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Part 64: Chapter 35- Finale Part 2: Phantasmagoria

Chapter 35- Finale Part 2: Phantasmagoria

We traveled the world seeking the wishes of those we'd met in our travels. We started in Platina, with the Commander.


...Wh, what did you say!?
I need it for the Song! Not that I'd really want to know...
My wish is for you to live a safe and healthy life.
Lyner, I've been thinking...
What have I done for you as a parent?
I know that I've been pushing you to study hard to become a Commander...
But, I never stopped to think about what would make you happy...
...Wh, what are you talked about...?
Lyner, you can live your life the way you want to.
It's my joy to see that you're happy and that you enjoy your life...
...And, I want you to have a long life, so take care of yourself.

Well, I better get going!
Thanks, Dad!

Next we headed to Em Pheyna.

Well... I have a favor to ask you.
It's been a while since you asked me for a favor...
My feelings and wishes...?
I wish that people could live peacefully in this world without needing commandments.
I never thought you'd be one to turn down commandments.
I never said that I liked them... just that they're necessary.
As long as there are commandments, we must follow them.
The ancestors created the necessary ones, based on their experiences.
So, we are supposed to be able to lead a better life by following them.
But... I started thinking that we need to modify certain commandments to suit our needs.
I think you have a point.
What happened? You sound so... understanding.
This incident made me think a lot. Besides...
I realize that we need you... Harmonica.

I don't know how long it will take, but... can you wait till then?
Of course.
Thanks, I owe you one.
I'll see you soon.
...You, too.
But, I gotta get going. I have a few more stops left.
I'm sorry for what happened in the past.
...Me, too.

Next we headed to Nemo.

I'm here to ask a favor today.
Hmm, my feelings and wishes...
That's hard to choose. I have so many of them.
I wish that someday, people learn to appreciate the songs themselves.
I want people to be touched by a song. To laugh and cry with it.
I want to go out shopping and do fun stuff just like we did before!
Me too, Claire.
Then, let's go shopping soon. I'll pick an outfit that looks cute on you.
Thank you.
Other than that, I have one secret wish.
Huh? What is that?
I want you to marry that nice guy standing next to you.
Next to me...?
...Not me?

Well, it's not like we were going out or anything, so ha... ha... ha...
...Of course we're not! I see how you are...
Wh, what's wrong, Aurica...?
I'll come see you again, Claire.
I want to hear you sing again.
Of course.

Finally, we headed for Firefly Alley.

If it wasn't for Tenba's search party, the world might not be here today.
I'm glad to hear that Ikaruga Mk. II could be of help to you.
Today... I have a favor to ask you.
...My feelings and wishes? It's a little strange. Do you mind?
I bet the president's wishes are on a totally different level than the average person's.
I want to eat ten orders of Dokkoi Sets in one sitting.
If I can't do that, then I want to sing Song Magic once in my life. That's my real dream.
That's... not what we were expecting.
I know, I know. Just think about it.
The president of Tenba, who has the strongest influence over the Lower World, has time to joke around.
Which means that world peace is finally here.
I see...

Because, it's the little things that turn into big things.
Wow... those are meaningful words. She is the president after all.
Just like the sayings. Little and often fills the purse! A leaf saved is a leaf earned.
Huh? Since you're the president, I was expecting you to say something magnificent.
But, you sound like an old lady from my neighborhood.
Oh, you're a brave girl, aren't you? I like that! What's your name?
Aurica. Aurica Nestmile.
Alright, Aurica. I'll buy you a Dokkoi Set next time.
Thank you!
They're off to building a mysterious relationship...
Is that her hidden talent?
Well, President, we have more places to go, so we have to leave now!
Come back anytime.

But it's fun to talk to people.
We've gathered many feelings and wishes from the people.
We sure have plenty of them. All we have to do is put them inside the crystal.

If we'd picked Misha in Phase II instead of Aurica, we'd have gotten a scene with Spica instead of Claire.

