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Part 74: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level 8

Supplemental- Misha's Soulspace, Level 8

This level is all business. There's no side stuff, it's packed completely with the story. This is Kasha the Armored Misha's level. In this level we get to find out that we're really stupid to trust Shinobi, too, because just like Aurica we never really resolved Level 6 and that's REALLY BAD. You'll see. Also, this is one of the longest Dives as far as actual story stuff goes.


The atmosphere is really gloomy. Did she fail?
No, I don't think so. Let's go outside...

What's going on!? Is Misha all right!?
Because of the last Paradigm Shift, the deeper parts of her mind have collapsed.
That's what happens when you do a Paradigm Shift without being fully prepared. This is all your fault.
My fault!?
If you can't even realize what you did, then don't come back to this world!
I won't return till this world is restored...
I need to find Misha...

And Hama's told us to go screw off. That's not so great, since while she's not able to help us much she's infinitely better than nothing.

Shura: Welcome to the doomed world. I'm Angel Shura. I govern innovation and power.
What happened to this world?
Shura: The ruler of this world failed to complete the Paradigm Shift. On the previous level, she attempted the shift without fully completing the level.
That mistake is causing her to suffer in this world, thus causing this world to be distorted.
...I can't believe this.
Shura: This disastrous world is based on her feelings about failing her mission.
Deep inside, she didn't truly believe that she could run away from her fate.
That small distortion in her deep thoughts created this disaster.
Where is Misha!?
Shura: She's locked up in the Moon Mansion, planning a way to deal with this situation.
We can only wait for her judgment. Only she knows what will happen to this world.
It's shaking again!
Shura: This world's fate is about to change. The worst case scenario is that this whole world will disappear.
What...!? I better hurry to the Moon Mansion!
Shura: Dealing with these circumstances won't be easy, but it's worth trying.
I'll come with you if you want. I can help you with the small things.
...Are you sure?
Shura: Yes. I don't want this world to disappear.
Great. Thanks.

Angel Shura is Misha's Attack buff Blue Magic song, just like Slasher is Aurica's.

Shura: Well, it doesn't do us any good to rush. Do you know where the name Moon Mansion comes from?
Well... no.
Shura: Then, let me tell you.
The mansion was created when Misha was born. And, this place is the source of Misha's life.
Misha's driving forces are the gear, chain, and shaft.
Gear and chain... Misha's not a machine.
Shura: But, she is pretty much like a machine. There's a program that operates based on certain processes inside her.
This castle is vital to her. That's why it lies so deep inside of her mind.
Then... Misha's feelings and emotions are fake!?
Shura: No. Her feelings and emotions are all real.
I'm just telling you what lies deep inside her mind.
Please accept this reality... Misha isn't a Human, she was created.
But, the emotions and feelings she has are just as real as a Human's.
???: That's why unfortunate incidents like this one can occur.
...!? Who are you!?

Rishi: Me, either. Unfortunately, your ruler must be eliminated.
Because her unstable feelings caused the paradox loop that led to this collapse...
Misha decided to eliminate all of her emotions.
Shura: ...Nice explanation.
What's going on!? What's happening to Misha?
Shura: My ruler, the one who governs revolution, will be erased. As a result, Misha will lose most of her emotions.
Risha: She'll become the most effective Reyvateil ever. She'll be able to craft Songs at any time.
Shura: And, all at the cost of her emotions.
Your decision is wrong.
I can't let that happen, either. She's a living person.
Rishi: Then we are in disagreement...
Shura: We never agree on things, anyway.

It's you, from the other day!
Yes, I'm the Misha who governs regulations and rationality. I'm destined to save this world.
Where's the other Misha? What have you done to her?
She's locked up in the back room. I have to attend to something.
Attend to something...?
Yes. I have to erase you.
You've made so many mistakes. I should never have met you.
N, no!
Our purpose is to seal away viruses, the threat to this world. Everything was going as planned.
But, everything's changed since you showed up! Her emotions started to grow and she refused to sing...
Because of you, this world is in great danger!
If I can get rid of you... Misha... I will...

