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Part 103: Update XCIX: An Apprentice and the Heir

Here we are at update 99. Whole lotta events this time, but it's all worth it, I assure you. First up, we start with an event at the castle. Video goes until the screenshot of Meruru by herself.

*fade to black*

Come now, don't make it sound like I'm some crazy hermit. I come to town if and when I need to.

But you still train at the outpost every day, do you not? You were always so dedicated to your blade.

I am indeed still training. My blade and I have some unfinished business.


Well? Why don't we have a quick bout, for old times' sake?

That's right - we did it all the time back then. I never was able to squeeze out a win, though.

Hmhm. A pity. I was hoping to show you how far I've come since then.

*fade to black*

Compelling. Anyway, I mentioned last time that we spoke to Hanna about developing some land, and Meruru ended that scene by telling herself to ask Rufus about it. Since we're in the castle anyway, let's see what he has to say about it.

What is it? I'm sure I can help, as long as it's not some absurd, nonsensical question.

Man, you're so mean to me! Anyway, it's about my job. You know that abandoned land around Mt. Velus? Do you think we could use that somehow?

Hmph. So that area finally caught you eye, huh? Very good.

They did begin the project, but due to dangerous volcanic activity, it had to be stopped.

Ohh, so that's why there's nothing there.

But there hasn't been any volcanic activity recently, so now might be a good time to resume development.

Yup, last major development area is just southeast of the volcano. Thing is, don't rush too fast into developing Yuvel. After the first part of the development is complete, Gio's recruit event happens in Hart Outpost, and you need to bring him along for future development if you want to access two endings that aren't available otherwise.

You should begin by preparing the land. Lay down roads and plow the soil to get it ready for crops.

Youuu got it, boss! I'll get started on that right away!

At Namiki Road, we have another scene. I think this event is supposed to happen after Gio's friendship level is high enough. Not sure. Video goes until Meruru says "Yeah, I think so, too"

No problem. See you later!

*fade to black*

Welcooome! ...Oh, Uncle Gio!

Ah, Meruru. I didn't expect to see you here.

The owner had some business to take care of, so I offered to help her out.

A street shop sales clerk...I guess everything provides valuable experience.

So did you need something, Uncle?

Oh, no, I just like to wander around town sometimes. What kinds of things does this store offer, anyway?

Ahh, interesting. And what is this orange thing? It looks like some kind of root.

Root? matter how you slice it, I think it's clear that's a Carrot.

Carrot? This? Huh, most interesting!

U-Uncle...have you never seen a Carrot before?

(Something's fishy here...)

It's just that, the Carrots in Arland were smaller...and sort of flat and round.

Flat...and round?

Yes. The royal cook would saute them in butter, and they were very sweet and tasty.

(Uncle...that's how they look AFTER they've been cooked!)

Well, he certainly seems thrilled.

(Nng...should I say something? But he seems so intrigued, I'll feel awful if I ruin it for him.)

Hm? Is something the matter? You've got a strange look on your face.

N-No, it's nothing!

I see. Well then, I'd like to purchase your odd Carrot. A hundred cole should cover it, yes?

Waah, that's way too much! These are only like 10 cole at most!

Is that so? Hrm. Delicious AND cheap! And very nutritious, I wager... Simply marvelous! Here you go - 10 Cole. I'll add it to my lunch today. Okay, I'd better get going.

Th-Thank you, Uncle.

*Gio leaves*

Hmm...I'd always had this image of Uncle Gio knowing everything about everything. What an eye-opener... But i guess a king wouldn't do a lot of shopping for himself. Maybe that's normal for them...

Welcome back, Hanna. Umm...yeah. I

One Carrot? Someone came in bought a single carrot? What a strange thing to do.

Ah - ahaha. Yeah, I think so, too.

It's not very nice to tease old folks.

The Hero Mail makes a triumphant return. This is reserved for the melee-oriented characters, with the exception of Meruru and Rufus, who can't wear it.

Meanwhile, back from Rorona, is the Healing Bell. The same basic idea behind the item, which restores HP proportional to the amount of HP the character is missing, is still there. But the main reason is because there are rank points tied to using Healing Bells, and in any case, it's a good healing item. Pretty powerful on its own, and it's like the Meteor, where it gets used three times for each use. Always handy.

