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Part 50: Update XLVII: An Adventurer and the Scorched Lands

The real update starts here.

So before I started this update, I resolved that I would finally update some party members' equipment. Totori is a priority, with her status as the only constant, but we could also touch up some of our allies.

To that end, I decided to make two of these, and upgrade Rorona and Totori. I probably should have upgraded Mimi instead of Rorona, but we'll work with it.

When we made Totori's first upgraded staff, our first voiced scene. Video goes until Totori says "If it doesn't work, I'll think about a solution later"

All done. I dub it "Light Iron Staff." Not a very original name though.

Wow, it's really super light. I bet I can swing it around without making my arms tired and sore at all.

I know. I made it lightweight enough for small, frail kiddos like you. It might look simpke, but it was pretty hard to make.

I was just thinking. Aren't weapons like these more effective when they're heavy?

Whoops? Did you say whoops?

I guess. Still, I can't use it as a weapon if it's too light to hurt anyone.

It's all right! It might be light, but iron is iron! If you get whacked with iron, it hurts!

Oh... I guess. I'll try it out. If it doesn't work, I'll think about a solution later.

The Light Iron Staff isn't a very good item, and to be honest I probably shouldn't have made it for Totori, but whatever. It'll do for the next few months.

Hm, seems like she's opening up. I decided to replace Mel with her, as we're going to be heading east this update, and there's a lot of experience to be gained.

Believe it or not, those are the final rank points I need for this game. Now, I can't promise I'll get *all* the rank points, because this is a task that takes a long time and I have better things to do, both in the LP and out, but I will get as many as are needed for Galaxy, the final rank. That's quite a lot of points, but over the course of my playing this game, I actually have gotten every single rank point. Never in a single playthrough, I don't think, but whatever.

But now, the third to last ranking up scene. Video goes until Totori says "Thank you"

Y-Yes, of course.




...Um, this is nerve-wracking. Are you done yet, Cordelia?

Really? So you mean my license will get an extension?

Th-Thank you so much... I feel so tired all of a sudden.

Snap out of it. It's not over yet.

After this line, the game reminds you you can't rank up any more until 6/1, Year 4. Like I've said before, you can keep earning points in the meantime, and they'll all go to your next rank when that day comes. To get to Galaxy, I believe you need about 2000 points, so we're almost halfway there.

*fade to black*

So regarding the license extention... Be sure to come here on the last day of your third year. I'll give you a new license then.

So yeah, when that day comes, you get automatically forced to Arland regardless of what you're doing. On one of my first playthroughs, I mismanaged my time and wasn't in Arland on 6/1, so I thought I'd get a game over or something. But, no, the game isn't that cruel.

Oh, you don't extend it today?

It'd be easier for us both if that were possible. But there's a lot of red tape to cut through. I'm sorry.

Please don't apologize. But one thing, Cordelia...


Of course not. You don't have to worry about that.

I-I'm sorry. I can't stop worrying. Well, I'll come back on the last day.

Not gonna happen, as long as I'm in control of Totori.

Thank you.

Ah, the Warp Gate. Unfortunately, another item we can't make for a while, but only because we can't get to all of the ingredients in the first place. This marvelous little tool is basically the Windrider Mk. II. Use it at any gathering point in the game (not just anywhere you want), and you can warp instantly to Atelier Totori or Rorona, saving you *tons* of time.

Especially with a rather distant location you're forced to visit at least once, it can literally save you months of time on traveling alone. If nothing else, make this item as soon as possible

Before heading east, it would be advisable to have a healthy stock of Ice Bombs and regular Bombs. Most normal enemies we'll find in the wastelands are weak to Ice, and those snowmen are going to do a number on them. Healing Salves, too, of course.

But now, off we are to the hitherto-ignored eastern wastelands. Along the way, we got ambushed by a Griffon, but I was able to school it without too much trouble. If you enter the Sandy Wind Plains within a certain time frame, you get this short little scene.

I didn't think I'd see you. Are you here to gather materials?

