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Part 71: Chapter 19- Return

Chapter 19- Return


Continuation of personal writings, Teru Harmonica:

With the Power Cylinder, we could get into the secret room. We set the plant to shut down for just under ten minutes, allowing us to get through that door without crashing Firefly Alley.

You mean, the room where Misha was suffering?
Yes. Technically speaking, Misha shouldn't suffer any more.
And, we should be able to kick down the door.
After that, we'll keep running and go into the deeper areas.
Everything depends on how far can we get before power comes back on.
I'm getting a little nervous.
Alright, I'll insert the Power Cylinder. Is everybody ready?
Here goes!

We ran through the facility and quickly reached the sealed door. Sure enough, it was wide open.


We managed to get through the last security doors just as the power came back on. We found increasingly strange rooms as we went on, with strange tanks of water. I don't even want to think about what was going on here, and Misha actually knew.

No! Don't say anymore!
This place is giving me the creeps. Let's get on with this.
Misha!? What's wrong?
Lyner... I want to go back.
What are you talking about?
What's wrong? Remember, no matter what happens, I'll protect you...
That's not it. I'm afraid I'll get my Song back...
Hey, Lyner!
Even if I change... will you still like me?
If my body changes... do you promise not to feel any different about me?
Please say yes...
Tell me... "Yes, of course."

So, you have nothing to worry about.
...Thank you. I feel a little better now.
Are you ready?
Yes. Let's go. As long as I'm with you. I can go anywhere...

We found the room where the experiments on Reyvateils had been carried out. And that's where we heard a voice I'd hoped I would never hear again...


I thought we...
Killed you at Silvaplate...!
Welcome to my research facility. It's nice to see you're all here.
...You're still alive!
Of course I am! It'll take more than that to kill me. I've got a strong will to live.
So, what do you want? What are you doing with these Reyvateils?
Hmhmhm... I already told you.
I'm creating stronger Reyvateils. I'm creating the next generation!
The next generation... of Reyvateils!?
You heard me! Current Reyvateils are nothing compared to what I'm creating!
The next generation models will be completely subservient to Humans. Their power will be doubled, and they won't eat or sleep!
...That's crazy.
That's not a Reyvateil. You're just making dolls...
What's the difference? All Reyvateils are just dolls.
You sonuva-!

Bourd sent his goons at us. Trust him to be too much of a coward to do his own dirty work. We pounded them good, but before we could take the fight to Bourd we were interrupted.

You've done horrible things in my buildings since I was gone.
Damn...! We can't take them all on!
...Is this the end?
Why are you doing such horrible things to Reyvateils!?
I don't know.
Put your sword down. I won't hurt you.
We have business to discuss, Bourd. We thought you were dead... so why are you here?
And, what is the purpose of this facility? Why isn't it on the map?
Does it have anything to do with this document I found in the rubble? It's a report about experiments on Reyvateils...
You've gone too far!
...It's a shame you survived your brush with death.
Do you have any last words before you die...?

After I joined Tenba, I made an amazing discovery during the search of some ruin...
It was worth more than money, power, or Tenba itself.
I was enchanted by it. And now the time has finally come.
You're not making any sense...
Hmhmhm... it's too late to stop it.
The era of the Church and Tenba is coming to an end.
What do you mean!?
It's time... for Mir to awaken!

Mir!? I've heard that name before...


It's too late for that! First, I'll just break that useless crystal!
And destroy all the evidence!
Oh, no you don't!

Lyner had threw himself in the way of Bourd's attack. He was lucky to get out alive.

The best thing for you to do now is just find a comfortable place to die!
...He's gone!
Lyner! Are you alright!?
...I'm okay. And... the crystal is safe...
You are Lyner, are you not? I am sorry for what happened.
Although I didn't know his intentions, he used my resources to do it.
I'm not trying to make amends with you...
But, I will do anything in my power to help you stop Bourd, and whatever that Mir is.
Then... will you please turn Misha back to normal?
The crystal that's floating in that tank used to be in Misha's body.
I see... I would love to help, but I've never been on this floor before.
I don't know anything about the lab.
I think I can figure it out.
Sure. It looks like... a dive system.
Only, with this one, you can transfer objects in and out of Reyvateils.

It was a risk, but we had to do it.


So, I can't guarantee we can put it back. Do you still wanna try?
Yes. We've got to.
...What about you, Misha?
I've been ready. But...
Hey, Lyner, even if my body does change, you won't feel different about me, will you?
Of course not.
But, my new body won't be this small.
Yeah, I know that.
They'll get bigger...
What are you talking about?
Never mind! You don't understand...
I don't want you to go away...
Yeah, well, I don't plan on doing that.
Come over here. We have to get ready.

This was a seriously creepy machine, and I hated having to see them go into it.

Next... remove... the wave motion element...


Come on! Let's go!

Now I can go back home whenever I want.
Are you leaving us?
No. I'll always be here. My home is inside the ship.
But, I don't always have to say there. I can go out and help you.
You mean...
Please, let me help you.

Let's continue to help one another...


When the light cleared, the crystal was gone, and Misha had... changed.

Your body... wow! While I was away, you really grew up to be a beautiful young lady...
Harm... thank you.
Damn it. If I knew this would happen, I would've played the bad boy instead of the concerned older brother...
You're an idiot!
But, I'm surprised. You look totally different from the Misha that I bet on Dokkoi Sets with.
Really? I may look different, but I still remember how many you owe me!
Your personality's the same. How sad...
What did you say!?
Well, instead of fighting with me, why don't you ask him for his opinion?

Psst! Hey moron, say something.
Huh? What should I say...?
I... I saw you like this in your Cosmosphere, so I'm not all that shocked...
For the love of...
...He really is an idiot.
...I see.
...I see how you are!
What? Wait! Why are you mad at me now?
Lyner... I don't want to talk to you!
One tragedy leads to another.

I don't know how helpful this will be, but please take this as a small gift.
This is...
Are you sure!? Thank you!
You don't have to thank me. It's an excellent sword. I used it myself, long ago.
You used this!? Wait, who are you...?
I'm just a president who used to like adventures. But, I retired a long time ago. Now, hurry!
I'm sorry I misjudged you. Hope to see you again!
Thank you for everything.
I'll take good care of this sword.
What's wrong, Misha?
Ayano... I'm... sorry...
Don't worry about it. I couldn't figure out what he was up to. I'm sorry that he made you suffer.

...Thank you!
You are very beautiful.
It's going to take a lot of work to clean up this mess...

We're going after Bourd. We've got to stop this crazy scheme of his.


We will finally be able to welcome our long-awaited Holy Maiden. It's time for our goddess to rise!
Unfortunately, the Holy Land, the Altar of Apostles, has been taken over by heretics.
People! Knights who have dedicated their souls to the Trio of Elemia! Now is not the time for mercy!
Now is the time to reclaim the Holy Land and wake our Holy Maiden, our goddess!
Go Knights! Onward!
We shall take back the Holy Land, the Altar of Apostles!