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Part 19: Update XVI: An Alchemist and her Best Friend

I gotta admit, this is probably the hardest Assignment. Even then, it's not especially hard. The only reason it's hard is because no matter what route you take through Night's Domain, you're going to have to fight a rather difficult battle. In addition, the travel time is eight days, so if you're too worried about what's going on back in town with respect to character events and such, things could easily slip away from you. It was actually the only Assignment I ever failed, back on my first playthrough.

At first I was really worried I'd have to restart the game. But after a little luck and some dedication, I managed to scrape together enough materials to pass with like five stars, finishing with just a week left or so. All that said, Night's Domain is awesome. If I had not gotten Sterk's ending flag so early, he would have unlocked a location last Assignment, making Night's Domain the last. However, we'll have to wait until close to the end of this one to unlock it. The overriding thing I can tell you for the remainder of year three's Assignments is, pass them quickly, then worry about any endings you may want. Also, another fair warning: expect a dangerous level of Gio kicking ass this update.

But first, let's take care of an event I actually did get close to the end of Assignment 9. This scene is a bit of special case. First off, you have to have made every item in the game for it to show up. Now, you may be asking how I got it when I definitely have some items I haven't made yet. The answer is, New Game+. I got every item in the encylcopedia by my 4th or 5th playthrough, and gotten this scene every time since. Video goes until the screenshot of Rorona talking about Astrid praising her.

Is there a problem, Master?

Um, I was gonna synthesize something new, but... I don't have anything to synthesize anymore... I think I've tried everything...

*weak trumpet music*

Whoa! Wh-what was that!?

That was you? You really scared me!

Sheesh, I try really hard to congratulate my pupil, and she just yells at me in return? What was the world come to, Hom?

Yes. I was born in a filthy world.

Don't make Homhom say stuff like that. Besides, what are you congratulating me for?

You've made every item there is. Here, take this.

You'll notice in the video there's an awkward pause in the video. Well, that's actually a bit of fourth wall-breakage on Astrid's part. One of the trophies for this game is a silver one for making all the items, which prompts this scene. During that pause, she gives you the trophy.

Oh? Wait, so...I really made everything?

Yes. Honestly, I didn't think you'd be able to get this far in just three years. Good job.

Th-thank you...

And foremost, you still have an important task to complete. Don't forget about that.

I won't!

*Astrid leaves*

And now, let's get the follow-up to that Esty scene with the Bunny Tail. Video goes until the screenshot of Astrid say she can't say no to Esty.

Th-thanks. Uh, Rorona...

Umm... I'll just put it over here. I should go...

What's the matter with you? Are you trying to avoid me?

What? Oh, no, I wasn'

What? Al lies...? Ohhh! Of course! Now that I think about it, you would never... Ahahaha!

Just out of curiosity, what did she tell you?

I... I can't even say it...

I'll switch up the Ticket items again, so make sure you check them out.

Okay... Um, Esty...I'm sorry!

Don't worry. You didn't do anything wrong. I'll let you know when I need something else.

Okay... See you later, then.

Mmhm, see ya.

*Rorona leaves*

Oh, excuse me. I couldn't help but stare my dear pupil getting embarrassed.

So I'm doing this because you asked me to, right?

Yeah, so? Why are you asking that now?

Then why!? Why do I have to sacrifice my reputation to cover for you!?

Oh...I'm sorry. I know I went a little too far.

Want me to tell her everything?

I said I'm sorry. I'll make sure to remind Rorona not to believe anything I say.

...And I've been wondering, why are you trying to keep this all a secret? If you care about her, then why don't you just do it yourself?

I can't suddenly start acting like her master after all this time.

Oh, that's a normal answer.

...So are you alright with all this? She's starting to become a pretty good alchemist, even against your will.

What do you mean, "Against my will?"

That's not true. Being clumsy is only half of it.

You can drink, right?

I can, but... are we going alone? This is gonna be a sad night...

Esty's got good luck with drinking partners.

You can treat me this time, out of appreciation for everything that I've done for you.

The new items are alright, but nothing too special. There's some nice materials to use, but the last time she'll upgrade the items (next Assignment), we'll be seeing some amazing, rare items. Oh, and 3000 Cole is always helpful.

