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Part 75: Chapter 20a- Connect

Chapter 20a- Connect

This is a quick little update that will bridge Misha's and Aurica's paths, and lead up to the second major difference of Phase II, the airship repair section.

Compare and contrast this to the real Chapter 20, which has slightly different text in several sections.


Scene: Platina Cathedral

Wait! Hold on there.
Radolf, what do you think you're doing!
Lyner, I'm sorry. I never imagined the people of my Church would attack Platina.
It was all a part of Falss' sinister plot. He brainwashed the people of my Church to help revive Mir.
And, he made them attack Platina.
But, why attack Platina!?
Attacking Platina was his ultimate goal.

What!? Then, Bishop Falss is... an Apostle of Elemia...!?
That's right.
He desired power. Then, he discovered information about Mir.
I thought he was dead. I didn't know that he was living in the Wings of Horus...
We were so stupid that we couldn't tell the difference between the magnificent Trio of Elemia and Mir.
I'm prepared to receive any kind of punishment.
You don't have to. This matter wasn't your fault.
I don't deserve your kindness.

As you can see, I'm perfectly fine. I accomplished my mission. Does that surprise you?
It would have been better... if you had came back sooner...
Dad! Can't you accept the fact that I did something good?
I understand Leard's point of view.
If the Song had been sung a little sooner, Platina could have avoided this attack.
...Lady Shurelia.
However, I recognize your effort. This mission was very difficult.
I would like to pay my respects and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Th, thank you!
Hmph. It's not that big of a deal. Don't get too excited, you fool.
Dad, why do you always have to be like that?
Hey Lyner, where's Misha?
Misha's singing in Em Pheyna. She's carrying out her mission.
I see... Do you think I can go see her? I want to thank her, too.
Sure. I bet she'll be happy to see you.
Good. She saved my life.
So, I want to thank her.

Lady Shurelia...?
Lady Shurelia!
Are you alright!? You don't look well. You've worked yourself too hard.
...You may be right. This time, I am quite exhausted.
Will you excuse me so I may get some rest?
Of course! We'll take care of everything.
Please, get some rest.
I am sorry. Please, excuse me.
I'm a little tired, too. I'm going to rest, as well.
You're all dismissed for the rest of the day.

Scene: Department

Oh, Lyner. We're fixing the buildings that we destroyed.
Sorry, but I think this might take a while.
You're working hard.
We destroyed them, so we are responsible for cleaning up our own mess.

Scene: Apsaranika Park

Oh, she's alive? I thought she was just a robot.
...A robot!? Well, now that you mention it, she does kinda look like a robot...
I wonder what she really is...
Lady Shurelia, you shouldn't travel alone in a place like this. It's too dangerous.
Ayatane!? You shouldn't have been able to get here. How did you...?
Ayatane; What are you going to do if Mir or more viruses attack you now?
You don't have the strength to fight back.
How do you know that!?
Well... because I'm always watching out for you, Lady Shurelia. I can tell by looking at you.
You're not a normal Human... so, what are you?
What are you talking about? Why would you think such preposterous things?

How can you say that to me? I am your biggest admirer.
But... that's not what you want to hear. Looks like I have no choice. My true identity is... this!

What!? My Dad went!?
It's an emergency! The outskirts of the city have been occupied by the guardians.
Damn, the outskirts, too!? We better hurry to the Altar of Apostles!

Scene: Altar of Apostles

Lyner! Stay back! Something is wrong with Lady Shurelia!
This world shall go through a radical change.
The evil and inferior Humans must be exterminated, so that a Reyvateil Utopia can be created.
Lady Shurelia! What are you talking about! This isn't funny!
Foolish Humans... don't you understand anything?
This world already belongs to me. Humans are just parasites, feeding off the bounty of my world.
What did you say?
Commander Leard, I'd like for you to accompany me upstairs.

Lady Shurelia, what are you going to do to my father?
I'm going to imprison him in the Prism Garden for knowing Special Level-A classified information. If I have to, I will exterminate him.

How can the viruses be emerging again?
Maybe something happened to Misha...
Oh, no!
We can't rule it out. We better check the Crescent Chronicle.

Scene: Crescent Chronicle

What's wrong!? Are you okay? What happened!
I don't know. Lady Shurelia showed up, and then she kicked me out.
Then, she told me I don't have to sing anymore.
So, why don't I have to sing anymore? What happened!?
It hadn't even occurred to me before, but she might've been taken over by Mir.
But, how? I kept on singing...
I don't think it's your fault. Something else must be going on...
Anyway, we have to find my Dad or Lady Shurelia and ask them.
Let's go back to the cathedral and come up with a plan there.
I wanna go, too! I have no reason to be here.
...Okay. Then, it'll be like old times.

And as an added bonus, what Misha thinks of SHINOBI.

It's so tight and barely covers anything. Can't I wear something that's more... useful?
...Like overalls?
Those aren't pretty, so no!
But... SHINOBI makes me forget how bad I am at exercising.
I can see myself being able to move really quickly and do crazy acrobatics. Isn't that weird?
Just keep that in your imagination. Otherwise, you'll just get hurt.
...Somehow, I just don't know how to take that comment.

And here's an awesome little event we get after Level 7, where we learn how to make an awesome consumable.

Sure, I do. Are you going to buy it now?
No. I'm going to make a special one for you.
I didn't know you cook.
I usually don't, but that doesn't mean that I don't know how.
So, can I take some materials from you?
Sure. You're confident that it'll come out good, right?
Trust me. Wait here.
...I'm a little worried...
Thank you for waiting! I made Natural Ice!
Oh! It looks great!
It not only looks good, it tastes good, too! Try it.
How is it?
Yummy! It's really good, Misha!
Really!? I'm glad that you like it...
If you could make something this great, why didn't you make it sooner...

I am surprised. And, I love these kind of surprises.
Do you have any more hidden talents?
I'm not telling. Girls must keep their secrets.

I really should have started an innuendo count at the start of this, but then again math doesn't have numbers high enough for that. Natural Ice gives a huge heal for the whole party and is made from pretty easy to acquire materials so it's pretty nice to keep around, especially for fights like Bourd Rade or Mir. Anyway, next time I'll have the last major difference between now and the ending of Phase II, the airship repair segment.