Yes. I was thinking of drawing out maps, too. Are you here on a job?

Lost? Is that place that dangerous?

Okay, I will...

Thankfully, if you don't see this scene you don't miss out on Sterk's ending events, or something ridiculous like that.

No, that honor is saved for Gino's ending, which you can be screwed out of in a *very* dick way. Oh, don't worry, I'll be sure to cover THAT when we get to it.

So, the Sandy Wind Plains. Basically the only thing of note around here is very high quality Phlogiston. Not much else to talk about around here, unfortunately.

But, let's see what yet another big location has in store for us...

Music: Across the Wilderness

It's so hot! I don't think I can walk around here at all. Did I bring anything that will help keep me cool...?

Yes, I did. Normally, after every turn in a battle in this location, you'd lose LP. With the Heavenly Parasol in our Basket, however, this gimmick is non-existent. I mostly did it for the alchemy experience, though.

So yeah, this location is massive. Easily one of the biggest, and what we need to do it is exactly the same as Stein Hill. We need to defeat the boss of this area, find the landmark, and find all the gathering points. With a location this massive, however, it could take a while to find all the gathering points.

What I like to do is start by hugging the canyon wall, taking out the gathering points nearest to the edge. After I make it to the plateau with the boss of this area, I head north, and circle around in a clockwise fashion, taking out the remaining gathering points. It's tedious, but it's the most effecient way, I think.

That big cactus is the landmark, and you may notice a rock in the way. Good thing we brought along a healthy supply of Ice Bombs and regular Bombs, eh?

Hm, what's that?

It's the Wasteland Beast!


GO GO TOTORI is the normal battle music here, but again I opted to change it. Anyway, the Wasteland Beast may look formidable, but he's full of hot air. He really isn't that hard, and if we were to wait a few months until Sterk becomes a party member, we'd be massively overkilling him.

As it stands, however, he is little more than a nuisance.

Also on the plus side, is that he's weak to Bomb Ice.

As an aside, I love the cute little cap on the snowman's head.

Unfortunately, he opted to use a very annoying move, called War Cry, early in the fight. Mimi is now even weaker, and both she and Totori take a hit to defense. Luckily items are unaffected.

Another annoying attack of is his fire breath. It does alright damage, but also lowers LP. It'd much more a concern if I didn't have the Parasol.

But at this point, he's just pissing into the wind. Game, set, and match.

I'm not sure of the mentality of a person whose first instinct upon defeating an enemy is to tear out their heart, unless said person is in the Mortal Kombat universe. Anyway, the Behemoth Heart is a very good ingredient, but don't use it in anything just yet.

And hey, I got Sterk's starting armor, but in a very good quality. Unfortunately, no one can use it, but remember Hagel can disassemble equipment.

Thank you. Next, we head northwest until we reach a couple rocks.

Like in Rorona, there are some objects in the field you can destroy with Bombs. Let's see if mine is good enough...


You also get the opportunity after destroying an object for some free ingredients. Neat.

And for finding the landmark officially, we get a whole host of items if I were so inclined to take them. I was.

Yeah, if you're missing a gathering point in this location, it's probably here. Kinda of a weird place to put a gather point, so far from the others, but oh well.

There's a bunch of lizards wandering around here, as well as a few Griffons. Fight them if you wish, but remember that damage can add up quickly.

Finally. Let's vamoose before I have to wander any more deserts.

Let's hit up the next wasteland area, the Dragon Grave. Damn cloud.

A whole lot of even more icky bugs (surprisingly dangerous ones, too) are hanging around, as well as some dragon bones. Guess they finally found a nice resting place after getting their asses collectively kicked a few years ago. Anyway, nothing otherwise really worth mentioning here.

But it's time to end another adventure. Upon returning... Video goes until Rorona says "I'm awesome at pie-baking, too!"

Wah! What's going on here?

Hehe. Take a look at this amazing creation!


*fade to black*

What is this? When did you make it?

Hehehe. It was pretty hard to make it and keep it a secret from you.