Now, the conditions to make this scene trigger are a little funky, but they are important. Remember that scene where Rorona and Tiffani talked about Cordelia's odd behavior? This scene triggers if you fail a synthesis after that event. I was curious why I hadn't seen a Cordelia request in a while, and that was the reason. Video goes until the screenshot of Rorona saying she has an idea.

*fade to black*

Hmm... It sure is strange.

So, you don't know what it is?

I've never seen it before. How did you make it?

I'm not sure... I messed up a synthesis and this popped out all of a sudden.

For the record, the item I messed up was a pie. The shame is just too great.

Okay. WHat should I do with the rest of it?

Do whatever you like with it. It's least for now.

*Astrid leaves*

This next scene takes place a day after the scene with the strange stone. Video goes until the screenshot of Cordelia laughing to herself.

Hey, Cory. Sorry for calling you over.

That's fine. What do you need?

Hehehe, I have a present for you. Tada!

I wanted to thank you for all of your help lately...

Jewelry? I can't accept this from you!

Don't worry, I didn't buy it. I synthesized it myself.

You did? That's amazing, Rorona! How'd you do it?

Well...I was trying to make something else, but I just happened to make this instead...

Oh... Huh? So this is just a mistake?

You're right...

...You don't like it, do you?

Yes! Thank you!

Huh? Is everything alright?

Yes! Is that all you need me for? Then I'm going home now!

*Cordelia leaves*

Oh...hmmm. I hope she likes it...

*fade to black*

Aw, Cordelia's still so cute when she's like that. Anyway...

This request popped up the day after that previous scene, proving what I thought happened with this whole sidequest. I thought I missed out on Cordelia's ending path, so I was more than a little worried. False alarm. Upon accepting and completing that request... Video goes until the screenshot of Esty sighing she can't keep secrets.


What's wrong? You look upset.

Oh, no... I'm not upset, but...

The peanut gallery again. Don't these guys have anything better to do?

Why does she keep getting all the good deals?

Hey, isn't she that alchemist? Maybe she's bribing some officials.

Yeah... Esty, can I turn down these kinds of jobs next time?

That's up to you, but... She's just trying to help you out...



Are you talking about the client? Who is she?

Umm, well...I wish I could say that it's confidential...

Esty, please tell me!

This next scene triggers just as soon as you leave the castle after the previous scene. Video goes until Rorona says "Why is this happening...?"

Hey, Rorona. I didn't expect to see you here.


Oh, I wanted to tell you something about that stone you gave me...

I have to talk to you about something, too.

Really? You don't look well. Are you alright?

Cory, were you going to the castle to turn in a job?

Esty told me all about it. You told her to give me those jobs...

...! I told her to keep her stupid mouth shut!

But, why? Why did you do such a thing?

But the rewards were so high...

But why did you request me to do it...?

Ugh, what do you want from me!? What is with this interrogation!?

I wasn't trying to...

It's not like you lost anything, right!? You should be thanking me for them!

I know. And I appreciate what you were trying to do, but I don't think it's right to...

Why is it okay for you to give me presents, but it's not okay for me to give you jobs!?

Cory... You're not making any sense... I'm just...

*shattering noise*

It broke!


I didn't want to argue... Why is this happening...?

So, as you might guess we can't hire Cordelia at the moment (this seems to be a trend lately). Since we want Cory to be in a few battles this update, we're going to have to wait until things blow over. This next scene triggers if you talk to Esty after that previous scene.Video goes until Esty says "I don't wanna say anything to make this more complicated..."

Oh... Yeah...

Uhh, you look really upset. I'm sorry. It was my fault, wasn't it?

No, it wasn't... Cory got mad because I went too far...

I see...



Okay... Thank you.

*Rorona leaves*

Hmmm. I feel so guilty... What should I do? I don't wanna say anything to make this more complicated...

Next scene takes place a few days after that last scene with Cordelia. Video goes until Astrid says "Although, it is pretty entertaining to watch..."

Master, you keep sighing.

Oh? Really?

That was your 29th sigh this morning.

