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Part 12: Nearing the End

DISCLAIMER: Do to an error on my part, no sound ended up in the recorded videos. They can still be viewed to follow along with the mission commentary, but know that you won't hear anything. Very sorry for this, will make sure it does not occur in the final part.

With 8 more missions left before 100% completion, let's go to an early game mission we skipped before, Rescue Transport Truck.

We lost communications with one of our transport trucks heading for Avalon Valley, somewhere near the Nassau Tunnel.

We strongly believe that this was an act of a terrorist group targeting the advanced chemical weapons loaded on the truck. If this is true, we cannot leave this up to the Guards.

Go to the site ASAP and search for the truck. Eliminate anyone who interferes. The safety of the vehicle is of utmost priority. Do not forget this.

One more thing. Innocent civilian vehicles may be traveling by the site. If you destroy any vehicles, compensation for the damage will be deducted from your pay. Good luck.

You remember how Chrome invested heavily in chemical weapons in the past, right (we blew up a fuck ton of tanks at a factory filled with them)? We get to bail them out on this one.

Rescue Transport Truck

This first part of the mission has you on the part of the highway with cars passing by. Staying on the left side ensures you won't run over any vehicles heading toward you. Of course, they're less important than the contents of the truck.

It is easy as hell to have a shot miss and blow up the transport truck, so the best way to deal with the Ariake MTs in the area is to just stay in one position, keep them in your FCS' sight, and fire when the truck is not behind them. They come in two waves, and the mission is over very quickly.

Sometimes I've run into a scenario where a passing vehicle rams into my AC without noticing and I get a 200 C deduction, which despite being a small price is still kind of annoying. Thankfully that did not happen here.

Next on the list, Recover Capsules.

We want you to break into an abandoned facility that was used by Murakumo in the initial stages of their Human PLUS development. It was left after a fire several years ago.

The Human PLUS technologies were supposedly developed by Murakumo but nothing has been released publicly about the initial stages of research, so many mysteries remain.

Our surveys so far have not turned up much information. However, we received strange reports from a survey team recently dispatched to the abandoned facility.

Parts of the facility are said to be operating even now and strange capsules have been placed in the furthest most room.

Upon trying to recover the capsules, the team was attacked by fighting machines that they had never seen before. They could not fight back and failed to recover the capsule.

Your mission is to recover those capsules. We have no idea about their significance, but they might give us an advantage over Murakumo. We are counting on you.

Another mission giving us a glimpse into the mystery that is the Human PLUS program. Let's go.

Recover Capsules

This level in both size and complexity is a lot like the Old Military Facility where we rescued a survey team. This facility however is in much worse looking shape, and compared to all the other locations in the game, it's got quite the atmosphere to it.

The level has corridors stacked on top of each other, and what we're looking for is at the bottom. Thus, going down these holes is the only way forward.

Of course, there are plenty of enemies waiting at the bottom of those holes, so be prepared for them.

Eventually as you get deeper, you'll come across a room with a single MT and a capsule in the far right corner. That is what we came here for, and as always, don't blow it up by accident.

No special additions or deductions here, just a typical payout for an expert AC pilot.

Interestingly, we do get an email from our client regarding the results of our mission.

It looks to be very old, but we can't tell yet just how old. It is unmistakably from before the "Great Destruction."

We don't know how they got a hold of such a thing, but one thing is for certain. The Murakumo did not create teh "Human Plus" technology.

We're both on the same line of thinking. We may not know the true origins of PLUS, or even what that capsule contains, but we can only guess.

Anyway, remember when we made a decision to either guard Chrome's factory or destroy it? Here's Guard Factory Entrance, that other mission we could've taken so many parts ago.

We have uncovered a plan to destroy our underground factory in the Whiteland area. We think that Murakumo is behind it.

We are not sure of the specific details, but since the factory is underground, they can't do anything unless they get inside.

So we want someone to guard the entrance of the factory. The gate cannot be opened from outside as long as the lock system is not destroyed.

We will need several days to put up a full-scale security system. Of course we will pay you during the period whether or not there is an attack.

Not a bad job, huh? Do it well.

A familiar location, and now we're in the opposite role we were in before. Let's see how it goes.

Guard Factory Entrance

This mission doesn't give us any breaks between attacks on the entrance, so it's best to head for the north east border of the area right at the start. Why you ask?

Much like in Secret Factory Recon, this mission also has a secret part hidden in a box. The B-T001 Booster part. Grab it and get the hell back to the entrance.

The attackers come in two waves. The first as indicated at the start are five airborne enemies, called Hayates. Thankfully some of them will attack you instead of the entrance so the pressure of guarding the lock to the entrance isn't overwhelming. After defeating them, two more Hayates accompanied by two Sagiris will enter the battle. Destroying them all with a powerful weapon will guarantee a success for this mission.

If anything, the easiest way to fail the mission is looking for the secret part without knowing exactly where it is. Still got a good payout for being quick and efficient with our resources.

Anyway, new mail from Chrome, thanking us for our services.

You did quite a job. We didn't expect so much firepower to be thrown into the fight, but the fact that you managed to repulse them all by yourself was amazing.

I like it.

To tell the truth, we thought of you Ravens as no more than convenient throwaways, but I guess we will have to rethink our position.

Well anyway, good job.
That is all.

Even when thanking us, Chrome still can't help sounding like a bunch of assholes. It's to be expected.

Now for our last mission for today, Capture Space Station.

We have decided to carry out an operation intended to occupy the Murakumo's base of activities, the Space Station "Kaede."

Since our single ship attack failed the other day, the pace of the Murakumo's activities in space have picked up extraordinarily.

Large amounts of material have been carried off to space, and "Kaede" is rapidly becoming a fortress. If we leave this as is, it will only become more difficult to act later.

Our first division has already begun fighting. Your mission is to support the invasion troop. Bring material to the supply vehicles engaged in combat.

The enemy forces are more numerous than expected and the supply material may not be in time. Place the material in the catapult.

Capture the catapult and pass the material on to the supply corps. Murakumo is planning something in space. We must stop them before it is too late.

This mission is a direct follow up the mission Destroy Space Catapult, where we were unable to destroy said catapult and had to retreat instead. Not gonna run this time.

Capture Space Station

Throughout the mission, particularly on the lower level of the station, you'll find Chrome and Murakumo forces fighting each other. While you get deducted for letting an ally unit die, destroying all enemies in the mission nets you a bonus 10000 C, which is very nice.

If you remember the original route during Destroy Space Catapult, follow it right up to where you would've been told to leave the station immediately. Take one of the two ramps in this long narrow hallway to reach the upper levels, where the material is found.

When you reach this central room, go through the door on the left.

And there's the material we need. However, the mission is not over yet.

During this part I end up getting a bit lost as I forgot where exactly the supply vehicle is, and I spend a few minutes checking every hallway and updating my map along the way.

Eventually, I find the supply vehicle and finish this mission.

And my wandering around the station was ultimately beneficial as I killed every enemy MT in the station. Only two casualties on my side, but eh, it's fine.

Next part, we'll finish up the remaining missions, and this LP will be over with 100% completion. It's getting close to the end.

I'll be in touch.