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Part 60: Chapter 33- A Song of Hope

Chapter 33- A Song of Hope

Computer, resume recording.


A lot has happened since I was last able to record. Where do I begin...

I guess I'll get it over with. Recently, things have changed. I was able to admit to myself how I feel, and I shared it with him. We were talking about the game we'd played in the Binary Field, and it just sort of came out.

...Whatever. When you dive into me, is the world you see fun...?
Yes, very. It really feels like I've become someone in another world.
It's amazing how you created such a world.
Really? Thank you... hehe...
Well, hearing that it's fun really makes me happy, but... I'm actually a little worried...
Huh? Why is that?
Because in my case, it's not like Aurica or Misha, where I show you my mind, you know?
So... my feelings and stuff... you may never see them...
I doubt that. But what do I know? Now I'm a little worried about it, too.
I'm worried about you.
...I'm sorry.
Lyner! I don't have a Cosmosphere that I can show you, but if I did, I'm sure I would have let you in pretty deep already!
I just want you to know that. Even though you might not really understand what I just said...

Lyner... I... want to stay with you forever.

Yeah. So many things happened and the final climax was so great, it gave me a sense of fulfillment.
...Me too.
Would you like to try the next virtual world?
...No. I'm done with virtual worlds. That was enough fun. I'm interested in the real world...
...The real world?
Never mind.

I have never really understood how Lyner manages to accomplish some of what he does, so I decided to just ask him.

How do you accomplish all your beliefs?
Beliefs...? What are you talking about, lady?
You don't know yourself? You're weird.
You know how you act before you think?
Yeah, I do that all the time...
You don't care what the situation is, or whether the enemy is weak or strong, or if you like them or you don't...
But you always have your own beliefs. That "All life is equal and valuable."
I don't think that hard. I can only do my very best if I think I'm doing good.
Keeping your beliefs is not an easy task. There are many things in this world that try to bend them.
And you do it with ease... I think you're amazing.
Thank you very much.
I can do my best because you're by my side.
Thank you... Lyner.

I bet this is what they call... real partners.
Yes it is.
Lyner... please stay good partners with me forever.
I'd like that.

I was also impressed with how he'd handled the situation at the Plasma Bell.

A little... but as long as you're with me, I'm fine...
...I see...
I didn't know that Mir crafted Songs for Humans.
If I knew... maybe history could have been different.
But if so, it's possible that I would never have met you...

I had something to give him. I'd Grathmelded it one night while everyone was asleep.

A gift for me...?
Yes... I worked really hard on making.
This is... a ring? What a unique shape.
It's called a Ring of Aria. Two rings are layered.
I made it especially for you. So it should fit you perfectly.
Really? ...Oh, you're right! It fits my finger perfectly!
Glad to hear that. I was worried that it might not fit right.
If you asked me, I would've told you my ring size.
But if I did, it wouldn't be a surprise, right?
I guess.
...And if I give it to you now, it's kind of like a prize for beating the game in our dives.
You're right. We just beat it...
Did you enjoy it?
Of course. I saw different sides of you that I've never seen before.
Don't say that! You're embarrassing me...
I'm sorry. But, isn't getting a prize too much? I had a good time.

I see... thank you so much.
I don't want you to get hurt.
So, take good care of it, Lyner.

The next morning, we headed for the Silver Horn. We had to find this song Ayatane had mentioned. But first there was a little problem to deal with.

Mir's Hymn Crystals should be there.
But to get there, you have to go past the Voice of God.
Voice of God?
It's a vortex of strong energy.
But, it's suicide to go in there.
I think there are three valves that stop it.

And sure enough, the Voice of God was present on the way to the Key Room.

Somewhere in the Horn, there is a valve that cuts the Symphonic Power to the Voice of God.
It's better to stop it first, and then go across.

To get to the valves, we had to pass though a weaker form of the Voice. Luckily, while it was hot, we were able to pass though without much trouble.

It feels like we are in dragon's fire.
We gotta hurry. It could be fatal...

We found the valves and released them in turn.

We passed on towards the Key Room, but we didn't anticipate what would happen when we entered...


No! It's more like she was locked up in this room.
I've heard that Mir only had access to this room and the Key Room.
The space was isolated by the Voice of God...
She was all alone here for decades... as a controller of the Tower and Horn.
That's not how you treat a goddess...
Lyner, I'm sorry...
I shouldn't have entered this room...
...Why not?
This was a memorable place for my Mother. She'll know that...
I'm with you.

Yes. We have to escape!
No... I'll stay. I can't leave him here...
Aytatane: Your weakness... will... cost you... your life...

Boss Battle: A.B.R.-

Our penultimate battle of Ar Tonelico brings us back to the first boss battle of the game, A.B.R. This time we fight all three units at once. They still have the same individual properties, and one new wrinkle that really sucks. Whenever you hit any part of the A.B.R., all three pieces get a large heal. The Beta unit is the most annoying, because it absorbs Red Magic attacks. Use a Blue Magic that buffs your attack and burn the Beta unit down with regular attacks. Then switch to a Red like Ar Tonelico and crush the other two. It takes forever, but they're luckily not a huge threat even if you play very poorly, as I did.

I had heard Lyner had fought different portions of the A.B.R. individually. Now we had to face the whole thing. It is much more powerful united, but then again so are we. The battle was long and difficult, but we somehow prevailed.

I thought I was going to be erased... Why?
Because to Mir, you're still her precious son...
Not too many parents will hurt their own children.
Is that so...?
Yes it is.
Let's take care of business before we get attacked again.

We entered the Key Room. It brought back a lot of memories...

I built this workshop to make my own Hymn Crystals.
Lady Shurelia!?
Before Mir was created, I was the administrator for the Horn.
Looking back, Mir played the organ more than I have...
That's right. Mother crafted many Songs from here.
And of those many Songs, her first came from her love of Humans.
But... the Humans rejected her songs, saying they were too impractical.
So, Mir sealed her Song within the Horn, along with her broken heart.
I must break the seal...
Mother, I'm sorry, but I must break the seal to help you.

It is the Hymn Crystal Harmonious... the first Song my mother ever crafted.
I'd like... to download that crystal. Can I? Please?
Misha!? What's wrong with you?
I... I've locked her away for so many years.
Using the Chronicle Key Song.
But this time, I want to use her own Song.
I want to sing her to sleep... with her own lullaby...
Misha... are you ready?

What happened?
Mir crafted a very pure... and delicate Song.
I've never felt anything so beautiful before...

We headed back to Em Pheyna.

Then, go see her right away.
Alright. Thank you for your help.

We're getting ready for the final confrontation now. We're going to meet Tastiella, Lyner thinks he has the answer for her. This could all be over next time I record this. Until then, suspend recording.