Really!? Wait, why are you counting all of my sighs anyway?

It was an order from Grand Master.

I'm not in the mood for your jokes today!

This is getting serious. Rorona's usually the first person who makes sure Astrid knows her jokes are appreciated.

Does that mean you're in the mood for my jokes on other days?

I said, I'm not in the mood... Ugh, please leave me alone! *sigh*

*Rorona leaves*

Master, that was the 30th.

Now it's starting to look serious. Although, it is pretty entertaining to watch...

While we're waiting on Cordelia's events, we might as well take some time to make some powerful new weapons. The Platine is for Gio's second-to-best weapon, while the Halmolium is an interesting story. I actually made that from Marinelite, without needing a Dragon Tusk at all. Again, I'm not sure how the game decides when materials will upgrade their normal tiers like that. Gio is going to be kicking ass with the weapon he'll get from this, but I'll show off all his buffs after Cordelia comes back.

But sheesh, we really need the lighten the mood here. You get this scene after you finish the fourth batch of pies at 80 quality or greater. Video goes until Rorona says "Let's get right to it!"

I think I've got great potential... There's no pie that I can't make!

...I could be wrong.

Whoa! W-were you watching me this whole time!?

I sure was. I watched you dancing around with that cocky smile on your face.

I...I wasn't dancing!

Are you completely satisfied with your alchemy pie making skills already?

Huh? What do you mean?

Hmhmhm, it's unusual to see you getting so ticked off.

Well of course it is. I make normal pies.


That's all I'll say. I'm taking this as my consultation fee.

Hey! I was gonna eat that later...

Joke's on Astrid. You don't actually lose the pie you just made, thankfully.

*Astrid leaves*

Aww, I can't believe she took it...

Aw, poor Rorona. Still, making pies is a pretty good skill.

It's more like...something that I can only do with alchemy. Alright! I think I know what it is now! Let's get right to it!

Rorona's starting to get serious now. All of these pies are cool because you get a voiced scene after each and every one of them. Pie pie pie.

Anyhow, this event triggers 10 days after the fight with Cordelia and you try to leave the atelier. Video goes until the screenshot where Astrid says she's embarrassed to suggest something.

Be careful now. And come back before dinner, okay?


*Rorona leaves*

No response... I was expecting her to say, "I'm the one who always makes dinner!"

That's an accurate assessment, but it's not very flattering... Anyway...

You can come in now.


*fade to black*

...How long have you known I was there?

I would never do that! I'm not you! I've only been here for two or three hours!

Oh, so you have been here for a while.


You've become rather patient... What happened to you, Cory?

Leave me alone! And don't call me Cory!

...I came here to ask you for a favor.

You're here for me and not Rorona? What kind of favor are you talking about?

...Will you fix this for me? You can do it, right?

Why, you...! Some things just shouldn't be said!

Sorry, I shouldn't have joked about that. At least you're energized enough to get mad. That's better than someone.

To be honest, I can't fix this.

...Huh? Why not!? I'll pay you!

That's not the problem here. There's no way to completely put these pieces back together. Even with my best effort, the cracks will be blatantly obvious.

Then how can you call yourself a genius!?

Hey now, don't cry. You know Cory, you're starting to look very cute to me.

I'm not crying! And I told you not to call me Cory! *sob*

...I knew I shouldn't have come to you for this.

Hey, wait. I can't fix that for you, but I do have an idea...

...Well, what is it? I'll at least hear you out.

This upcoming scene is one of the best in the game. Just got to make the good ol' Living Pie, no matter what quality. Video goes until...I can't spoil it. You'll know.


...Hmph! I guess I messed up.


!? Did it just say something!?

I cannot imagine anything other than the voice actor for Mr. Pie here was having a good day when he recorded this scene.

Yes! I've alive! And it's talkign! Hmmm, but I guess it can only say, "Pie".

Pie... Pie, pie... Pieee!

What is it saying? Hmm, I can't seem to understand its crazy pie language...

Well, no wonder. It hasn't cooled off yet. Wait! Do you speak pie language!?

No, but I can feel it. I have no doubt.

Pie, piee... Pie?