After that, a Peter scene.

Oh, hey Peter. What kind of business do you have here at my workshop?

Hi there, Totori. I have to ask you a favor. Do you have some time right now?

My schedule's actually pretty packed right now, so can it wait? Or actually, maybe Meruru can help you.

Yeah. I'm up for it. I'll take any kind of requests!

Oh, don't worry about it. Don't stress out about it. Just be your normal self!

W-Well, if you say so. I just wanted to ask for some tools to dig a hole. Could you make me a nice set? And...maybe a detector. You know, the kind of thing you use to look for stuff underground. Is that possible?

I'm sure it is! But what do you need that stuff for?

I'm going in search of my dream. I imagine you're still too young to understand.

Your dream...? Can't you expand on that a little bit?

Sorry, I really can't. If my dream does come true, you'll know it. So you'll just have to wait.

Oh, okay...I'll wait. And try not to have too much anticipation...

So that's all there is to it. Please get the tools ready that I asked about. Thanks!

*Peter leaves*

...He left. I wonder what Peter's up to.


It's up to you whether you want to do his request or not.

What!? You're not gonna help me with this at all? But...I can't just not do what he asked me to... But i have no idea what might happen if I do it. Grr, this sucks! I'm really gonna hafta think about it...

There's no "hafta" to it. Peter's request is very simple, and rank points, etc. Then again, Totori has learned from experience, so I think we should teach Meruru a lesson by proxy. Then again, I'm wondering why Meruru hasn't found out what Peter is up to...whatever.

And with that location, that's the last non-DLC area on the map. We'll be getting the big boy this update, actually.

I wandered out here to grind bombs, and food items for rank points. For whatever reason, pies do not count as food, so you'll have to get something like Special Meat to grind for food. The reason I have to grind it is because I never use food items normally, given they are useless at the game wears on. Oh well. When I left this area, another scene.

Umm...yeah, I'm good! Thanks a bunch for your help today.

Sure thing. Now let's head back before it gets dark.

Okay. Oh, Ms. Mimi...about last time... I'm sorry it didn't go as planned. I got really absorbed in what Miss Totori was teaching me, and-

Don't worry, it's okay. It was probably a good opportunity for Totori, too.

I shouldn't really say this, but... Thanks to you, I was able to concentrate on learning a lot from Miss Totori. Thank you so much...wait, no. Thank you so much...wait, no, this just isn't right. I can't leave this as is!

Why are you getting so flustered all of a sudden? I'm fine just waiting for another chance at it.

Let's come up with another strategy. So what's a good way...?

Strategy...n-no, don't worry about it! I just wanted know, return the favor, just a little bit! Guarding you and Totori while you're off gathering...that's part of it. Part of giving back!

Nope, it's too late. You can't say that now. I already know your true feelings.

I-I told you to forget about that! Hey, you... you haven't told anyone about that...right?

Okay, okay, message received! I'll leave it to you again, so please come up with a good plan.

Heh heh. Okay, so the next strategy... Going out again is no good for now. What else...maybe a present? Yes! A present! Next time I see her, I'll casually ask Miss Totori if there's anything she's had her eye on.

Sure, do whatever you think is best. I appreciate your concern, but like I said before-

Just don't forget it!

Yes, ma'am. I understand! (Jeez...why can't Ms. Mimi just be more open?)

Next up on our scene schedule is Gio at Hart Outpost. I should mention that for jobs that call you to use x amount of a certain item, it only counts if Meruru uses the item. Neither Rorona or Totori will count toward it.

Hahaha. I'm glad you're interested in the stories of an old retiree like me. So what did you want to ask?

It's about the kingdom...I'm curious to why you thought to merge Arls and Arland. From Arland's perspective, Arls is just some tiny border nation. Wouldn't we just be a burden on you?

You think so? I thought bringing the two of them together might result in a new form of development. Even know, resources for development are coming from Arland into Arls, creating a new network of people. A kingdom needs more than just wealth, of course. What do you think is most important?

Umm...I've never really thought about it, so...I'm not too sure.

What!? Are you allowed to say that!?

Sure. With Arland becoming a republic, the people have become more independent. They think and act for themselves. I saw more development when there was no longer a king. I want each and every citizen to become their own king.

