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Part 7: More Missions, Some AC Fights, and a Better FCS

Man, coming up with these titles can be really straining at times...

Anyway, we blasted through five missions last update, and we're gonna go through another five right now. Let's start with Prototype MT Test. Yep, it's the same title, but the mission is slightly different.

We want to run tests on a new weapon. As in the last mission we want you to fight a new model "CHAOS" weapon. That is all.

This time, we envision a street battle, fought at Test Track No. 6.

We have made improvements to this advanced MT based on the previous data. It might be a bit stronger. If you are defeated by the MT, you have no right to be called a Raven.

This time we have prepared some special parts as your pay. They are new products not yet out on the market.

However, to make sure you give it your all, you get paid only if you win the fight.

Chrome wants another test for their new MT? Eh, couldn't hurt. Not like it's gonna help their effort in the corporate war or anything.

Prototype MT Test (2)

So on top of this MT being harder than before, there are buildings to worry about, so we can't quite hang back on take long distance shots at it. Still, it's just one enemy to take down, just do that and the test is done...

Or not?

Yeah, Chrome decides one fight isn't enough and sends another at us, after we depleted a large chunk of our rifle ammo. If the end of last update wasn't any indication, right about now I'm really beginning to dislike the FCS I've been using for the last several missions.

With my KARASAWA running out of ammo, I blast the son of a bitch with plasma and end the test for good.

Just one credit away from 5K in expenses. Thankfully the part we earned from this mission will be making us even more money.

So I sell the SP-SAP, which reduces the recoil of cannon weapons (we can manage without it), as well as the FCS we had been using. Now, I actually bought two FCS while I was in the shop so I could have one as a back up in certain events. Both of these are the TRYX series, and the TRYX-QUAD is what I use as my primary one so I get a more horizontal aim window but with still good range. The TYRX-BOXER has a vertical lock type, and I'll be saving it for one specific mission near the end where I'd be damned without it. You'll find out in due time.

Now that we've swapped out our FCS, let's go to the next mission, Guard Airplane.

We want you to guard Dr. M. Okamura, an authority on genetic engineering. One of his experiments was grossly misunderstood and he has received many death threats in the past.

A terrorist group has also threatened to attack him during his next visit to Isaac City.

Dr. Okamura is now at our lab, but he will leave for Isaac City in a couple days. He plans to travel by airplane. We want you to serve as a guard at the time of takeoff.

They never say what Okamura's experiment was that caused an uproar, but given that Murakumo is requesting our help here I'm gonna assume shit got out about Human PLUS and people aren't too fond. After that Plus Escapee incident, I sure wouldn't be.

Guard Airplane

The enemies come in from north of the air field, and they're dropped off by Barracudas. Interesting enough, shooting down those ships actually gives you a credit bonus of 5000, but for whatever reason I never tried to shoot at them. Guess it wouldn't be fun if what they were transporting went down as well.

These MTs we've not really encountered until now. There are two Cerberus II MTs and seven Big Blades. All of them are fast, unmanned MTs and the Cerberuses have a tripod design. Interesting fact about them is that they also show up in the opening movie for the game, alongside the heavily armored AC.

Now, after taking care of the enemies, we get a message saying the Okamura took off from another airport and that this was actually a diversion for the enemy.

Okay, though that plane is pretty small. How big of an explosion could it actually cause?


Well, at least the expenses aren't as big this time. Having a wider aim box was indeed a smart choice.

And with no time to delay, on to the next mission, Destroy Plane Computer.

The other day, one of our special transports crashed while flying over the Naglarder area. Satellite images show the wreck near the center of a giant crater called "Big Hit".

We are not worried about the cargo, but the problem is records of our transactions are stored in the transport's computer. They are encrypted but not absolutely safe.

Unconfirmed reports put a Murakumo detachment in the area. You must completely destroy the nose section holding the recorder. Destroy all Murakumo on sight.

If you let even one of them escape, your mission will fail. Be sure to shoot them all down.

That is all.

So I believe I said two updates ago that a certain AC is fought in this mission and that because it's a mission from Chrome it would not be likely to appear on this route...

...yeah, just completely ignore what I said on that.

