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Part 70: Chapter 18- Terror

Chapter 18- Terror


Continue excerpt personal logs, Harmonica alias Jack-

We slipped into Firefly Alley through the back entrance. I guess Misha and Lyner had escaped this way last time they came through. It was hard for Misha, with her fear of heights.

If we don't hurry up and cross, they'll find us.
Misha, you don't have to cross if you don't want to.
You can wait for us at the Terraced Fields. We can look for your Song for you.
No! I want to go with you! I can do this!
Please, never say that to me, again!
Don't ever say that you're going to leave me!
I never said that I'm going to leave you...
If I can't be with you, then what's the difference?
We don't have time for a lovers' quarrel. Let's go!
...Lover's quarrel!?
...I'll follow you, even if I have to keep my eyes shut!

We had to break through a stack of beams, but we managed to get to the scaffold leading to Tenba's main facilities.

Haha... I've been waiting for this for a long time!
...What are you talking about?
Check out this piece of paper!
What? It's just a piece of trash...
This isn't a piece of trash. This paper has every important Tenba facility listed on it!
Hey, how did you get that!?
I bought it from a girl named Spica. It was really expensive.
So, where do we need to go?
First, we should go to Tenba's Research Facility. That should be their core installation.
I'll fill you in on the details when we get there. But, before that...
I want to get some rest in the city. I'm really tired.
Me, too. Let's go to the city first.
But, it's really up to you, Lyner. Do you wanna go straight to the facility of do you wanna go to the city?

After a brief rest we entered the main facility. Shoulda known there'd be a problem, though, nothing's ever easy for us.

I'm... sorry...
Misha, hand in there.
I'm scared Lyner... I'm really scared!
This door reminds me of... something horrible.
I don't know why, but I can't get any closer... I'm... losing my mind...
Damn! Let's just go for now!

We went back to the inn, whatever was in that room really took it out of her.

Well, what kind of room was that anyway?
Hey Jack, can I take a look at that map?
I knew it... there must be some trick with this room.
What do you mean?
There's a fat symphonic powerline going in, but no equipment to run off of it.
I think... that room is filled with symphonic power. But, it's using a wavelength that Reyvateils can't handle.
If you force a Revyateil in, it'll probably kill her.
They must be hiding something in there that they don't want Revyateils to see. Or...
Well... why don't we check what's inside that door ourselves?
But, Misha told us not to leave her behind...
I know, but we have no choice. We're dealing with something strange here.
If you're sure about this, then let's check out that door again.

We headed out there on our own, but as always luck wasn't on our side.

This part of the game is if anything even worse than the walk down the tower, because without a Reyvateil we can't run or use any skill but Lyner's Impulse. There are Bit Ball v2's in this place that will summon more of themselves, and you can end up in a horrible battle that will not end. Bring along the items that clear the encounter gauge of you want an easy time.

Oww! It's stronger than it looks...
Of course! They're using symphonic power to lock the door.
They can do that?
We're wasting our time...
No we're not. I have a logical solution.
There's one major flaw to symphonic powered locks...
Once you cut the power, the lock opens automatically.
So, we just have to shut off the nukular power generator.
Are you nuts!? The whole island'll fall!
No, it'll be fine. For the first 10 minutes, the island will only fall gently.
Besides, we'll probably come across more doors that have symphonic powered locks.
Fine. Let's forget about the consequences and just do it!
Let's find the power source for the nuclear power generator. It's probably somewhere in the Power Department.
Before we do that, what are we gonna do about Misha? We might need her to help us fight.
Let's go back and check on her.

Misha was pissed when we got back.

I'm sorry. But, we found a way to stop you from being scared of that room.
And, we found a way to open that door.
Cool. Cutting off the symphonic power sounds exciting.
But, we have to find the power department.
Then, we better hurry.
Misha... are you sure you're alright? We can take a break, you know...
No. I said I'll go with you.
Or, you don't want to be with me... is that it?
No, I'm just worried about you...
Then, let me go. I'd rather be with you.
...Alright. Let's go.

The storm had cleared up, which is a mercy at least.

Great! We can fly airships, again.

We broke into the power center, but we just ran into another roadblock.

Guard: Intruders! Let's take them down!
We have no choice... we have to fight them.

The guards weren't our only problem, though.

That's why they were guarding it so much.
...Huh? "Please insert Power Cylinder."
Jack, hand me a Power Cylinder.
...What's that?
Wha!? You don't know? I thought you know every secret about this place.
Well, does it look like I've been carrying around a whatchamacallit this whole time?
You're so useless! It's sort of like a key to turn off the power.
Then, we should be able to find one around here.
You found it!?
"I'll never let you go. I want to do this and that tonight..."
You idiot! Take this seriously!
I can't find anything like that.
Oh! Maybe that guard knows something. Let's ask him!

