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Part 72: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level 7

Supplemental- Misha's Soulspace, Level 7

Today we'll be looking in at Level 7 and Shinobi, who represents Misha's desire for freedom from her obligation to keep the world safe. She's not really good or evil, as she's been telling us, she just wants to be free.


I should go out...
Whoa! The world is burning!
...What's happening?

We've got some cool little scenes here in this level, but first we're going to the Chronicle, which gives us our best healing song.

Yes. This ship represents the most radiant part of my mind.
Radiant part?
yes, it's singing. This ship is the Chronicle Key itself. You know, the Song I sing to save the world...
Whoa, your Songs are even materialized in your mind.
...Only the Chronicle Key is because it's extra special. This Song is my life, my everything...
Oh, never mind. I'm not good at explaining that kind of stuff, so ask another Misha.
My job is to care for and love this ship, the Chronicle Key. My job is to wish for world peace...
There's a crew on the ship that can convey that feeling.

Cinna: I'm finally at this Pier after 4 long years. I missed you so much...
It's nice to meet you! I'll be with her forever!
It's nice to meet you, too.

I see...
On the other hand, you with no improvement.
Eek! Wh, what, all of a sudden... I try really hard too...
Then have you remembered anything about me?
Well, I guess it's an impossible request to remember something you have forgotten.
But that doesn't change the fact that I'm upset...
I remember clearly about the time I first saw you. Even though you might have forgotten since you were just a child...
But at that time, you were serious about me. You treated me very importantly, and your feelings for me were strong.
I see... I've forgotten such an important thing...
I know it may be of no use for me to say this, but if there's anything I can do, tell me. It's not an excuse for not being able to remember but...
The only redeeming thing about you is that you're too kind.
Then, there's one thing I want to ask of you...
Y, yeah, anything!
Like before...
Never mind. It's too late to make me happy, even if you do it!

Alright, alright...

Huh? Uh, I don't think there's anything special that's been going on... Can't you find out about the real world from here?
It's not that I can't find out. It's just that I'm not always watching Misha's lifestyle.
Something could have happened while I wasn't watching.
I see... But why do you ask that out of nowhere?
...Actually, there's something I'm worried about. Have you noticed recently that Misha had a bump on her forehead?
No, not at all... A bump? What happened?
...Look! I'm the one who's asking!
I didn't notice when she got it. It looks like a painful one so, I thought maybe something happened.
...U-m, I don't know... I can't think of anything...
...Oh. Well, then it's okay. It might just be something like, she fell off the bed half asleep.
Whoa, whoa, she does that?
Oh, you didn't know?
It's only recently that Misha gets to sleep everyday, so I just found out, but... Misha is horrible at waking up.
Even when she wakes up, she wraps around her blanket and sits for a while, and then she wobbles when she walks...
S, she's that weak in the morning!?
There was even this one time when she banged into the wall three times just to go wash her face. I wanted her to do something about it.

Y, you think so...?

Spica! Is it okay for you to be here!?
Of course. I am the woman who will become the queen of the underworld.
What kind of nonsense are you talking about. Stop ranting and let's get out of here.
Oh, I really am okay here. And this world, it's a very beautiful world... Hmhmhm.
Beautiful... whoa, whoa. That's a messed up idea.
(But it does seem she really is trusted... She's alright being here, and this calmness...)
You see, there's a reason for me to be okay in this world. It's because I'm a very important person to Misha.
Even if it were true, it doesn't sound persuasive at all when you say it yourself.
My my, who do you mean by "yourself"? Remember, this is Misha's Soulspace.
(That's right... This Spica is Misha's creation... Which means, they are Misha's true words...)
Seems you finally understand.
When Misha was captured by Tenba, the only outsider she had contact with was me.
When you met Misha, she was already moving about freely, but before, it wasn't like that.
And during that time, we met when I was supplying Grathnode Crystals to Tenba.