You didn't have to keep it a secret. Anyway, what is this?

Don't sweat the small stuff. Anyway, we can use this machien to make lots of Homs!

Homunculus and Homs... You lost me a long time ago...

It's okay! It's real easy to use! First, open this part and insert some secret, special materials. Wait a few minutes, then tadah!

That's it...?




Nothing's coming out.

Huh? That's weird...

*fade to black*

Come on already! Why aren't you working?! Please!

*kicking noises*

Um, I don't think hitting it like that will fix it...

I worked so hard on it. Please work!

*strange machine noises*

Hey, it's moving again.

Yay! All right! Please work this time!

*fade to black*


Y-Yay! Great success!

Wow, that's so cute! What is it?!

Hehe. Cute, right? This is Hom.


For the record, male Chim and female Chim are virtually identical, almost down to the voice (male Chim sounds very slightly different). It's really only the clothes that set them apart.

It even changed how it says hi! W-Well, nice to meet you.


It answered me! Can I touch it?! Actually, can I hug it?!

Go right ahead. I made it to help you out, Totori.

Hi, I'm Totori. To-to-ri. Do you understand?


It's so cute...

Teacher, can you keep it down? I'm trying to talk with Chim here.

I'm not the one making the noise. It's the machine that's...

Would you please be quiet... Huh? Wahhhhh!

*flash to white*

Ugh... Are you okay, Totori?

I'm fine, but... Hey! Where's Chim?! Chim!


I'm so glad you're okay...




Th-This is bad! I have to do something! Help me out, Totori!




Ahhh! Totori's getting buried! Snap out of it!

*fade to black*

Aww... There's only one Chim left...

Hm, I must wonder what happened to all the other Chims... Gruesome.


Don't look so depressed... With the right materials, you can make more. Let me explain how it works.

Chim is very similar to Hom in a few ways, but significantly different all the same. The first major difference is that Chim doesn't make anything by herself. That is, Chim (I keep typing Hom here. Damn muscle memory) can perfectly replicate anything (limited to synthesis items and items with use numbers, actually) you have on you, quality and traits and all.

The tradeoff is you need pie to fuel Chim so she keeps working, and the higher quality the item, the longer it takes Chim to actually make the item (this time can last up to a few months). As a final note, you can make several Chims over the course of the game (up to five, including the one we have now). Chim levels up in the same way Hom did: just keep her working and she'll gain experience.

Well, that's it. Do you understand?

Yup. Chim loves pie!

So if you ever need pie, ask me and I'll make as many as you...

Perfect! Ceci's really good at baking pies. I bet I can get her to make them for me.

What? Your sister bakes pies, too?

B-But I'm pretty good at it, too...


It's okay, Chim. I'll be sure we make enough for you.


*Totori and Chim leave*

Ugh... I'm awesome at pie-baking, too!

With little else to do, off to the castle. Video goes until Filly says "Please don't beat me!"

You don't have to thank me. I only did what was expected from a member of the Schwarzlang family. Let this be a lesson to you. Don't go to places beyond your means.

I thought I told him I didn't need to be thanked. Although this does feel kind of nice.

Mimi, what were you talking about?

Oh, Totori. It doesn't concern you.

Come on. Tell me.

He got reckless and was surrounded by monsters. Then Mimi saved the day.

H-Hey! Who said you could talk? This isn't something to be flaunted.

Mimi helped someone? Really?

I doubted my ears too, but it's true. I never thought it would happen.

Hey, you two. I can hear you.

S-Sorry! We're not being mean. We were just really surprised.

So that's what you two think of me... I better maintain that image then!

Waah! She's really angry now!

I'm sorry! Please don't beat me!

And just after, another scene gained by talking to Filly. Video goes until the screenshot of Filly yelling against a dark background.

Hi, Filly.

Shh! Be quiet!

Huh? Why?

Come here. It's just getting good.

Hey, don't tug on me. What's going on?

*fade to black*

Just come over here. Look at that.

