going on? Bishop, did you do something?
N, no! I didn't do anything...
Leila... what's wrong with you?

No! Not that!
Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Soon, this world will be gone...
...I gotta do it now!
What are you doing!?
I'm exterminating you from this world! You ruined this world!
Exterminate me? You can't do that!
Sure I can! As long as I have... this!
Th, that ring! N, no... stop!
This is it!
Leila! You're back to normal! ...I'm so glad!
Back to normal...?

Huh? Team Mir? What are you talking about...?
Wh, what...?
...Team Mir was created by Mir...

Yes. But I still can't believe it.
I know you're telling the truth. You look too serious to be lying.
Hey... will you hold my hand.
Y, yes.
I can't transform any more. I guess my transformation was also controlled by the other virus.
So, that means...
Lyner, what's wrong?
...You've been holding my hand for a while...
Huh! I'm sorry!
No... it's not that I don't want you to... well actually...
Do you want to keep holding hands?
Y, yeah...
You're so shy... it's cute.
Ha! Your face is all red...
No it's not...

I think so. You can't transform any more... And you aren't tired...
No, I'm not. I feel totally different...
Thank you for saving this world...
And for saving my life...
You're the real hero, not me...
I'm so happy. I can't even find the words to express how I feel...
I can stay with you forever.
Yes. We'll be together forever...

And that's our story. But wait, there's more drama to be had...

Well, Lady Shurelia?
Are you alright?
Yes, of course. It was a nice story.
But... that world was contaminated by Mir...
...Yes, it was. And, I didn't even know it.
But, it was still a good story, so it's okay.
(...I had to go through a lot to get there, though.)
Oh, since Mir hacked in, I found a way to get to the Silver Horn.
From now on, you can use the power of the Silver Horn as Red Magic.
So, that's the end, for real? It was a nice, long story.
...Yes. It wasn't life threatening, but it was still very thrilling.
I kinda see why the people of the past were into it.
That's great.
Whoa, I better get going.

Okay. We'll always be together.

So that's our story. In many ways it mirrors what has happened so far, for example Mir causing Shurelia to disappear and Lyner restoring her. By the way, yes that is what Mir really looks like. The 'Mir' we fought at the Rinkernator was, as was noted by someone earlier, pretty much just a piece of Song Magic and not the real deal.

The Singer Angel is one of my favorite parts of this game, because it's by far the best written part. They really put some thought into making it both a good parody of the genre it represents and a good story in its own right.

By the way, Silver Horn is a very powerful Red Magic, befitting the reward for completing a Cosmosphere. It's still not Shurelia's most powerful Song, though. There is a Song so powerful that it can easily hit the damage cap. You might already be able to guess it given what Shurelia's songs have been so far if you don't know, but if you haven't you'll find out soon enough.