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Part 9: Sortie 9 - "Totally intentional"

Sortie 9 - "Totally intentional"

Joining me tonight, in the brief peaceful lull between Gravity Rush 2 and the Apocalypse of 1/24/17, we've got nine-gear crow and Cirvante joining us in our neverending quest to destroy every motorized passenger vehicle in Neo Isaac and beyond.

And as I mentioned, to hopefully liven things up a little bit, I'll be including little 'reference' colorschemes and builds from here on out. Generally these will be referencing other giant robot media, but I may be crafty and include things that aren't necessarily giant robots themselves. Or might even be completely unrelated to giant robots just to throw people.

I didn't do it in this video due to forgetfulness, but AC names will generally be a hint or secondary reference to help nail down references that might get lost in the shuffle thanks to the rather rigid nature of the AC paint and build options. So even though the colorscheme will be the same throughout a video, that's not to say that a build will necessarily reflect what it's based on.

And finally, for the first person to guess correctly, they will be given up to two points, one for the object reference in question and one for the series and at the end of the LP, the one with the most points will get a fancy new forums upgrade of their choice. To submit your guess, please bold your guess. So for example The Raven - Armored Core.

Happy guessing!

(Do note that participants on a given video will be excluded from submitting guesses since the early head start wouldn't be particularly fair to anyone else.)