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Part 67: Chapter 16- Chronicle

Chapter 16- Chronicle



Location: Em Pheyna

Yes. And we were able to defeat the viruses.
I see... That's good to hear.
Then, everything is back to normal.
Don't call me that! Now that things are as they were, it is time to search for the Song.
That's right. We've been ordered to find the Song. That's why we're here.
I see. Now that Misha has been found, Platina is finally ready to take action.
So, Lyner, how much do you know about Misha's Song and its power to seal?
Well... I know that it seals the viruses away...
So, you don't know anything. Very well, I will have to teach you.
Flute, tell Lyner how to get to the Crescent Chronicle.
The Crescent Chronicle...?
Yes. It is the place where Misha used to sing.
I will be waiting for you there.

It's not her fault. She cannot walk.
Really? I never knew that...
She'll probably tell you all the details herself.
Now, let me tell you how to get to the Crescent Chronicle.
Crescent Chronicle is located directly above Em Pheyna.

Location: Crescent Chronicle

All the time?
Yeah, all the time. From sunrise to sunset, back to sunrise. And from summer to winter to summer, again.
I just kept on singing, no matter what happened... all the time.
Are you serious? I can't even do that...
It may not look like it, but I was in charge of protecting the world. So, you might want to show me some respect.
Wow! You are awesome. But...
That still doesn't change the fact that you're impatient, scared of heights, and make careless mistakes.
Shut up! If you keep it up, I'll hit you with Song Magic.
Come on, let's go inside.

Actually, that is further down. You have to pass through five doors to reach it.
Now, I shall open the first door for you.
Pass through this door and go to the next one.
I'll see you there.
She's gone... again.

She appears in the most unexpected places.
What kind of trick is she pulling on us?
Ask her later. Let's just go for now.

...Oops, I forgot. Flute told me you can't walk.
Yes. I wish that I could walk.
So, you really can't walk at all?
...Technically, I can only walk around here.
Well, I can do something interesting.
And what is that?

That's it. Although, I still can't do everything I want to.
How can you slip through? Aren't you one of the Teru Tribe?
...All will be revealed in time. Now, you must go to the Crescent Chronicle.

Please come inside.

This is the Crescent Chronicle, the altar used to seal away the viruses inside the Tower.
So, this is where...
Yes, this is where Misha...
Ehem, where a Reyvateil of the Lune lineage sings, protecting the world from viruses.
That's right. I'm the 31 st Lune. My full name is Misha Artsellect Lune.
A long time ago, the world was engulfed in a big war.
The war was fought between Humans and Reyvateils...
Mir led the Reyvateils in battle.
Mir caused half of the floating continent to fall during the war, devastating the world.
I sealed her away...
My real body became... this holy vessel, the Crescent Chronicle.
...Don't make me repeat myself. My true form is the Crescent Chronicle.
Tastiella exists only to serve as my "eyes."
What are you talking about!? Aren't you a member of the Teru Tribe!?

What is Mir? You said Mir led the Reyvateils in battle.
Mir is only a virus now. Just an energy being without any apparent shape.
It is similar to Tastiella in that regard.
Anyway, Mir, the Mother Virus, has awakened...
Because Misha has stopped singing "Chronicle Key." It is the only vaccine we have.
Unless we do something, the Crescent Chronicle won't last another year.
So, I need you to get the "Chronicle Key" back as soon as possible.
Wait a minute. What happens to Tastiella if the Crescent Chronicle is destroyed?
She will disappear, of course.
Hey, Tastiella... when I get my Song back, will my body return to normal?
Based on your story, I believe that it will.
Do not worry. There must be a way for you to return to your normal size.
That's not what I meant! In fact, it's the complete opposite!
I'm... afraid to go back to normal. I'm afraid to grow...
But... why?

Didn't Bourd say something about Mir...?

Look, I don't really care about their orders.
Once Mir awakens, annoying organizations like Tenba and the Church will be gone!

Don't underestimate them. Bourd was the least of our troubles. The whole Tenba company is up to something bad.
In that case, we better hurry to Firefly Alley.
Sorry for holding everyone up.
What were you and Tastiella talking about?
I'm not telling you! It's a secret. C'mon!

Location: Airport City Nemo

Young Woman: It looks like a tornado is right below the continent.
Man: I thought the wind was blowing harder than usual for the past few days. I knew this was coming.
Young Woman: They canceled all flights to Firefly Alley.
A tornado!?
Damn, we can't go to Firefly Alley!?
We better ask other people about this.

Location: Singing Moon Inn

No matter how many times you threaten me, I'm not leaving. I haven't done anything wrong!
Man: ...You got some nerve talking back to me like that! You're just a filthy Reyvateil!
She's in trouble!
Hey, you guys!
Man: Heh. What do we have here?
You... were the guy bothering Miss Claire earlier!
Man: Hey, blockhead! Take care of this punk kid first!
Man: Heh heh heh, yeah!

