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Part 65: Bonus Chapter: Aurica's Ending and the Path to Mir

Bonus Chapter: Aurica's Ending and the Path to Mir

Let's start right up with Aurica's version of the ending. It's all the same until after Phantasmagoria.

But, I haven't done anything. Lyner and Aurica... good luck to you both.
You too, Lady Shurelia!
Please come to our village and visit us soon.
Since you're bad with direction, you might have a hard time finding us.
...Yes. Well, I will do my best to find you.
(This is how it all ends...)
Take care of yourself, Lady Shurelia. At least till I see you again...
As you have.

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you...
Please don't go!
Lyner, I'm sorry...
I want to be with you...
I want to share my life with you!
Lady Shurelia...
I'm sorry... I can't help it...
I've been holding back my feelings since I heard that you were leaving with Aurica...
...I'm sorry.
...I'm so sorry.
But... I...
It's okay, Lyner. Don't worry about me. You have to follow your own heart.
I'll honor whatever decision you make.
I don't want to force you into something you don't want.

Yes. I promised to live with you.
Lady Shurelia, I'm sorry... I want to live with Aurica.
It's so hard to say goodbye to you.
But, I promised to do whatever it takes to make Aurica happy.
I understand. Please make Aurica happy. Good luck to you both.
Lady Shurelia! I'm...
Aurica, I'm looking forward to visiting your shop.
Alright! I'll be waiting...

People will remember you as a brave man who crafted great Songs for the world.

Really!? These sure are popular...
That's because you're so good at making them.
Now, we have to make some more for tomorrow!
Yes, we do.

I'm glad to see that you're both so happy...

Okay, so with that out of the way, let's talk about getting ready to battle Mir. As far as consumables go, the only ones we really need are those we can make with grathmelding after getting through high Cosmosphere levels. Specifically, we want Aurica's Supernatural Ice and just in case Shurelia's Food Juice. Supernatural Ice is a large HP and MP heal for the whole party, which makes it extremely useful. Food Juice is a full heal and revive for a single target. It also has the best scene ever associated with it.

Then, I'll go fix you something.
Are you sure?
Of course! I don't mind. I'll fix you something good... I think.
Oh, nothing. I'll just take some materials, okay?
Well, I can count on you, right?
Yes, of course... I think.
...I have a bad feeling about this...

Yes. I think it's pretty famous for being so good.
Famous? I've never even heard of it before.
It's convenient when you don't have a lot of time.
It fills you up. It can kill two birds with one stone!
You can tell just by looking at it. So... just eat it.
Huh!? You weren't joking?
Of course not! I don't like to waste food...
But it looks really slimy...
You'll be addicted to that slime after you eat it a few times.
No way! I don't want to be addicted!
Don't say that. Just eat it!
All... right... I guess... I'll try it.
...This is really good...
I'm glad you like it.
*cough * *cough * ...I choked on rice!

Aurica likes Food Juice too. Really likes it.

...I'd rather not think about it right now.
Why? It's so good.
Its name is Juice, but it's really food. Don't you think that's strange already?
Since it's Food Juice, there's no problem for it being food or a drink.
That feeling of the melted rice, slowly coming up the straw when you suck on it, isn't it irresistible?
When that thick goo fills up your mouth, it's so good it gives me shivers.
...Uh, if you say so. I guess I just don't understand.
It's okay. If you drink it at least three times, you'll love it even more than your Funbuns.
Stop it! Just imagining that is scary... seriously!

So, yeah. Boy that was a scene. Anyway Supernatural Ice and Food Juice are pretty much the only restoratives you need for the end game. So, now we want to make the best weapons for our front line, and we want to make them S rank. This would be really hard, except for our new friend: the Grathnode Crystal Genuine 100. These come from Kanade. They have no purpose but to be used to make awesome items. The question is, how best to use these limited resources? Well, we want to take advantage of the fact that some basic items will show up in the shops after we make them. We want to make S rank raw material items that we can mass-purchase. The correct choices are to make Harmonizer, Polishing Powder, Power Sourcer, and Dreamchaser Water. Shurelia has a decent talk for the Power Sourcer.

Although, it does contain a strong poisonous solution so it may be used for that purpose too...
But it's kind of like using a chair to hit someone.
I see, so that's how different it is from its proper use... Hmm...
Originally, it is "Weak Buildup Solution." It can put power into many things, so it can probably become material to use for something else.

