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Atelier: Arland Trilogy

by Sylphid

Part 36: Update XXXIV: An Alchemist and the End of her Journey, Jyu-Ni: All the Good in this Life

What time is it...? Man...

Hehehe! What's the matter? You seem a little jittery.

I do? Uh, I'm fine. I'm just really focused on work is all.

Are you sure? Oh, but...

..."Yet?" Does that mean you're thinking about drinking something later?

I'll have something when you get back. Now go ahead.

...Thank you.

*sigh* I miss having someone here with me. I haven't cooked in a while, but I'm sure everything'll be fine.

Can we get any luckier!?

I-I'm gonna let everyone else know!

*fade to black*

*fade to black*

Homhom, are you done over there?

Unfortunately, I need 30 minutes.

No problem. Let's get it done quickly. I'll help you out.

It is my job to help you. I cannot allow you to help me.

*fade to black*

Hey, are you alive in there?

Is that you, Iksy? DId you come to bring me food? Is it lunch time?

Is that all you think of me...? I'm not your breeder, you know?

I haven't eaten anything all day! Oh, come in!


Huh? What was that?

Nevermind. Let us keep on working until the food is ready.

True Ending B

True Ending
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