It is asking if you are the alchemist who made it.

Y-yeah, that's right. I made you.

"Why did you give me life? Was it just so that you can eat me alive?"

"What brutal creatures humans are..." It is crying in disbelief.

Huh? Well, yeah, I'm gonna eat you... But, I didn't mean to hurt you. I just wanted to make a pie...

"I will not take being eaten lying down..."

Whoa! Just calm down.

Pie, p-pie... Pieeeeee!

"You will know the suffering that my comrades have faced!"

Wh-whoa! Stop jumping around...

Pie...? Piee...? P-pie pie pie!

Stop translating and help me!

What's going on in here? I heard a tempting scream.

Ooh, how scandalous.

At least Astrid has her priorities straight.

Th-this isn't the time to joke around! Hurry! Please!

Pieee! Pieeee!

Actually, the Living Pie is the one pie that can't be eaten. I guess Rorona feels guilty or something. Anyhow, I had to visit Hagel to make an item for a Cordelia request, when this scene came up. Video goes until the screenshot of Hagel getting mad by himself.



*fade to black*

Wait, Cory!

...She's gone.

What's going on here? Did you girls have a fight or something?

Cory... Ughh... *sob*

Whoa! Okay, why are the hell are you crying!?

Ugh...I'm sorry...but...

Wh-what should I do...? Oh, I know! Hey, kiddo! Look over here!




I'm sorry... I have to go... *sob*

We really need to clear the air here. This final scene for Cordelia's flag takes place ten days after the scene where Astrid makes her suggestion. Video goes until Hom says "Yes, Grand Master."

*knocking sound*

*knocking sound*

Uh...come on in! It's open.

*fade to black*


Cory...? Um, why...?

You don't have to act so surprised.

Yeah, right...


... (What should I...? I should say something, but...)


Huh? What did you say?

I tried, but I couldn't hear you...

I said, um... So...rry...

What? Can you please speak up...?

...! How many times are you gonna make me repeat myself!?

But...! I really couldn't hear you.

Oh, yeah. Sorry...

Don't apologize! It was all my fault this time. Alright!?

But that's not...



Don't worry about it. It's not like you did that on purpose.

But I care about it!

So, it's not like an apology or anything, but...

...You made this?

Mmhm. I could do pretty much anything I wanted to with them...

...I mean, it was my first time, so it took a while. That's why I didn't stop by any sooner...


Say something... Or do you not wanna match with me?

Don't be ridiculous! I'm so happy... Ugh... *sob*

Why are you crying!?

But, you made this for me, and... Wahhh...

Enough already! You're starting to embarrass me.

*hic* I'm sorry...

Stop apologizing. What am I gonna do with you...?

*fade to black*

Looks like they made up. My plan worked.

Grand Master, why are we outside?

I did not know that such dangers exist. I will make note of that.

And now I have something to pick on Cory with. But I'll leave them alone for now. Let's go, Hom.

Yes, Grand Master.

Now that we've made up and all, it's time to get rolling. Cordelia's an obvious choice, but we want Gio because he's awesome and he gets a few events with Cordelia upon leaving Arland. Video goes until Rorona says "I've never seen Cory like that before..."

There you are! Ugh, I can't believe you made me, of all people, wait. Huh? Hmm?

Glad to see Cordelia's the same as always.

I apologize. It's all because I took too long to get ready. Is this young lady your friend?

Yeah. She's my friend, Cory. I've known her for years.

Y-yes, and you as well!

Two young ladies for this journey, huh? I better be more careful than usual. So, shall we head out now?

*Gio leaves*


What's wrong?


Please, wait for me! Sir Gio!

*Cordelia leaves*

Sir Gio...? I've never seen Cory like that before...

There's actually three of these scenes involving Cordelia and Gio, although he's only in two of them. Of course, I'll be getting them all. Anyhow, we're heading to the National Mines, because we've got another location boss we need to teach a lesson to.

This critter is hiding well, in the Falling Rocks Area. There's a whole bunch of extremely resiliant rocks in the way, but we can blow them apart with our Bag Bombs, like so.