Don't hurt Lyner...
You...!? How did you get out of "that room!" It can't be!
You didn't realize that what you're trying to do now is also creating a Paradox.
You tried to destroy another emotion... feelings for Lyner. Those feelings lie as deep as what you call our "purpose."
Lyner... come with me. Hurry!
That was close...
Are you all right, Misha?
I'm fine. Let's go to the Sleepy Forest. There's a healing fountain there.

Angel Rishi is the defensive version of Angel Shura.

Can you keep up?
This way...
Huh? Misha?
This way, hurry!
She's over there...
Misha!? Where are you!!
Lyner, this way...
Wait a second!
Misha! Misha!
This is really strange... something might pop out.

Dragon: I'm here to kill you.
I'd better run!
I think I lost him...
Lyner, I'm glad to see you...
Aurica!? Are you lost, too? I'm so glad to see you. I was wanting company...
I wanted to kill you so badly... and now, I finally found you!
Aghh! Aurica! Stop!
Lyner... you're so red. What would you like me to do next?
Huff huff.
What's going on here? Where's Misha?
I can't think straight... Misha... Mish...
Here you are. I have to erase you from this world...
Huff huff.
You're so pathetic. You're even too scared to scream...
I won't kill you that quickly.
I'll take my sweet time...
Your... life...

Are you okay?
M, Misha...?
I'm sorry that you suffered because I lost you.
Misha, I was so scared...
You'll be fine. I'm with you now. Don't worry about a thing.
I'm glad that you're with me... I was all alone and scared...
I'm sorry. I'll never leave you again.
Really!? Will you be with me forever...?
Of course. Don't you trust me?
No... that's not what I meant. I just don't want to be alone...
You're right. We have to make sure that we'll never get separated...

Yes. We're stuck in this room forever.
Great! Misha, thanks! Now we can be together forever...
We don't care about the fate of the world. I know how to survive, even if the continent collapses or is blown away in a storm...
As long as you and I survive, that's all that matters, right?
I knew you were going to say that. Lyner, I have a plan.
You and I will be locked up in this room and we'll never wake up. You and I can stay here together forever.
...Just two of us... forever.

So yeah. Misha succeeds where Aurica fails because Shinobi seems less sinister than Lilim, when in fact she's quite possibly worse. I mean, she advocates a course of action that will lead to total world destruction.

Don't you know what happens if a barricade is created in your own mind?
How dare you! You stripped Lyner down spiritually to the point where he has no choice but to depend on you.
You made me do this! You denied all of my qualities except for my fate. Maybe it's better if you disappeared.
This world won't last long. Maybe it's time we faced off.
I agree. We're too different. Two personas can't unite again.
So, the only solution is...
To destroy one of our personas...
Misha! Don't' leave me alone...

I had no choice. You desperately need me.
Misha seduced you... I'm ashamed to see my father like this...
N, never mind! Clear your head.
Something awful is happening inside Misha's mind. Her identity has completely split in two.
She has two personas that are completely different.
They aren't going to appear in the real world for now, but if we don't fix this soon, Misha will destroy herself.
What!? Misha's in danger?
Two of her personas are about to fight on the icy mountain. No matter who wins, Misha will disappear.
She needs both of her personas. We must stop the fight!
Hama... I'm on my way...
Don't be too hard on yourself... if you die, I can't...
Oh, nothing!

I see them! They're over there!
The time has finally come...
My deep feelings have been revealed. And, that has created an image of myself.
So, the hidden anomaly shows itself at last...
There are now two personalities within Misha.
But, two personas can't share the same body.
So... so we are straining her mind...
We have to fight before the strain becomes too great.
So, only one persona will survive.
Are you ready?
Whenever you are.
Stop! You can't fight yourself! It doesn't make any sense!
We have no choice. It's the only way one of us can survive.
I'm sorry. Please wait for me to win this battle.
Ha! Looks like some of us have high hopes. Try not to be too disappointed when you lose.
Let's go!
...Just bring it!

I love this art because Kasha is really awesome.

