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Part 13: 100% Completion

This is it. The last four missions available to us in Armored Core. There's still a couple goodies to get during this part, but after that we will have a 100% complete game.

First on the docket, Release Organisms.

We have uncovered the true nature of the mysterious organisms that appeared in Gal City. They are not organisms, but rather a type of biological weapon.

They were developed by Chemical-Dyne Co., a biochemical manufacturer allied with Chrome. They were lax in telling the truth and taking responsibility for the incident.

This is your mission. Break into Chemical-Dyne's research facility, search for biological weapons and release all of them upon discovery.

The facility is certain to have a considerable number of test species. Releasing them all will certainly cause the facility to collapse. This will cause much damage to Chrome.

This may seem like a dirty trick, but it is the most effective method to stop Chrome from running amuck. Naturally, do not bother the biological weapons.

We will deducted 500 C from your pay for each one killed. Detailed instructions will be given to you by radio after you have entered the facility.

Before we had helped Chrome in destroying the organisms that escaped, but we had an opportunity to take this mission before hand in order to effectively play both sides.

Release Organisms

Also, this mission requires us going to EVERY pen in order to release the bugs. In the Exterminate Organisms mission we only needed to kill a certain number of queens to complete it. Here, we're sweeping the whole facility.

Just find these gates here with the glass walls, shoot the mechanism, and repeat until success.

Because we can get deducted for killing one of the bugs, how can it be possible when there's no way inside the pens? Well, there is a way, and it's through this hole. Obviously don't go down it.

Another satisfactory turn out on credits.

Also, we got an email as a result from completing this mission.

When those biological weapons began overflowing into the streets, the Murakumo side skillfully manipulated public opinion to make it all seem to be the responsibility of Chrome.

The tide can no longer be halted. Chrome will probably be destroyed, even if you do not do them in yourself. But they are not dead yet.

It is said that nothing is more dangerous than a wounded animal.

I'll be in touch

Obviously had we done this during the main campaign, this message would serve as appropriate foreshadowing for how this conflict will end.

Well, we'll now move on to the next mission, Stop Security MT.

We have a mission for you regarding the old military facility where we previously sent a survey team.

The survey of the first basement level is complete, but a passage thought to lead to the lower levels was found during the survey.

However, just past it was an extremely powerful security MT that we could not defeat with our weapons.

Oddly, it never comes out of the passage to attack us. It seems to be protecting something. Anyway, this facility still has many mysteries.

According to a structural diagram of the place found on the first floor, there are several control panels for the Security MTs in the back. We want you to destroy them.

You thought the target was the MT in question, huh? Nope, it's three panels in the center area of the map instead.

Stop Security MT

Thankfully for us, this mission starts us at the point right before we first saved the EERC survey team, so the mission is not as long as it could be.

Specific to this mission, there's this laser grid right in front of us that will do damage if we collide with it.

But as far as I can tell there's no way to turn it off so we just plow through it and sacrifice some AP. Still have plenty of health to get things done.

...I have never seen that happen in all the times I've played this game. Too weird not to show.

Because of the complex layout of this area, I still consult the auto map screen to keep track of where I'm going. Those cubic rooms are where the targets are.

Those over there are the MTs that were shown in the briefing. Yeah, there's two of them. The client didn't realize there was more than one of them, making the mission title somewhat in accurate.

And there is one of the control panels. Just shoot it with what you got, and complete the mission.

I never tire of filling a small space with hot bursts of plasma...

Forgot to add, we also get a 300 C bonus for each enemy that is destroyed. And given the amount, we've actually made more than the initial reward even with expenses. That's nice.

This next mission is a big one, Kill "Struggle" Leader.

Great news! We have determined the whereabouts of the leader of the terrorist group "Struggle".

He is in the Ruins of Vaella in the eastern Dragna region. This is the venue for secret meeting with his sponsor, Murakumo. Your mission: Destroy the enemy leader's AC.

Up until now, many plans have been foiled by that one man. I loathe to admit it, but his skills are unmistakably well-honed.