Three of them in a row until we get to our prey. He's going to be a lot more bloody than scarlet when I'm through with him.

Scarlet here isn't too hard. He's resiliant, but he doesn't have many tricks aside from some hard hitting attacks. He's certainly no match for us.

I like the detail of having a hawk pommel on his sword. Reminds me of the Sword of Altair from Assassin's Creed II, which in a very subtle detail had an eagle on the pommel.

Even with her best weapon, Cory's still pretty weak at the moment. A consequence of not having her in a battle for a while, I guess.

Those guys must have studied under Chun-Li. I'd recognize those kicks anywhere.

Thanks to that Aurora Suit and another trait, Gio can inflict up to three status effects at once. With how fast he is, those can really start cripplng the enemy.

Love this skill, if only for how cool it looks.

I know I said you have to get the character's innate element to five before the super attack showed up, but I guess I did something that made that rule not apply this time. What, I don't know... Oh, and "Einzelkampf" means "Single Battle" or something similar. "Single Struggle" just doesn't work.

And what do you know, Rorona's ultimate skill. Let's see what it does.

Well...that's one way to hurt something, I guess.

Oh hey, I didn't forget this time. See? Not that it made much difference.

Oh well, Rorona takes the gold.

This is a unique skill in that it only unlocks after Cordelia's final events.

Some pretty nice stuff. I can work with that.

Oh yeah, I guess I had a bounty on the Raum Lizard. Long story short, he lasted only a couple turns before defeat.

Anyway, upon returning courtesy the Windrider, let's make this puppy.

The Mystery Ankh is one of the most versatile, effective items in the game. It has eight different effects, depending on the items you use. Attack Plus and Temp HP Increase are both extremely effective traits, so we'll be going with it. As a bonus, the quality can give you up to six uses for one Ankh. Use these a lot.

Those are some rather nice traits. Unfortunately, even though it looks like it might be an accessory...I can't equip it on either Cordelia or Rorona. Very odd why it's an actual item, but there you go...

But now that we're done preparing, it's time to see what this legendary Night's Domain is all about.

Music: Dark Domain

I'll make no secret Night's Domain is my favorite location in the game. There's all sorts of interesting stuff going on in the background, the music is the best, and it's a massive location. The last location is arguably bigger, but visually it's definitely not as interesting. It's also got universally great materials, and plenty of powerful enemies for grinding experience.

This is the first major junction of the location. Both paths lead to the materials you need, but the right is the quicker, but arguably harder path. That's what we'll be taking for now.

Next area has a ton of wolves in it. They're not that good for experience, but they are easy to kill.

Let's see what's in store for us. Gotta be something good.

Ow! Jerk.

But if we want the materials for this Assignment, we're going to have to go through him. Let's rock.

These suckers are dangerous, but there's only two of them. Gio with one of his base skills can take a quarter of one their HP on his own.

They also have the ability to insta-kill, but they didn't get lucky this time.

Would you look at those stats. He gets a big max HP increase, as well as attack skyrocketing. See why Ankhs are so effective?

Look how powerful those strikes are. Like 200 more damage

Now that its guardians have fallen, the Shadow Grass field is ours.

See this guy? The location boss for Night's Domain. His name is Bloodache, so it's only right we really give him something to complain about.

But on a more serious note, he is extremely dangerous. Take no chances against him. I end up goofing around, because Gio could likely defeat him by himself if he was powered up by an Ankh.

If you watch the video of the battle, get used to Gio dodging every other attack. it's awesome.

And no matter what, bombs kick ass.

Unfortunately, I wanted to end this fight with Cory's super move, but he keeps being a jerk and KOing her. Buddy, the nice folks reading this wanna see action, dammit.

There we go. Time to finish this.

And we finish the update in style. Of particular note if you watch the video is the barrel on Cory's gun actually moves around as she's posing, which is how Cory loaded it in the first place. Really nice detail.

Cordelia concept art
Making Up
Rorona and Cordelia art

Dark Domain
The tricky tempo is the best part of this song. The basic has triple measures, the middle is a combination of quadruple and triple measures, and the last part has mostly quadruple, then goes back to triple at the end. I should stop doing things like this, huh?