There's nothing for you to live for!
We have to do something! This world is being destroyed!
You must be punished for dereliction of your duty to save the world!
I didn't abandon my mission!
Oh, no? Then why didn't you attempt to resist when Bourd took you away? You willingly left with him!
You wanted to be free! You could have stopped him if you didn't want to leave...
Which means, Misha desired freedom more than anything else!
Ahh! The world is breaking apart!
We can't save her! Lyner, save yourself! You have to go, now!
I can't! I have to save Misha!
No! You can't interfere...
Misha! Stop!

If you're gonna act like this, we have to eliminate you now!
Because this is my body...
And, I have to protect it...
If you force me to destroy my own body, we'll create another paradox...
One which will erase you. And this time, you'll never be able to return to the real world. Do you understand?
We can never let you come back.

Hama, why are you here?
Why!? Did you forget my relationship with this dumbass?
Just as you're protecting yourself, I'm protecting him!
Why are you doing that? You're my Mind Guardian, not his.
I can't just let my daddy go erased...
...Daddy? Me!? What are you talking about!?
You can't remember me, can you?
I'm an ocarina. You made me...
And then you gave me to Misha when she was leaving for Em Pheyna.
I know that you put so much into making me. That's how I was able to become Misha's Mind Guardian.
But, that's it!
I will not protect your world anymore. Denying Lyner is the same as denying me.
You won't have me to be your Mind Guardian anymore... Hmph!
I'm sorry, Lyner. I couldn't convey Misha's feelings to you very well...

Where did you go? You can't leave me!
No! This wasn't supposed to happen...
No! This isn't my world!
Misha, calm down.
Give me back my world!

Misha!? But, which Misha are you?
There's only one Misha, now. And, I'm it.
So, your personality isn't split anymore?
That's right.
Uh, where am I?
In my Cosmosphere.
Hmm... So, I'm still in your mind...
Wait! Your Cosmosphere! It's empty!
Yeah... I sorta destroyed all my worlds...
But, there's something left. That's the only reason I can still stay here.
If not for that, I never woulda woken up.
What is it you have left?

I went through many paradoxes, and I even hated my worlds. But in the end, I gave it all up...
But, you're still here. I still exist because you stayed with me.
You saved me.
When all of my worlds were destroyed, I still remembered all the things you did for me.
I was so caught up in my own feelings that I didn't notice yours.
I lost every burden in this world, but I finally realized...
I'm still here, because I believe that I can craft for my own freedom, and world peace, as long as I'm with you.
...I see. I don't know if I'll be able to meet all of your expectations, but...
I'm going to fight the viruses for your freedom.
And that's good enough for me. We're both trying to change the world...
I'm sorry. You saved my life, but there's nothing I can do to repay you. My world is empty.
I don't even know how to take you back to the real world.
Misha, your doubt lead to the destruction of your worlds, right?
So, why don't you try to create a new one?
A... new one?
Yeah. Just be honest with yourself, and try to create a world that has whatever you want.
Your feelings can control your world, right?

What kind of world is that?
Well... it's gotta have a lot of lights...
I don't want it to have any darkness. I just want to enjoy the sunshine...

...Yep. I wanna rebuild my world. Will you help me, please?
Cinna: Sure. What are you trying to build here?
I want a world where everything has proper lighting. Where everyone is happy and free.

Misha, you did it!
I know.
Lyner... it's time to say goodbye. Please come back some time.
The Misha of level 9 is waiting to give you a warm welcome.
Alright. Thank you... for everything.
You're welcome. Goodbye.

It's interesting that the penultimate step in both Aurica and Misha's growth is the utter destruction of everything that previously burdened them in the world followed by them rebuilding themselves from the ground up as whole people.

It's also somewhat amusing that both of Misha's personas are pretty unpleasant, while when you get down to it neither Seraph nor Lilim were really that terrible.

By the way, I am saving this for discussion after the final Dive, but Kasha is probably the best all around Costume in Ar Tonelico. It's strong enough that you could use it over even Misha's Level 9 without feeling too bad about it, and it looks awesome (although to be fair Misha's Level 9 costume is probably her second best looking one).

We're down to two dives now. We've got Misha's equivalent to Aurica's Level 9 and a Level E that gives us a costume we'll never ever use in practice because I can't bring myself to use it. Stay tuned!