What did you say!? Then we were able to disable all those locks in Tenba because...
Yes, I taught her how. That's why I am Misha's savior.
How could it...
Oh oh, also, think about this carefully. If I weren't there, you wouldn't have been saved either.
You were trapped by Tenba. I wonder who unlocked that room.
See? Are you starting to understand how great I am?
...A little resentful, but I can't argue...
That is why! Misha can't disobey me.
Misha is my slave for life. And Misha's things are my things! Misha's world is my world!
Ahh... I'm such a sinful woman.
Unsatisfied with just the underside of the real world, I had to come control the world of this cute girl from the shadows.
...Hahaha... Haha... I don't really care anymore...
If Misha's okay with it, that's fine...

Now to the story.

Jack! Why do you sound so disappointed to see me?
Sorry. I'm looking for Misha.
Yeah, and I'm in a hurry. I have to find her before this world disappears...
Can you help me look for her?

Misha? Did she run out on a bet or something?
No, this is serious! If I don't find Misha, this world might be destroyed!
Lyner, help me look for Misha.
Uh, okay...

No, I didn't.
I see... we have to find her quickly...
Sorry. Will you help me find Misha? It's critical to the survival of this world.
Yeah, sure.

Misha disappeared. I have to find her before something awful happens to this world...
You've got good timing. Help me find her.
Why me!?
The world is in danger. Don't complain!

Considering that we know that Misha was created both by and from Shurelia, it makes sense that she'd show up as both her mother and sister at varying times in her Dives.

Lyner, Misha is gone.
Please help me find her. Without her, this world will...

???: Are you looking for someone?
Who's there!?

Mystery: You don't need to know my name. Just call me Mystery.
Are you looking for Misha?
Y, yes...
Myster She's over there.
Mystery: The rest is up to you. I have to prepare for... something.
What's going on, Misha? Everyone's looking for you. They said that the world will disappear without you...
Lyner... you're telling me that, too...
I found her! Hey everyone, I found Misha!
Misha, where have you been? I was worried.
It's okay. We found her. The world will be saved.
I'm so glad we found you. I was worried that the world was going to be destroyed.
Don't scare us like that... Hurry up!
Please get back to work.

We have to go!
Stop being selfish!
Why are you forcing her to do something!?
We can't help it, the world is in danger. It took us a long time to find her, so we don't have much time left.
So what can Misha do to save the world?
She'll be sacrificed to keep the door to the Moon Mansion locked. She needs to be there to seal the door.
The world will be destroyed if the monster escapes from the mansion.
W, wait! No one told me that!
I have to save her! I can't let her be sacrificed.

Who built this thing and why...

Yes! I'm sorry. I didn't know what they were going to do with you.
No... it's okay. I knew you were going to save me.
Can you untie this cloth?
Yeah, just a minute...

It is our mission to keep the reaper sealed within the castle.
If the seal is broken, the world will be flooded with reapers and destroyed. Nobody wants that to happen.
Then, I'll beat the reaper!
Beat it!? Sounds like the typical hero story, to me.
Villagers get scared of a vicious dragon, so a young girl is sent to be sacrificed to calm him down. One day, a brave young man shows up in the village.
He beats the dragon and saves the girl. Then, the villagers live happily ever after. The end. Is that it?
But, it's impossible to defeat a reaper. It's not like any storybook dragon.
How can you say that!? We don't really know until we try!
Unfortunately, the world can't allow Misha to revolt or try something new.
All we want from her is to seal the reaper within the mansion.
So, what about all of her dreams and desires!?
We are just machines that seal reapers. We have no use for dreams or desires.
Misha is a living being, just like us. You can' t just treat her like a tool!
He's right. You can't deny your own potential.
Misha! Why are you hitting me?
Don't talk back to me. I'm your superior.

