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Part 76: Chapter 21: Reminiscence

Chapter 21: Reminiscence

This is the largest single remaining difference between the two paths the game can take. Today we visit the Tail of Reminiscence. Now, when we get to the airship, we're supposed to make a Sharing Core instead of a Flipper. This update will be incredibly short.


Here's the Recipe Card for it.
...Just great. This item looks so difficult to make. That's it, I think I'm gonna cry...
Come on, it'll be good training for you.
Alright, let's get started!
I don't think I can... make something like this...
Don't worry! If you really put your heart into it, you can do anything you want.
Huh? Isn't this Soleil Stone used to make stone memorials?
Misha, do you know anything about them?
Yes, actually. I know all about these stones. Here, let me show you.
Thanks. That'll really help me out...
Lyner, don't worry so much. You can do this.
I'll help you look for the materials. I just wish I could do more to help.
Thanks, Misha.

It's a little far, but it shouldn't be too bad. Let's keep our spirits up.

The Tail of Reminiscence is in the area that used to be part of the other Wing of Horus, and is a memorial to the crashed Wing.

Really? Huh, I don't remember...
Once you see the stone monument, you might remember something. Let's go.

Deep within the Tail...



It must be tough being the Star Singer, huh?
Yeah... I have to sing by myself forever to protect the world from destruction.
So, we can't go and have fun anymore? Sounds pretty boring.
Haha, no kidding...
But, you'll be able to stop singing someday, right? Then we can have fun out on the town!
...I doubt it.
I have to sing for the rest of my life to keep the world peaceful.
Because... if I don't... the world will be taken over by evil monsters.
Yeah... no one wants that...
Unless, I get strong enough to beat all the monsters!
When I become a full-rank Knight of Elemia, I'll be able to slay all kinds of monsters!
Then, we can have fun together, right?
That... might work...
Great! Then that's what I'll do. I'll become a Knight of Elemia!
I can come and get you after beating those monsters!
Wait for me until then. Do you promise?

Lyner! Do you finally remember me?
I'm sorry I didn't remember you.
That's okay, at least you remember me now...
But, I haven't been able to fulfill my promise yet.
Oh yes you have. You're here with me now.
You worked hard to restore my body. And, you've been protecting me.
And even now, you're trying so hard to grant my freedom.
Let's both work hard so that one day, we can stay together forever.

So, next time I should have Misha's Level 9, and then the end of Misha's Phase II. After that I'll do Level E, at which point we'll see what there is in Phase III that's different.