We want to use this to make a Boltapolta, which we can also buy and which will be used as a raw material. Now, we're going to make a whole bunch of crazy crap that will be used for raw materials.

Why? ...Because it was the last recipe card I had...
...Do you even know what you've made?
...Is it something dangerous?
No, that's not it... but...
My prototype, the Master Spectrum Chromosome, was cultivated in a tank that works very similar to this.
I see... so it's like your cradle.
...I suppose.
But why did you react as if I made something horrible...
Well... because... it's embarrassing...

This is... A melting furnace that has a higher temperature than even Kant's Firebox!
Lyner... if you tip this over while it's lit, something terrible will happen, so be careful.
...What would happen?
It will melt right through the land and make a hole in the earth and fall under the clouds.
It would go that far!?

Wasn't it hard to make this? The ingredients are high skilled too.
But it's better than making simple things. Easy things are just so boring to make these days.
It's proof that you like Grathmeld now... But don't make things that are too dangerous.
I won't make any dangerous things.
You may not have noticed, but this itself is pretty dangerous.
What!? This?
It seems you really don't know. This is the same thing as the Grathnode Discs that are scattered above Platina.
The First Era ended because they shattered. But, you knew that, right?
O, of course! Which means, if this shatters, we'll be in big trouble...
A mini Grathnode Inferior would occur.
Oh, but Grathnode Inferior Mini sounds better, so...
Um, whichever is fine.

I think you're the one who's a little weird lately... but what's so weird?
Why are you making a component of my body?
This is a component of your body...?
Yes it is... And it's a very important part...
V, very important part...
...Ah, it's where the brain is. Please don't be thinking of weird things. Are you okay?
Huh!? Uh, yeah! Of course! Yes! Hahaha!

Hey! Lyner you pervert.
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about...
Don't just go making people's nerve cells that run through their body...
Your nerves use these?
...Yes... it does.
Oh, so these are inside your body...
Noo! Don't stare at me like that!

It's the initials. A short way of saying Drooly Doopy Doom.
...It's a joke. Why don't you get it?
Uh, well... I thought there may be a chance that it could have been true...
To tell you the truth, it is Di-Dron Dinoxin Cell. It's a chemically reacted version of D2, or the Dron Dinoxin Cell.
Drooly Doopy Doom is just fine! Yes!

So now, we're going to make some ultimate weapons.

...A ch, chainsaw...
...What part of this?
There's a chain, and there are gears on it...
Lyner. I don't think it's good just because there's a chain and gear on it.

That is a beautiful sword. It must be strong as well.
Of course, it's not even comparable with the sword I was using before this.
It feels like a compilation of all the Grathmeld knowledge I know.
I see. Then you will power up even more, so powerful you can't be compared to your old self.
Th, that's...
You will right?
Y, yes... Of course I will! Hahahaha!

It's just supposed to be a regular katana.
...Which part?
This is the result of following the recipe...
Are you sure you can use this katana without any problems?
I don't know myself. I've never used a katana...

We're going to make two of those katanas. Why? Because S rank Zetsuei and Zanmei recrystallizes into the Grathnode Crystal Unseen Hand. As I said earlier, Unseen Hand is an incredible Grathnode Crystal that maxes out the elemental attack of the user at the expense of some base Attack. It's very good for characters with weak specials because it will make their regular attack even more damaging than a special.

There's more to fighting Mir than just badass equipment, though. Grathnode Crystals are a big part of it as well. You might have noticed that Shurelia had 9999 MP in the video. You might have noticed if you paid really close attention that between the ABR video and Mir my burst meter suddenly started filling up really fast. See, the Mir Fragment crystal increases a reyvateil's MP at the expense of your harmonics speed. The crystal Glass Heart (which comes from a random enemy called Sera Heart) can negate this, however. With a good crystal setup you can easily hit max mana and still be very effective. Make sure you aren't relying on crystals that convert your HP to MP, because your reyvateil will get smashed by Mir.

Oh, and if you manage to find a Sera, the Star Tiara they drop can be used to make this.

It may be a little heavy, but the effects are great so it's all good.
It's almost like a pumpkin. But if you tell me to wear it, I will try.

This is Shurelia's best armor. It's a bit better than the crafted armor for Aurica and Misha, as befits Shurelia.

I hope this helps you in your endeavors to defeat the Mother of All Viruses, and I'll see you next time with some bonus battles: Four more fights with Kanade and the pure horror of the Sera Team.