Destroy Plane Computer

So, the enemies are technically classified as MTs, but there more like powered battle armor or something. These enemies, known as Corsairs, are a third of the size of an AC, and if you look really hard at the ugly textures and low polygons, you could probably come to the conclusion that a person's riding it in a way similar to a power loader from Aliens, except more agile and faster.

Here comes the ranked AC in his Barracuda. You can actually shoot it down, but unlike in the previous mission, there is no monetary bonus for doing so.

I try shooting at him with my plasma cannon from a distance, nearly wasting my entire energy meter to take him down.

I don't quite pull it off here, and get a cannon blast to the face in return.

Still, I soften him up quite a bit and finish things off with the KARASAWA. There goes a Raven from the rankings.

Eh, still somewhat high expenses from last time, but with the amount of credits we have to spare, you can't really complain.

Now, suddenly all other missions from the last are removed except for one, Destroy Base Computer. Don't really have any other choice, so we'll pick that.

We have a mission for you regarding the old military facility southwest of Isaac City. It is now occupied by the Earth Environment Reclamation Committee.

The group purports to survey the above-ground environment, but this seems questionable.

The reason given for their entering the facility is said to be the peaceful dismantling of residual military facilities, but they are taking too long for that.

We are studying their background, but we must do something about this group quickly.

According to surveys, this facility functioned as a military data bank before the Great Destruction. The main computer may still have records from that time.

If their true target is this data, this is no trifling matter. Heaven forbid for that to be it. We want you to break into the facility and destroy the main computer.

As expected, not even an organization like the EERC is exempt from being questionable and shady.

Destroy Base Computer

This mission has us going through exact same location from Rescue Survey Team, only we get to explore the area a bit beyond where that particular mission ended. Thankfully the energy resistant MTs are nowhere in sight.

The most common enemy are these rocket launchers on tank treads called Mustangs. They go down in one shot from the KARASAWA, but to save ammo and do just as much damage is to jump at them and use the energy blade. Not only does the blade cause you to home in on the enemy's position, but slashing them in the air bypasses the few second exploding animation all MTs and ACs go through and is removed instantly. Very nice.

This is a nice detail from when were last here. The lock box that kept the door trapping the survey team shut is still damaged from before. Thought that was pretty neat.

This section has more Mustangs, and near the target location is a hallway with three Heat Waves. They're still fast and pretty tough, so it's best to just reach the computer room and do business there. They can't really follow you through doors when they're closed, thankfully.

Once you reach your main objective, you're treated to a little cutscene.

Another AC to fight. This one, interestingly enough, is a mass produced model known as Swift, and doesn't show up on the rankings.

Since I have the advantage, I just sit at the door way and fill the room with plasma, destroying both Swift and the computer and completing the mission.

Last mission on our plate for today is AC Battle. I can only guess what that might possibly entail.

Come participate in an AC battle that the Nest will be holding over the next few days. This invitational event pits ace pilots in AC-to-AC battles where the winner takes all.

Naturally, there are benefits to entering. The winner of each battle will be presented with prize money in an amount equivalent to the pay of a normal mission.

We will decide the opponents for the battles. You are free to choose any weapons or equipment. We look forward to your active participation.

So, this is basically the Arena before the games decided to make it a separate mode, and before AC expenses were not included in the fights. Whatever, it's a one on one deal, let's go.

AC Battle

Wait, TWO?

Lying ain't cool, man.

Anyway, these two ACs are quads, and one of them is actually a ranking AC, Barutazaru. The other one is Warhawk, but he's not as important. Though both make for a fairly good team.

It came up during this battle, but I get a bit of air off of one of the AC's missiles hitting me while airborne. Obviously them hitting you is bad, but in this situation it gives me a boost higher into the air, which can be good or bad in some situations. Though it's just one of those things with the game's physics I like. I almost imagine there being a team of daredevil Ravens that use this tactic on one of them to get them up to high ground fast or something.

The fight was quite a challenge, but it was worthwhile...even if we were lied to about the conditions.

And that concludes this part. There's still more missions to wrap up, but I assure you that things will be getting way more interesting real soon, especially as it pertains to the battle between Chrome and Murakumo.

I'll be in touch.