Every citizen...? So I won't be the only "special" person. Keina, Lias, and everyone else will be special, too. I think that's amazing! I had no idea you thought that way.

And Sofra felt the same.

I always thought you left the castle because you just didn't like your duties as king.'s not true. That is absolutely, definitely not why.

Huh? So what was that stutter at the beginning there?

And it's up to you to determine which path is right for that.

Such a huge responsibility...but I'll do my best!

Another scene down the pipe when I returned. This happened automatically, without me having to talk to Totori directly.

I should go ask Miss Totori what she might want. Miss Totori! I have a question!

Huh? You seem very excited. Is it about alchemy?

Nope! Yous ee...umm...I need some life advice!

Life advice...? I'm not sure if I'll be very helpful there...

Oh yeah? So...what is it?

Miss there anything you really, really want right now?

Does that qualify as life advice?

Don't dwell on the details! Just tell me!

Okay, well...what do I want? Maybe some Original Soil?

O-Original Soil...?

I see...I don't think I can get my hands on something like that...

Huh? You want some Original Soil? How come?

Oh! No reason!

Something strange is going on here. Meruru, what are you hiding...? *glare*

I'm not hiding anything...! Errg, stop glaring at me like that!

*glaaareee* ...

And that someone has someone she really likes, and wants to get her someone a gift to show her appreciation. But I have no idea what that someone might want. you're trying to figure out what to get. Hmm... I don't think you ncessarily have to get her something she wants. It's not about the thing, but the feeling.

Ohh...that makes sense!

Consider this. Miss Rorona is best friends with Cordelia, from the guild in Arland.

There you go, the one indication that Cordelia's ending events happened in Rorona.

I think something like that more clearly conveys feelings. But I guess it depends on what you make, too.

Something handmade, huh...? Okay, thanks a bunch, Miss Totori!

Well, to continue with this, we just need to talk to Mimi, but I'm going to hold off on that a bit. Shortly after this, I completed Peter's two requests, but honestly neither those syntheses nor the resulting scene are really worth recalling. The two syntheses were very easy, and it's a very simple 20 points.

Peter's second request, though...ugh, we'll get to that in time. I'd rather think about it as little as I can.

Now then, I have 160 points as of now, but the reason I'm not buying Overhaul Market is because of a much more valuable request that will come up after Rorona's penultimate event. I'm sure you can probably make a guess, but we'll need 150 points to get it. Well worth it, I assure you.

Next up, there were a couple Hanna scenes that came before this, but again, it's a case of them being fairly long, but nothing really that affects any future events or really hints toward anything down the line. I realize I'm skipping over more scenes in these past few updates than I've done before, but I'm at that point where I have to choose between recording absolutely everything and being smart about it. I'm leaning toward the latter.

However! This upcoming Hanna scene only happens when you download the Makina Domain DLC and talk to her after 4/1 of Year 3.

This is an alchemy recipe book! I've never seen recipes like these before... Hanna, where'd you get this?

I wandered off to the east a few days ago and found this weird place. I was poking around there, and I found it! That place was really crazy, though. The space-time continuum felt kinda messed up. It was just all-around strange.

Hmm...I didn't know a place like that existed in Arls. So what was it like?

Wow...I really wanna check it out! Hanna, tell me where it is!

Hey, what's the rush? You have a specific reason you wanna go there?

This book says it's only the first volume, so there must be a second one. I might be able to find it there!

Wow, very observant, May. Okay, I'll mark its location on the map.

Okay! Thanks, Hanna!

You remember how in the last game I told you it was a fool's errand to fight Ozean Kaiser off the bat? That's how Makina Domain works. Without ultimate equipment, you'll think regular encounters were the hardest things ever. Prepare well when you do head to Makina Domain, but when you do there, it's a sweet as hell dungeon, actually.

The music's really nice for the dungeon (which is a track that plays nowhere else in the game, meaning it was composed just for the DLC), the dungeon itself is full of really wacky architecture, it's visually very interesting, and it's just all around great. Not bad for free DLC, but like I said, don't pull any punches here. Also, don't let that materials list fool you. Every material in the game can be found in Makina Domain.

