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Part 68: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level 6

Supplemental 15- Misha's Soulspace, Level 6

Here we are again at Level 6. Misha's isn't quite so horrible as Aurica's, which is a mercy. It's still bad, though.


Maybe it's just me...
I should go outside...

Let's see a little scene with Hama.

Well, yeah... The way things work are pretty different from level 4.
Yeah. Once you pass level 5, Reyvateils suddenly reveal their true nature. And from there, the real bonding begins.
Usual partners either become too afraid past level 5, or steadily quit before that...
Oh yeah, I remember the Dive Shop guy said they usually only go up to level 4... I guess that's the reason.
Yeah. The partner and the Reyvateil herself both need a lot of courage go to past level 4 and 5.
Getting glimpses of a Reyvateil's true thoughts aren't always a positive influence on a relationship.
In reality, there are pairs who fell apart because they saw level 5, and allowed them to see it.
Well, they just weren't really true pairs to begin with.
...I wouldn't... Even if I saw Misha's deep inner thoughts, I wouldn't let go of Misha.
I'm not worried about that. You're dull and thick-skulled so I know you won't take offense to that kind of stuff.
I kind of feel like I was bashed on...
Th, that's now true!
...!! Uh, I mean, y, yeah, that's what I meant!
Hama... Lately, I don't understand you.

So let's figure out what's going on in Level 6.

Jack! I didn't expect to see you here.
Shh! You'll wake the tyrant in the castle!
Aren't you an outsider? You should leave before anyone finds you.

Krusche! What's going on in this world?
You should leave this world before the tyrant in the castle wakes up...
Wh, what do you mean?
You can still save yourself. Run away!
...Wh, what is this!?

Aurica! Where are you?
I passed out and woke up in the forest. I've been wandering around for days.
For days!? Are you alright?
I'm fine. I'm so glad you found me. Can you get us out of here?
I can't let you do that!
Bourd! What are you doing here!?
Lyner Barsett, I have business to take care of.
I was told to capture you.
Lyner, don't go! I don't want to be alone again!
I'm sorry, little girl, but I have to take him away...
Sorry, Lyner. Nothing personal.
What... did you... do to me?
Lyner! Don't leave me here!

Misha! And Bourd!? What's going on here!?
I found you, Lyner. So, I had Bourd bring you back here.
That's right...
Thanks, Bourd. You can go now.
Misha! Why are you doing this!?
Don't tell me what to do. This is my world...
...Aurica is lost in the woods...
Oh yeah, I put her there. She'll probably wander around in there forever.
She's so annoying. I had to punish her somehow.
But, what you're doing is wrong...
This is my world, and I can do whatever I want in here. But, I am happy to see you...
Well, what happened to your clothes!? Where's your usual outfit?
My usual outfit...? Oh, I don't really like wearing it. It's so uncomfortable and too much work to put on...
Just wearing this shirt is so much more comfortable. It's so casual... I love it.
Will you come with me?

And here comes the creepy art, although it's not as bad as Aurica's again.

No, Misha... I'm saying it for your own good.
"For my own good?" What the hell does that mean?
Every time you say that, I never get my way.
It's really just "for your own good," not mine.
...That's not what I meant.
I'll tell you one last time. This is my world. If you want to survive, you have to listen to me...
I want you to stay here with me, forever.
No! Misha!
You're a good boy, aren't you?
But... I don't really need you here anymore...
What! Wait!

Lyner, you're here, too...?
Bourd!? How'd you get that scar?
Just... look out for the dragon...
Dragon: Grrrr...
What's wrong with this place? Where'd this dragon come from?

There's a really cool scene you should make sure you don't miss while hitting the required scenes here coming up.

Whoa! It's here, too!? ...Why won't it just give up?
Dragon: Grrrr...
I have to try someplace else...
Dragon: Grrrr...

What!? The dragon can come inside, too...
Dragon: Grrrr...
I have no where to go... but I have to keep running!
Dragon: Grrrr!

Here is the scene in question, where we find out that this is all our fault. As usual.

Jack! Don't you have to run away?
I'm fine. I won't be killed here.
But anyway Lyner. This is becoming a terrible world.
...Y, yeah...
Now that it's this far, Misha's feelings towards you are past amazing, and even admirable.
No no, now's not the time to admire it.
You're right. Hey Lyner, do you have a little time? It's safe here.
Y, yeah...
You see, I always took care of Misha in Em Pheyna before she became the Star Singer.
Misha talked to me everyday about you. She always seemed happiest when she was talking about it.
One day, I asked her, "What kind of guy is Lyner?"
What do you think she said?
"Lyner is the man who will defeat the Evil King and rescue me from this place." She said you said it yourself.
Is it true?
...W, well... I'm sorry... I don't remember.

...I... will free Misha...!?
Yeah. Well I know it's impossible to make you remember something you've forgotten.
Just know that something like that happened in the past.
Or else, I'd feel too sorry for Misha.
Well, if she can fascinate her love for you that badly, I guess this world is just normal. I'm starting to think that way.
Please give me a break...
But seriously, you are at fault for the creation of this world.
You're uneasy, right? You can't decide, huh? Misha is worried because she sees that in you.
...I, I see... But...
I understand you can't decide that quickly. But you know, at least be able to accept her.
And her love for you in this level.

No! Is it chasing me...!?
Dragon: Grrrr...
I have to run away!
Dragon: Grrrr!

Dragon: Grrrr...
I can't go anywhere... but there has to be some way to escape...
Dragon: Grrrr!
Agh... he got me with his claws...
...Is it poisonous...?
How does home-made dragon poison taste?
...Misha... why?
Dragon: Grrrr!
Losing... consciousness. Am I going to die here...?
Don't worry, I won't kill you. You're my precious Lyner...
Don't die...
Dragon: Grrrr!
It... hurts... poison... killing me... I can't... think straight...
Does it hurt? Are you in pain?
Why are you doing this to me...?

