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Part 83: Bonus 1: Shurelia's Costumes

Bonus 1: Shurelia's Costumes

I'm going to split these into three updates because they were harder than I had originally intended to do. I'll start with Shurelia because she's the easiest to talk about. She's got two playable costumes and a bunch that only appear in the cosmosphere.


This is Shurelia's standard costume, which she wears under Linkage. It has less MP than Linkage and is all around weaker in game terms, but not so much as to be really meaningful given that Shurelia is by default still as good as either of the others in their high end costumes. She's also got completely different and much better battle speech in the standard costume, unlike all the others.


This is the Linkage suit Lady Shurelia wears. It hovers a bit off the ground, which is part of why she's so clumsy, she normally never walks anywhere. It's somewhat better in pretty much all areas than her standard costume, and is probably statistically the best costume for any of the reyvateils all around.

Leila's Dress:

This is the outfit Shurelia went around with in day to day life in the Cosmosphere. It's a pretty standard dress.

Work Uniform:

This is the uniform from the Cafe. Yes that's a French Maid outfit. The people who made this game are terrible people and this sort of thing is only to be expected.

School Uniform:

Shurelia's school uniform from the Cosmosphere. My understanding from reading the extras is that it's intended to be the sort of uniform someone in an early year of secondary school would wear. Also, a Japanese game with girls in school uniforms? Color me surprised.

Gym Uniform:

Gym clothes from the Cosmosphere. If you really think about this none of these are actually much worse than what she wears all the time in her real life. I guess when you're immortal and were created in a lab you wear whatever you want.

Swim Clothes:

The swimsuit from the Cosmosphere. They went surprisingly tasteful here for Ar Tonelico. Someone showed some restraint and I guess I should gives them credit for that.


The yukata from the Cosmosphere festival. It's a real piece of clothing appropriate to the situation it was placed in the Cosmosphere as far as I understand it.

Wedding Dress:

Shurelia's wedding dress from the Cosmosphere. She's got the most ornate wedding dress of them. I sort of like the design. It's a shame none of these make it out of the Cosmosphere, just for variety's sake.

Bonus: Lyta:

Shurelia as Lyta from Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. Art exists for this but is never used in-game except as an extra. They never made a Level E for her that uses it, which is a shame because Iris actually came out here, unlike Elie or Marie. Lyta is the female lead of Iris, which has the unfortunate position of a transition game from the old Atelier series to Gust's new games. This gives it some horrible gameplay flaws that make it very unpleasant to play in parts.

Super Bonus: Requests:

Here's the four faces you wanted.