This is a whole bunch of weird items. The bombs are interesting, because after you make them, you have an infinite Bomb, Bomb Ice, etc. It has a good ol' infinity symbol under it to let you know, and because of the copious amount of high-quality materials, you can attach near any trait you want on them. Trouble is, a Bomb is still a Bomb, and it's just not that great as an attack item. Infinite Meteor on the other hand...

Still, Meruru is right in that there is a second volume. Once you beat the third boss of Makina for the first time (a boss identity I dare not spoil), you gain Infinite Alchemy 2.

This next scene happens shortly after Peter leaves. Guess he gave up pretty fast.

Wow, he's incredibly depressed... Hey, didn't you say you were going out in search of your dream?

My research failed. I went digging, but I didn't find what I was hoping for. Ahh...if only I had found it! I'd be incredibly rich by now! It relaxes your body, and increases your beauty. It would have been a huge hit!

What- ? Ms. Esty! ...You're always appearing out of nowhere.

Hm? Am I, now? Anyway, tell me about your dream. In great detail.

I-I don't wanna. It didn't work out this time, sure, but I'm gonna try again once I have enough money. In other words, what I know is valuable. I can't just spill it all for free.

Of course not. You wouldn't want me to report to the guild about you getting sidetracked from your day job, right?

Please, no! Okay, fine, I'll tell you! So what I'm doing is *whisper whisper*

Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I see. For the sake of the kingdom, I think further research is necessary. And I will personally take over such research from here on out. So you don't have to worry.

What? You!? Now just hold on, this whole thing was my idea!

Did you say something?

N-No, nothing...

After that scene, Esty can't join your party for a bit, but it's hardly going to be a major drag on my intentions. Still, poor Esty I think is going to be a good lesson in why assisiting Peter when he's really pumped about something is probably poorly advised. Regardless, a few days later I got a new newspaper.

Damn. 98 popularity. JUST short of a clean 100. You see that allowance, though? I'm a pauper! I'll be out on the streets in days! Clearly, the solution is acquiring more money.

For the first trip up to Yuvel, I'm bringing along Rufus and Rorona. Neither for any particular reason, but Rorona could use more friendship points and Rufus has a DLC event for bringing him to Handel Forest, which is shortly before Yuvel. Before we leave though, Esty's still hanging out at the castle gate, even though it's been quite a few days since that previous scene.

Ms. Esty, you going somewhere?

I'm headed to Mt. Velus to do some research. Don't do anything dumb while I'm gone.

I wont'! You be careful, too. There's been lots more monsters lurking around there lately.

Okay, I'm off!

*Esty leaves*

...Eternal beauty? What kind of research is she doing?

Next we're going with the Rufus DLC scene. This one is actually surprisingly elaborate. Caught me off guard the first time I saw it, which was when I was recording it.

This is...the farmland that is currently under development!

Princess...why so formal? What are you doing?

Well, isn't that what an inspection should be like? You knkow, like, "Master Rufus, this way please!"

...Please, just act normal. A butler is in no position to get a "Master" from you.

Ahaha...well, I just got nervous knowing you'd be observing me. ...So? How is it?

Right? Everyone's been working really hard. We'll be able to use this to grow all kinds of special Arls goods!

That would be most desirable. Well, Princess...I need to go speak with the person in charge.

Thank you for waiting. ...Princess, what are you staring at with such a serious expression on your face?

Not that it's serious, but...looking at this place again...I've cut down so many trees here. I know we had to, to make room for the fields, but...I'm not sure it was the best thing for the forest.

I see...then let me sweep your worries away.

Huh? ...Oh, I see them! There are buds poking out everywhere!

Those saplings were able to sprout because the old trees around them were cut down.

They sprouted because the other trees were cut? What do you mean...?

Until now, the branches and leaves of the old trees blocked all the sunlight from reaching the ground. And when it rained, the bigger trees soaked up all the water, so the other plants were left with none.

So because those big, old trees are gone...the new buds are able to sprout?

Clearing the older trees and plowing the land can sometimes bring more vitality to the forest as a whole.

I the forest needed us to give it a little help.

So you understand now? Then we should get going soon.

*Rufus leaves*

This update has just been chockfull of old folks giving sage advice and counsel. Well, except Rufus is in his early 20s, I believe. No later than his mid-20s, actually. Lias is hovering around 20 by now.