Man: P... p... please... help me...
You went overboard this time, even for defending a Reyvateil.
I'm sorry I lost my temper. But you can't tell me he didn't deserve it...
Thank you for saving me, but I agree. You were quite excessive.
And, do you really believe you did the right thing? Are you happy now?
Huh? Happy?
You can't force people to do things.
Fighting doesn't solve anything. And, just when you think it's all over, someone bigger will come around...
I'm sorry. Maybe I was too harsh.
I just wanted to say that it's always better to settle your problems peacefully.
...Want to hear me sing?

But, we gotta find a way to get to Firefly Alley...
Lyner, don't you think you're pushing yourself too hard?
What? Do you really think so?
Yes. I can tell when you're stressing yourself out. You don't hide it very well.
It's just like when we were heading back to Platina to fight the viruses.
There comes a time when you just have to wait. And during those times, it's best to relax and have fun.
I don't think we can do that!
Lyner, your heart is as pure as an innocent boy...
I love that about you. It's your best quality.
But, we all need to rest sometime. If you don't, you won't be able to control yourself.
...I guess.
And, that's... what I'm worried about.
You scared me earlier... during your fight...
I'm sorry. I was just trying to help Miss Claire...

Okay... serious talk is over!
So, do you wanna go shopping? We have time now!
What!? I don't...
Then what do you wanna do? I mean, other than being trapped in this room, waiting for the storm to pass?
Come on, Lyner. Being serious for too long is bad for your health. Everyone needs to have fun once in a while!
And right now... I'm the one who needs to have fun...
Come on!

Et tu, Harm? This could be our last chance to have any fun.
You should take this more serious. Look, I'm gonna go gather some information.

It's just a rice ball in the shape of a person. That's not cool. It's almost pathetic...
Shut up! You don't understand anything.
I kind of agree with Krusche...
Now, a person with good taste would choose something like this...
That's not any better. It's just a string in the shape of a ring.
There's more to it than that. Okay, look. You hold that end and don't let go, okay?
Wow, it really stretches! ...But, what happens if I let go of it?
Damn! She knows!
I knew it! I knew I should let go first!
Hmhmhm, that's your own fault!
You got me!

That was your fault.
...We shouldn't fool around in this store. Come on, let's go.

It's not that bad once you're used to it.
The real secret is that once you start swinging it, it's not that heavy. But if I had to hold it still in battle, then it'd be rough.
You're right. Even I get tired sometimes.
But, why do you use a chain saw as a weapon.
It's a multipurpose tool. It kills two birds with one stone. Besides, why should I go to the trouble of having to learn how to use a tool and a weapon?
Killing two birds...? Sounds scary.
You don't know anything! Besides, you're the one who calls out monsters, so you're scarier.
I'm scarier!? You must mean cuter, right? Want me to sing right now?
Bring it on!
Girls! Please, stop!

...Why me?

What!? Well...
Alright! So, what should I eat?
I want a Doddonko Bowl. No, wait, I want a One Strike Parfait...
How about 50 orders of Babanero Rice? That's my favorite.
Okay! I'll try that!
Here you go. Wow...
It looks good! And the smell is just lovely!
I'm gonna eat it!

Ahhhh! W, w, water!
Krusche! How dare you trick me like that!
What are you talking about? That was delicious.
Oh, is it too spicy for little girls?
No! It's not!

Unfortunately, Aurica is away on a mission. I think she went to stop the storm.
Stop the storm!? Where did she go?
I don't know. It was Radolf's idea. I didn't get the chance to ask him.
I wish they had stopped to tell me before they left.
That's too bad. I wanted to have some fun with her.
Seems like Aurica's working hard, too...
See, that was fun! So Lyner, wanna go to the park?

Location: Song Stone Park, night

Oh, I'm sorry. I was just goofing around with her.
I hope you don't mind, but I was just using you as an excuse so I could have some fun.
No, I don't mind. I've never seen you so happy before.
Yeah... this was the first time I ever got to just play around.
But... it may also be the last...
Honestly, I don't really want to sing.
I kinda hope we never find the Song.
Don't worry. I'll seriously look for it! And... I will sing...
Everyone is counting on me to start singing.
Thank you for coming with me today. I know I was a lot of trouble, but it was all fun.
Today might be our last date.

That's why I had to tell you how I feel.
I'm just a girl. And I wanna play and eat sweets...
But, it's okay. I know what I have to do.
I'm sorry. I can't do anything to help you...
Silly Lyner... You've done more than enough already.
...Thank you.

Yeah. Rumor has it, you can climb inside the Tower through the hole near Silvaplate.
By going through there, we can get to Firefly Alley.
Let's check it out. It's better than waiting around here.
...That's true. Let's go to Silvaplate.