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Part 23: Episode 23: Meister Sibrand

Episode 23: Meister Sibrand

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- One of the e-mails on Lucy's terminal seems pretty cryptic, doesn't it? Well, if you take the capital letters in it and line them up, it forms a message. " WE WILL BE THERE SOON "

- The commentary was recorded after a pretty long day. I didn't realize how tired I sounded until I got around to editing it But I really didn't have much to talk about. Kinda saving up for the final three episodes.

- Random note that I forgot to mention in-video: Sibrand dons a helmet after his intro cutscene but isn't wearing it later. Maybe he wanted to head to his boat incognito (another layer of )? I like to think that's the case Axle_Stukov mentioned that other videos show him with his helmet on, so this might've been a bug. Still, I STAND BY MY THEORY