Now let's take a look at what this Yuvel joint looks like. Doesn't sound promising.

Jeez, this place looks like crap. We're going to need a miracle to turn this around.

Oh...the volcano is right near here. It's pretty scary seeing it up this close.

Well, we can start turning things around now. The three items here are used for stimulating rainfall, restoring the soil, and cleaning up all the rubble around here. All with the power of alchemy. The materials around here are useless crap, just for reference.

By the time I left Yuvel for the first time, I reached 100,000 population, which made this next scene come up. Video goes until the screenshot of the toast

From Rufus? I wonder what it could be about...

Here you go. He mentioned something about the population.

Let's see... "Hello, Princess. I hope you are..." Yeah yeah, polite greeting, whatever. Let's skip ahead... "As of the other day, the total population of Arls has significantly exceeded the expected number".

Kyah! Wh-What's going on, Meruru? Why are you screaming so loud?

I need to go tell Ms. Filly! You too, Keina! Come on!

Waah! Stop pulling so hard!

*fade to black*

Ms. Fiiiillyyy! Hey, check it out! You know how we were talking about the population? Well...I did it! Big time!

Whoa, really? That's great, Meruru! Arls has become a bustling metropolis.

So what Mr. Rufus mentioned...this "population trend survey"? What is that?

It's a document describing research on the kingdom's population. Meruru and I were discussing it just the other day.

I see. The population has definitely gone up since Meruru began. Seeing it in numbers really drives the point home.

We were such a tiny country back then. And to think we've reached this size so's really hard to believe.

It's all thanks to your efforts, Meruru. Congratulations!

It wasn't just me, though. Everyone helped this happen. Thank you so much!

Hmhm. Oh, wait right here!

Woo! I'm gonna aim even higher for my next goal. And eventually, we'll pass Arland become the biggest ever!

That's the spirit! Now Meruru, and the future of Arls!

I should introduce the MeMemo, which is basically Meruru writing notes to herself about more elaborate sidequests (such as the Totori / Mimi thing). Anyway, this red texts indicate you've uncovered an ending flag, so I could just sleep all the time (like I seem to do in real life), and still end up wtih an actual ending.

Thing is, it says she's uncovered a new future, and that's supposed to let you know you've uncovered an ending you haven't seen before, but of course I've already got this ending, so it must be the game messing up. Regardless, this is how you know when you've seen ending flag events. Ayesha's system of endings blows this game out of the water, though.

Although it's another scene I won't cover, if you talk to Hanna after completing Yuvel I, she'll tell you to continue development. HOWEVER, until you recruit Gio if you're on a New Game+, don't turn the items in. Gio needs to be in your party for Yuvel II and III when you turn the items in, or you've screwed yourself out of two endings. However, that only applies if you care about that sort of thing, of course.

Speaking of the old coot, let's finish this update with an important scene for him. Although he's not recruitable after this event, per se, he will be very shortly. Video goes for the rest of the update.

Hi, Uncle Gio. I thought I'd find you here.


Did something happen? You don't seem like your normal self today.

Don't it? ...Mmm, perhaps.

You spend a lot of time out at this outpost, Uncle. How come?

Well, this IS a nice place to train. I can swing my sword all I want without worrying about interruption.

Aunt Sofra...?

I avoided answering your first question, but... The anniversary of Sofra's death is coming up soon.


On our final adventure together, we departed from the old outpost that once stood right here. if you haven't noticed, this is the perfect spot to make your base when journeying afar from Arls.

Oh... But why did Aunt Sofra become an adventurer in the first place?

For the same reason you did. She wanted to see Arls develop as a kingdom. She wanted to provide a better life to the people. She traveled the land, searching for areas to develop. Unfortunately, her life came to an end before she could finish her task. she dreamed for the kingdom to develop all along...

But i have no intention of telling you to work harder for her sake. Your dream belongs to you alone. I'm sure Dessier feels the same. Don't live in Sofra's shadow - just keep on doing whatever you can for yourself. I can think of no better way to honor Sofra's wishes.

Whatever I can do... Okay, I'm gonna give it everything I've got!

Gio's an awfully sentimental fellow, hm? Well, a preponderance of events this time, but next time we celebrate the big 100 in style.

Look into the Past