How dare you break into my world and lecture me! I want you to leave!
I can't do that. I can't ignore your threat to my destiny.
Do I have to tie you down forever... until we both rot and disappear?
I won't let you do that! Misha is alive, like me. I don't care about her destiny, or yours!
I'll sever your bonds! Misha, live your life as you choose!
Reaper! Come on out so I can destroy you!
You have made a grave error... You can never destroy a reaper...
Death God: ...Stupid human. I didn't expect you to break the seal voluntarily...
You're... a reaper! I'm going to beat you right here!
Wh, what!?
Death God: You think you can beat me? I don't think so. These girls have already given up on beating me.
We have to run away for now!
Why! I'll defeat him right here!
It's not possible! We must leave!

Angel Skanda: Huh!
We gotta get outside!

Please don't destroy Misha's Soulspace...
Why can't I defeat a reaper!? Why does Misha believe the reaper is indestructible?
The viruses sealed inside of the Tower have become reapers in her Soulspace.
Misha's family line, the Lune, have to keep singing forever because the viruses weren't exterminated.
That's why Misha has given up on defeating viruses... reapers. She couldn't even imagine doing that.
But, the Misha of this world wants freedom...
Yes, the Misha of this world wants revolution and innovation. But she'll soon disappear.
I don't know how long she dreamed of defeating reapers. She'll soon realize that she doesn't even know how to defeat them.
Then... Misha will never be free?
That's Misha's destiny. That's her life.
That's awful.

The Reaper is of course Mir, who at this point we are pretty much helpless to defeat. Armor Misha's not off base in telling us it's stupid to try and fight, really, and we're about to totally fuck things up in Misha's Soulspace. Let's watch.

Are you sure we'll be okay?
Sure. I just couldn't tell you my real plan at the Moon Mansion because that Armor Misha was there.
This is my world. My feelings shape this land.
If that Misha from a higher level gets me to think reapers are invincible, then that'll come true.
So, I needed us to be alone.
With just the two of us, we both know we can defeat the reaper...
Oh, hey, that's smart! So, we can beat this reaper now!
Death God: Humans... you have chosen to make this your burial ground. Very well.
Misha, imagine me winning! You have to believe in me!
Okay, I got it!
Then... Let's go!
Death God: Grrrr...
I did it!
...Yes! You defeated the reaper! Our feelings have changed my destiny!
Great! Now, you can be free!
Yes, I'm free! Nothing can stop me now.

Yeah, so!?
Because you have defeated the reaper, there is a discrepancy between this Misha and the real one.
A reaper is a type of virus. Defeating one here doesn't help the Misha of the real world.
So, you haven't really freed her at all.
This Misha won a false sense of freedom. But, she still has a place in Misha's heart.
It is creating a paradox inside of her...
No! I'm free now! The reaper is gone!
No! Misha's heart is going to collapse!

...You're right.
This Paradigm Shift is incomplete. Something's interfering with Misha's growth.
If she passes through there, we have no idea what might happen to Misha in the next level.
A distorted Paradigm Shift can cause a distorted growth...

Whoopsie daisy.

Don't go yet! There's no telling what might happen if you do.
This world won't last much longer. I have to grow.
Stop! You're not spiritually ready for the Shift, yet.
The instability of the Shift proves that you're subconsciously unsure of your decision.
No! I made the right decision!
Don't base your judgements on your emotions. The fate of the world rests in your hands...
That's enough! I don't want to carry the fate of the world around anymore!
I don't wanna sing! I don't want to ever go back to that room!
The world can go to hell!
M... Misha!?
That's why I need to get stronger. I have to be stronger than you!
You're like some machine who only cares about fate and responsibility!
No! You can't go in!
It's too late! Goodbye... girl of fate!

Double whoopsie daisy. I'm sure Armor Misha's going to be very excited to see us next time we Dive. I mean I can't imagine why she'd be unhappy with us. Yeah, we really, really went and did it this time. We gave Misha a false sense of hope that she could be free of the Crescent Chronicle that we really can't back up and that's not cool. That's going to lead to some serious shit next time, as we'll see then.