We returned to Platina. There was much work to be done making the Crystal, and Ayatane had one more person he thought should be represented by this. The others didn't seem to understand what he'd meant, but I think it's the only right thing to do.

Excuse me, everyone.
I have one more person that I want to craft feelings and wishes. Am I too late?
No, you're not. We have to start preparing, but you can come back and tell us later.
Thank you so much!
...I'll be waiting.

The world was coming together...

We and the Apostles of Elemia are Humans, after all.
Including the Teru Tribe, we should all communicate our technology.
With our three forces combined, we can accomplish bigger goals.
The airship is the prime example.
You're right. From now on, we have to help each other out.
I'm interested in that story.

People were making plans for their futures...

...It could be hell. Any place that nobody has ever been to.
Then... you'll need a body guard.
What are you talking about? It sounds interesting. Count me in, too.
You're too young for this kind of talk.
...Excuse me!? I'm older than she is!

The final wishes were collected...

And while I was making the Crystal...

But, once it's done, we have to say goodbye.
Yeah, but I thought you were gonna stay in Platina.
I am, but...
Lyner, I have a dream.
I... love music boxes. I want to make them for a living.
I want to make and sell them in a peaceful village with grassy plains...
With a wonderful husband who loves music boxes, too.
...Wow. That's awfully specific. But, I hope your dream comes true.
Do you like... music boxes?
They're cool...

I want to make music boxes with you...

The next morning, everything was ready. We prepared to head for the Rinkernator, where the whole world would hear our song...

I can't wait to sing.
Aurica and Misha, please come to the Rinkernator.
I'll do my best.
I want the whole world to hear us sing...
Wish us luck.

All our hopes... all our dreams... all together here...


A world where people will live happily and help each other.
That's what our Song is all about...
I hope our Song will travel through the clouds to reach everyone around the world...

So, the most interesting thing about the credits is at the very end. Check the names in the world design. If you followed my Soul Nomad thread, you might well recognize the second name, toi8, who did the character and world designs for Soul Nomad. If you look at the art from that game and compare it to, for example, the splash screens behind towns, you can pretty clearly see the similarity.

It was time to say goodbye...


But, I haven't done anything. Lyner and Aurica... good luck to you both.
You too, Lady Shurelia!
Please come to our village and visit us soon.

Since you're bad with direction, you might have a hard time finding us.
...Yes. Well, I will do my best to find you.
(This is how it all ends...)
Take care of yourself, Lady Shurelia. At least till I see you again...
As you have.

Okay, so this next scene is seriously unfair as hell. There's no way to win if you finished Shurelia's Cosmosphere, because either choice coming up here feels really horrible. Mela Lee, Shurelia's voice actress, sells these lines so well it's painful. The only way to avoid this horrible fate is not to even play Phase III, because even if you don't finish Shurelia's Cosmosphere she still acts like she's going to say something, which is just as painful if you know what she wants to say but doesn't. But don't take my word for it.

But... I don't want to say goodbye, ever...

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you...
Please don't go!
Lyner, I'm sorry...
I want to be with you...
I want to share my life with you!
Lady Shurelia...
I'm sorry... I can't help it...
I've been holding back my feelings since I heard that you were leaving with Aurica...
...I'm sorry.
...I'm so sorry.
But... I...
It's okay, Lyner. Don't worry about me. You have to follow your own heart.
I'll honor whatever decision you make.
I don't want to force you into something you don't want.

No. It's okay. I'm the one who should apologize...
While you were busy making the crystal for us, I asked Lyner to follow my dream.
I did it without considering your feelings...
Now that I know of your feelings for Lyner, I feel so ashamed...
I was being selfish while you were hard at work for this world...
Lady Shurelia... thank you for being honest with your feelings.
I hope you and Lyner have a long and happy life together.
Aurica... thank you...
We... we'll definitely visit you...


Now I have to make more for tomorrow. There's so much work to do!
Welcome to my...