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Part 66: Chapter 15- Search

Chapter 15- Search




Lyner, I need to tell you and Ayatane something.
First of all, thank you for exterminating the viruses.
Platina is peaceful once again. Unfortunately, the peace is only temporary.
Yes. For a permanent solution, we need a Song which can seal the root of the problem.
In this case, the root is the Mother Virus, Mir.
Mir!? I've heard that name before...
The recent virus outbreaks have increased in strength and frequency because the heal is beginning to break.
Is it because Misha stopped singing her Song?
That is correct.

But, since her memory of the Song was stolen, she can no longer fulfill her mission.
In order to seal the Mother Virus, we have decided to start a search for her Song.
Now, we need to form a search party. We'll need some excellent soldiers.
Lyner and Ayatane, you're both worthy candidates for this mission, of course, but...
You'll have to decide for yourselves if you want to go.
Yes, ma'am.
...Yes, ma'am.

Yes, but there is only so much I could do by myself. I may have overlooked something.
That's why we're gonna start with Tenba. Are you sure you want to go back there?
I don't know. I don't even want to remember them.
I'm... sorry...
You haven't even decided if you want to join the search party yet.
But, I was thinking that if you did come... we can spend some time together, again...
I can't force you, but... I'd like you to come.
But now, it's time for me to go shopping! It's been forever since I got to shop in Platina.

Location: Apsaranika Park

So, you're gonna join the search party...
Of course I am. It's the same thing that I was already doing, but with more people.
Remember, I told you I was coming along to help Misha.
And, I know you're gonna join up too, right? Heh, like I really have to ask.
Well, I'm going for a walk.

Location: Department, Shopping District

I guess I'll just let the answer come to me...
I'm really curious about what's up there...
...Up there?
Yeah, you know, way up! I'm talking about above the Blastline. I wonder what it's like up there.
Anway, that's how things stand with me. Sorry, that wasn't much help at all, was it?

Location: Linkage, Housing District

If you accept the mission, it will be difficult to visit us at the Church.
And that would be a shame. Especially since Biship Falss is looking forward to meeting with you again.
Bishop Falss... I almost forgot...

I can't thank you enough. But, I promise to come back and make up for everything you've done for me.
I'm sorry for being in such a rush...
Do not worry. Go, and begin your climb.

I'm sorry, but I really do need to get some rest.
I'll see you later. I hope you can greet me with some good news.
I wonder where Aurica is.
I don't think she went outside. Maybe she went to the Gather through the underground tunnel...

Location: Gather

And... you, too.
What are you gonna do down there?
What am I going to do? Well, nothing, I guess...
There aren't any oracles who want to partner up with me, so I won't even be able to go on missions.
Say, do you know about the Trio of Elemia?
Have you heard their legends?

I have always been fascinated with the Goddesses and their utopia. That's why I joined the Church.
Anyway, this is how it goes...
You have to be paired up with an oracle to go on the mission to welcome the Trio of Elemia.
But, I can't find an oracle who wants to be my partner, because my class is so low.
So, I only get to do jobs that everyone else is too busy to do.
...I don't think that's true. You do have great power.
You helped us out a lot on our journey.
I don't think my being here made any difference to what you accomplished.
You will join the search party, right? Good luck.

I don't want to get my hopes up on something that will never come true.
I better get back now.

Location: Platina Cathedral

I choose not to join the search party.
As a Knight of Elemia, my mission is to protect you, Lady Shurelia.
I can't put my mission on hold, just to join a search party.
But, I asked you to join this mission because you are a Knight of Elemia.
I understand that. But, if I left you for too long...
I would worry about you so much that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the search.
...Very well. Then, I shall ask you to resume your regular duty.
Yes, ma'am!
How about you, Krusche?
I... decided to join. I think I can be really handy.
Very well. Please act responsibly.
What about you, Lyner?
Yes, ma'am, I...

Load Misha's Path.


Very well. Please protect Misha.
...Yes, ma'am.
I owe you one, Misha.
Right! Now, we'll be even!
Aurica, I'm sorry. I've been thinking about this since we talked, but I have to join the search party.
I have to bring peace back to this world... as soon as possible. So...
...I know. After all, you are a Knight of Elemia.
You're doing what's right.
To help you get down there, I'm going to clear a path down the tower.
You can pass through the Frozen Eye gate there to travel to the Lower World.
When you're ready, come to the Altar of Apostles. I'll be waiting for you there.


Don't worry, I will.
Thank you very much... for everything.
Please take care of Misha.
You can count on me. I will get her song back!
Now, let's get going.
Please do your best.
I will...

Yeah, I'm fine. I think I was dreaming.
I can't believe you fell asleep at a time like this.
Harm! Lyner worked a lot harder than any of us. He deserves to get some rest after all this.
But... I'm not tired or sleepy...
What should we do now? Are we gonna head straight for Tenba?
Yeah, we better get going.
But before we get there, I wanna stop by Em Pheyna. I want them to know about our search party.

Huh? What do you mean?
Well, didn't you promise the Church that you'd pay them back?
And when you first came to the Lower World, Aurica helped you a lot...
Oh, well yeah, you're right but...
...So are you regretting it?
It's on my mind, but I don't regret it.
I can't show them my gratitude now, but I can go after this mission's over.
And it's true that Aurica helped me, but you also helped me a lot, too.
But aren't you worried about Aurica?
She's safer there than with us, so we don't need to worry about her.
Does that mean... you're worried about me?
You meanie!