Guard: A long time ago, Bourd brought that dangerous thing to the Research Facility in Horus...
Research Facility in Horus? Do you mean the Hexagonal Plate?
Guard: Yeah. That cylinder might not even exist anymore because that plate fell.
Too bad for you...
...I can't believe this.
Let's go back to the inn for now. We have to come up with a new plan.

Back at the inn, though, things just got worse. Trust Lyner to say something stupid.

Hey, why don't we go to the Hexagonal Plate anyway? Maybe, the Power Cylinder is still there.
We don't have time to waste on a long shot like that.
Then, what do you suggest?
Misha, we'll have to go through that door without you.
It's too dangerous. You should wait here.
No! I'm going with you!
But, you can't! The other day, you collapsed because of it. Don't be stubborn. Just wait here.
Lyner... how can you say that to me...?
Why can't you just understand!?
We don't have any choice! The Hexagoal Plate is far away! It'll take too long to get there.
We have to get your Song back as soon as possible. Otherwise, this world will...
I understand... my Song is more important than my feelings.
To you, I'm just a singing doll...
Once I start singing, everything goes back to normal. Then you can go back to your worry-free life.

I just want to be with you!
I can endure any hardship, as long as I'm with you.
I don't want you to leave me!
You always make decisions without me, and try to leave me behind if I refuse!
I don't want you to suffer. That's why...
You don't understand anything! Why is everything so difficult with you!?
It's no use talking to you. I'll go and find the Power Cylinder myself!
I'd rather find 10 or 20 cylinders than have you leave me.
...Don't just stand there.
Go after her, dummy!
Oh, right!

So now we're going to see the other side of what was going on when we chased after Aurica.

We ran down to the airport, but we were too late. Had an unexpected meeting, though.

Engineer: Yes. She barely made it, too.
Thank you very much...!
It's gotta be her. She got on the airship and left.
Damn, we didn't make it...

Aurica, what are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be at the Church?
No. Nobody really needs me anyway...
I can't believe we ran into you out here.
Neither can I. Hey, where's Misha?
I see... I'll help you look for her.
Really!? But, won't Radolf be worried about you?
No. Nobody worries about me.
Besides... I'm defective...
...What are you talking about? I'm worried about you, too.
Well, don't be. I'm fine.
Well, we can catch up with her on the next flight!
It's here! Let's go!

Yes... I'm fine. Let's go.

We landed in Nemo and headed out to the Plate.

Let's hurry to the Hexagonal Plate, too.

Aurica wasn't doing so well. It's probably a good thing we ran into her.

...Aurica, are you alright? You don't look so good...
...No. I'm alright. I've already been broken...
What!? Broken? What do you mean?
Never mind...
...Alright. But, if you think you can't handle it anymore, let me know, okay?
Okay... thank you...

As we got deeper into the facility, the lights slammed off.

Be careful! Something might attack us...

Huh!? Why are you holding on to me?
Because... I got scared...
Are you serious!?
...Is that a problem?
...There's nothing out there. But, we should still be careful.

Let's take a quick break.
Lyner, did you do something to Misha? Did you... cheat on her?
What!? No!
It sounds so serious when Aurica says it like that...
I see. But, I understand how Misha feels.
Misha doesn't like to be alone.
That's why when you try to leave her behind, she gets really anxious...
Even though she knows that you're doing it because you care.
...Is that so?
Yes. How can I put this...? It's like when you're with someone you barely know. You're always trying to be nice around them.
But, when you're around your family, you can act more naturally, even if it bothers them.
Misha probably through that you weren't opening up to her because you're acting too nice.

Besides, it's too painful to just wait. You're just waiting around, doing nothing.
As long as she's with you, she'll try her best to help you.
...You're right. Now that Misha is gone, I finally realized that.
But Aurica, you seem to understand just how she feels. I'm a little surprised.
Well... I am a... girl, too... so...
Are you alright!? Get a hold of yourself!

Just then, Misha showed up. She was with Radolf and Lyner's friend Ayatane.

Misha! Radolf! Something happened to Aurica!
I'm sorry that Aurica is causing you trouble.
Don't worry about her. We'll take care of her. You better go on with your mission.
By the way, what's Ayatane doing here?
There are many questions to ask... about Aurica and Ayatane.
Ayatane, Radolf, thank you for taking care of Misha.
The same to you. Thank you for saving Aurica.
Aurica... are you okay?
Yes. I'm fine. But, I made you worry...
Fortunately, we are doing well. We are almost ready to wake up the Goddess Eoria.
That's great. I envy you... we have no choice but to take a chance.
I see... Then, I shall look forward to hearing some good news.
So will I.
We are in a hurry, so we should get going.

Misha... I'm glad you're safe. I was worried about you.
I'm sorry. I didn't think about your feelings at all.
No, I should apologize. I thought I was looking out for you, but I ended up hurting you.
Hehe, I found a Power Cylinder.
Wow! You're good!
Great job! Now we can get down to business!
Let's go back to Firefly Alley!

There'll be nothing to stand in our way this time. We'll get Misha's song back for sure.