Dragon: Grrrr...
Agh... ungh...
Yes, you betrayed me. You've always been betraying me.
No! I've never betrayed you...
In your mind, you may have never betrayed Misha...
But, the Lyner in my mind betrays me everyday. You've killed me inside... many times.
But, it's different today. Today, it was the real Lyner who betrayed me...
I'm passing out...
Lyner!? Are you okay? The dragon's poison is really working strong. Please don't die...
You might not survive the dragon's poison... But, I'll at least watch you die.
Is the poison starting to feel good? It usually does by the final stage.
Don't worry. Even if you die in pain, I won't be disappointed in you...
Because, you were with me until your death... watching me. You didn't leave me. You didn't betray me...
No... I can't think...

...No... I'm losing consciousness...

You!! You were trying to seduce Misha on a previous level...
I didn't seduce her. How dare you speak to me like that! I saved your life.
...Are you an enemy or a friend?
I'm the protector of Misha's carefree spirit. I guide her in the right direction.
You'll see. You'll understand by the time you reach my level.
You shouldn't stay here any longer. Otherwise, you'll soon be dead.
But... why does she want to kill me? Does she hate me that much?
No. You're the most important person to her. But, her feelings are being distorted.
I don't get it. She was trying to kill me.
Look, if you want to return to Misha's Cosmosphere, you need to make peace with this world.
To do so, you must defeat that dragon. I will help you.
Where can we find the dragon...?

At this level, I can't do much to help you.
You might have figured it out already, but you're getting closer to Misha's deeper feelings.
Obvious feelings and deeper feelings are often totally opposite, even though they're basically the same thing...
That's it, I give up... This is all too confusing...
The real Misha and the Misha of this world behave differently, but their feelings are still the same.
That's why it's difficult. The level above this will also be like that. So, your love and hope won't be enough to get you safely through it.
I see.
As the levels of Soulspace advance, it gets scarier. Just don't give up.

Dragon: Grrrr!
It's here! So, how can we beat it?
Remember, your wishes come true in the Cosmosphere.
Dragon: I was ordered to kill you by my master...
Master? Does he mean Misha? Even though she dumped him, he still calls her master.
Dragon: What...? I was dumped!? What are you talking about?
Unfortunately, you've been dumped ever sine you were born.
Actually, it's more like you're made up of feelings that Misha has thrown away. It's sad, but true.
Dragon: You lie! I'll get you both!
Whoa... he's blowing us away!

I just crafted because I wanted to save you.
Thanks! Now it's my turn to attack!
Dragon: You might be able to avoid my attacks, but you still can't beat me!
You don't know that! Uragh!
Dragon: Grrrr!
I'll get you! Ya!
Dragon: Araggh!
...Did we beat him?
Yes. The Misha of this world can't hide or run away from us anymore.
What do you mean?
I think you better ask Misha. Let's go to the Moon Mansion.

We get the Wind Guard and Water God, which is a powerful ice Red Magic.

You're alive...
...You! Why are you still here? Shouldn't you be in your own world?
I'm trying to bring Lyner to my world. He doesn't have time to fool around here.
Fool around...? But, Lyner's not leaving here at all. He'll stay with me forever, or he'll just die...
Oh, I'm sorry. We already killed your dragon. So, give him up already.
No! I won't let him leave me. I can't let Lyner leave! It's for my own protection!
Your own protection...?
My heart will break if you ever leave me for someone else. If you go to another world, you'll start to hate me...
So, I have to lock you up right here. If that doesn't work, I'll have to kill you.
I can't stand the thought of you with someone else... You're all mine!
I'm sorry, but I don't belong to you, or anyone else.
I don't want to leave you, but I won't be held captive, either.
I'm sorry, but you can't control me. If you don't like it, go ahead and kill me.
I can't... do that...
You killed all those people, but you can't kill me?

But, the dragon's gone now. If you really wanna kill me, you'll have to do it yourself.
No! Lyner! You can't die!
But, I can't live under your conditions.
Then, I want you to disappear, but not be dead...
I like you! I like you so much! I need you to stay with me. I'll go crazy without you.
If you're gonna be with someone else, I want you to vanish, but not be dead!
I can't kill you! But if I can't control you, I wish I could erase you!
This is getting dangerous... The Misha of this world is crumbling.
Lyner! Don't go! Stay here! Don't care about anything else but me!
...I can't do that.
Then... I don't want you here! I want someone to kill you!
But, there's no more dragon to kill him accidentally!

Damn! She's caught in a paradox loop!
You have to take Misha to Stonehenge. I'll meet you there!

You'll have to save her by taking her through it.
...It might be a little scary, but you should be okay.

Why is a Paradigm Shift happening now? I thought that only happened when Misha matures emotionally.
That's right. And the Misha of this world is definitely growing.
You don't have to be happy to mature.
This time, it was escaping the paradox loop that allowed her to grow.
Anyway, the Shift is occurring. But, where's Misha?

A, alright...
Deep in her heart, she's afraid of losing you. That's how much you mean to her.
We're deep within her heart, so her fears, doubts, and emotions are amplified. But they're still all true. Remember that.
...I will.
You know, the last time I saw you. I just thought you were evil. But, I was wrong.
You're really nice, and you were so helpful.
I'm not really good or bad. I'm just here to protect Misha's carefree spirit.
Yeah, well, you saved me. Thank you.

And that's level 6. We get to Shinobi next, who is actually Misha's equivalent of Lilim in personality. The rest of Misha's Soulspace is pretty smooth sailing as far as creepiness goes, if I recall properly. We've officially crested the creepiness peak.