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Part 73: Chapter 20- EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY



Continuation of personal records, Teru Harmonica:

We rushed out of Firefly Alley as fast as we could manage. Bourd had a serious lead on us.

Hold on! Something's going on in the city.

We checked the Church out. Everyone was missing, out on a 'holy crusade' to the Altar of Apostles. We didn't have time to go deal with them, though, we needed to find Bourd.

Where is Bishop Falss?
Knight: The Bishop is leading the Holy War!
It's finally time for the Trio of Elemia to be reawakened!
So, where exactly is he fighting this Holy War?
Knight: The Holy Land, the Altar of Apostles.
The Altar of Apostles!? That's not a Holy Land...
I've got a bad feeling about this. We should chase down those church members, but...
It's probably better if Misha starts singing as soon as possible.
Let's hurry to Em Pheyna!

We rushed up the Tower to the Pheyna Gate. It was wide open, a bad sign.

We better hurry to Em Pheyna!

Flute met us in the city. Things were really bad.

Anyway, we need to get to the Rectory!
Those knights in white armor broke through the gate and went up.
The city wasn't damaged, but the soldiers who were guarding the gate...
Damn... did they say anything?
"The Holy Land will be back in our hands. Now is the time to drive out the heretics."
That's them, alright. Were the Trio of Elemia really that extreme?
No, it's more like... it's related to what Bourd said.
Yeah, remember? The rebirth of Mir!
What!? But why is the Church involed instead of Tenba?
I don't know. Maybe they're being manipulated by Bourd...
Either way, now we know why Bourd kidnapped Misha.
They had to get rid of Misha, the Star Singer, for Mir to be reborn.
They weakened the seal and waited for this moment.
But if that's true, we can solve everything by singing Chronicle Key.
But, that Song...
Misha, the Star Singer, has returned.
Misha!? Your body...? Did you get your Song back?
Yes. I regained the Chronicle Key.
It's true! Flute, call Tastiella...

What!? Is it really that bad?
Let's go to the Crescent Chronicle, now!

We ran to the Chronicle as quickly as we could. Things were getting out of hand. We started to hear singing, and the Tower began to shake...

Uh oh. Is Mir really ready to be awakened?
We have to hurry!
How can we open this door?
Only Tastiella can open it.
What? Then we have no choice, but to break it!
If we can, you mean. It looks pretty solid to me.
If we can't break it, we'll have to find a way around.

It became worse as we progressed. We ended up having to break through the doors in the way.

We have to hurry!
This won't open, either!
We don't have time for this. We have to break whatever is in our way to move on!
We'll run as fast as we can!

We finally reached the Chronicle. It was time for the final battle.


There are many things that are worse than death, you know...
You! Again!?
Of course! We're here to stop you!
What!? Your body, it's...! So, you got your Song back...
Misha! Sing!
Not today!
It's too late, Mir is about to come out of the Symphonic Reactor.
Until that happens, I can't let anyone sing here!

You are the one who needs to prepare to die! For your abuse of Revyateils and this evil plot...
This will be your grave!
Come on!

Boss Battle: Bourd Rade-
This battle is very much like Kanade, actually. You need to install into your Blue Magic songs crystals that allow you to resist lightning. Why? Because, as the secret card on him suggests, he is capable of charging himself with electricity and absolutely destroying the hell out of us. After he uses his High Voltage attack his attacks all do as much lightning as physical damage. Blue Magic that negates the lightning damage is absolutely necessary, and turns his damage output from insane to manageable. If you've got the right setup, though, this fight isn't so bad.

Also, the shaking of the screen makes it very hard to get screens that arent' blurry, for which I apologize.

Bourd took a permanent nap. That just left one more thing to do...


I'm fine.
It was only for a short time... but, thank you for everything.
It was but a brief moment, but I found peace. I'll never forget that good time I had with you, Lyner.
Now, I must return to my duties as the Star Singer, to craft my songs for world peace...



That was close. We barely made it.
Misha...! Can you answer me?
No. She is singing. That is the only answer she can give you.
Misha... thank you. I'm sorry I can't do anything more for you.
Actually, I was...
I'll come back for you. I can't come everyday, but I will keep coming back to see you again.
You can still hear me, right? You just can't answer me. So, I'll tell you what's going on in the world.
I'll tell you exactly what you're saving out there...
Well... it's time to return to Platina with your good news.

None of this is right. Dammit! Misha shouldn't have to stay in that room forever. There's nothing any of us can do to help her either. We headed back to Platina. We were victorious, but we didn't feel like celebrating.

What's wrong?
Oh... nothing.
Let's head back to Platina!
Lyner! Get a hold of yourself. Misha'd be sad if she saw you like this.
He's right. Besides, until we see Platina, we won't know for sure if we succeeded.
...You're right. I have to cheer up.
Let's go back to Platina!

We're looking for Lyner's father or Lady Shurelia now, we need to figure out what's happened while we were fighting Bourd.