Nearly all reference material about the ruins was lost in the Great Destruction, so its internal structure is unknown. There may be traps, but you'll be OK in an AC.

This is the chance of a lifetime. Do not fail us. Be sure to get him.

Now we get to take on the other terrorist organization that is backed by a mega corporation. Obviously, we would've been given this mission had we sided with Chrome instead of Murakumo.

Kill "Struggle" Leader

This is a huge area, and most of the time it'll involve travelling down long, narrow corridors. Of course, being a terrorist base of operations, there are traps and security measures to try and keep us out, like wall mines...

...or giant balls of fire being shot down the corridor.

However, about halfway through the level, there is a hallway where the floor can be destroyed. Down here is something valuable.

Yep, it's a very long drop.

Sitting there on an altar is the most powerful laser blade in the game, and also a reoccurring item through almost all From Software games. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

Now for the tricky part of making it back to the top and resuming the mission. It's not as frustrating as the final mission of the game where you have to ascend and land on moving blocks in mid air, but maneuvering an AC that's airborne still requires a good deal of finesse.

The rest of the mission, we start seeing more regular enemies in our way, but thankfully there's an incentive to deal with them as they net 2000C per kill.

In a small dark room near the end is the leader of "Struggle" but given the darkness of the area, and the fact that the fucker kept moving out of my view, it was hard for me to get a image of it. A lot of it was me firing blind, but the KARASAWA just tears through everything so it wasn't an issue.

Once again, the special additions outweigh the expenses and we make slightly more money than the promised reward.

And we also got an email for completing this mission. Let's see what it says.

Take out the leader of a terrorist group and they run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Hopefully, this'll shut up those Murakumo scum too.

We can't keep fighting forever. This world needs a powerful leader. One whose presence can lead and control all of humanity, and the sooner the better.

As always, Chrome makes things very clear about their goals and don't sugar coat it. But never mind that, let's take a look at that new weapon we got.

This right here is the LS-99-MOONLIGHT, or simply referred to as the Moonlight Sword. The name, much like the KARASAWA, is an easter egg referring to weapon in the King's Field games called the Moonlight Greatsword which has appeared in many other From Software games like Otogi or Demon's Souls. Both weapons hand in hand give an AC incredible attack power. Obviously we're gonna swap out our old laser blade for this.

And with that, the ARC's final AC design is this. With only one mission left and one hidden part, we don't need any additional changes.

So let's start AC Battle, our last mission.

Come participate in an AC battle that the Nest will be holding over the next few days. This invitational event pits ace pilots in AC-to-AC battles where the winner takes all.

Naturally, there are benefits to entering. The winner of each battle will be presented with prize money in an amount equivalent to the pay of a normal mission.

We will decide the opponents for the battles. You are free to choose any weapons or equipment. We look forward to you participating actively.

I'm sure you're wondering, "Hey isn't this the exact same mission you did in the main game?" Well, the title and briefing is the exact same, but as you'll see, things are a bit different.

AC Battle (2)

Hey look, it's Wildcat!

And just like the encounter with him before, he doesn't put up a huge fight. He does use his chain gun quite a bit, but that only makes him a sitting duck.

But, a few shots from the KARASAWA, and a Moonlight slash, the AC is destroyed.

Easy, peasy.

But wait! We're not done yet. There's still one more thing to do.

During the Guard Wharf Warehouse mission, the item that you are hired to guard is an AC Radar part and can actually be obtained for yourself. Of course, the catch is that you fail the mission. So 100% completion in Armored Core requires that you at least have an imperfect win loss ratio for your missions.

But with that said, everything is done. All missions completed, every part obtained, and we even made it to the top of the rankings. Yes, it says I have 2 failures, I forgot to reload a save when I fucked up a mission during recording.

Thank you to everyone that followed this LP. Though I don't have a specific time or plan yet for it, expect Project Phantasma and Master of Arena in the future, as I'd love to play and show off much more of this fantastic mecha series.

I'll be in touch.