And then, I fell into a lake and ended up drifting into the ocean. Then Totori fished me out of the water.

Rorona... I'm working here.

Oh, sorry. I'll get going then. See ya later.

Hold on. Well, there isn't anyone here, so I guess you can stay for a bit.

Really? Are you sure you won't get yelled at for it later?

*fade to black*

*sigh* That's so...nice. Don't you think so, Totori?

I guess I'm a bit jealous. You rarely see friends that close.

Friends? They're so much more than that. Can't you tell?!

Huh? What?! I don't get what you mean... Filly, you seem different today.

Of course it is! Look at how they smile at each other. It can happen. Hmm, but it might be too cliche.

Why're you asking me?!

Come on. Make yourself more useful. I'm asking for your opinion about which scenario you like better!

I'm sorry. I just don't really get what you're trying to talk about...

You still don't understand? I'll start from the very beginning.

*fade to black*

What kind of nonsense are you spouting, you idiot?

It's not nonsense! I'm serious!

Right about the time you talked about "them being in love."

I didn't notice you at all... You're just so tiny...


I do like how the game ennunciates these verbs. Cordelia is pretty miffed, it seems.

I just heard a weird noise.

You better be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Huh?! N-No, I... Oh, but it just slipped out!

Totori! Let's go outside! It's gonna get really dangerous for us if we stay here!

T-Teacher?! Don't pull me so hard!

*fade to black*

And she was never heard from again, except when I went back to accept some jobs from her. But aside from that, never again. Oh, and after returning to the Rorona Atelier, another scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Chim saying her name again.

Excuse me. Is Rorona here?

Hey, Cory! Welcome!


What was that weird sound?

Hehe. Wasn't me. It came from here.

Here? Where? I don't see anyone.

Gah! Wh-What's this adorable little creature?

It's Chim! You remember Hom, right? I made it in the same way.

Oh. Chim, huh?



Ack! Wh-What?

Good job!

Huh? Th-Thanks...?

Wh-What's gotten into you? Hey, don't pull!

I knew I could count on my best friend. You know how to do things right!

*Rorona and Cory leave*

I've never seen Cordelia so happy. I wonder how she would've acted if Chim was taller.

Here's another Chim scene that happens...I dunno, couple weeks after the first one?

Well, Chim is just a tiny version of the real Hom.

Wait, so that means there's a big Hom somewhere?

Totori, you act really weird whenever it comes to Chim.

I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me...

Homunculs... I'm already confused about what they really are.

Simply put, they're people made with alchemy. But Hom can talk like everyone else and is about your height. Hom really felt like another family member.

Oh? Chim can't really talk... I'm also a lot taller.

Please don't put yourself down! I think making Chim is amazing, too!

But I'd like to meet Hom. Where is Hom right now?

I want to see Hom too, but...

(Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have brought it up...)


Master is like one hundred times better than me as an alchemist, too!

Um, Teacher. Can you please calm down?

O-Oh... Teacher acts weird when it comes to Hom, too.

But now that I'm about to can Rorona for a bit, I'm taking her Guardian Rod. Mimi is getting an upgraded weapon in her stead, and I'm also disassembling that coat I got from the Wasteland Beast to upgrade Mimi's armor. When I made the Adventure Wear, I got this scene. Video goes until Hagel says "You have it all wrong, kiddo!"

That should do it. An outfit for the common, everyday adventurer.

Wow, you're good at sewing, too.


Why are you looking at me like that? I only learned it because of my trade! Sewing isn't a man's hobby! I don't design and make fancy, cute clothes every single night!

Wh-What? I didn't say anything.

Oh, really? Let's leave it at that.

So you design your own outfits?

Urgh! How did you know? Who told you?!

I did? How could I be so careless...? Please! You gotta keep it a secret, kiddo!

I don't think it's anything to be ashamed about. So what if you can sew?

You make outfits you're ashamed of?

What?! No! Most of the things I make are perfectly normal! But...when you run out of ideas, you try to get creative and things start to get out of hand. But the rest of them are normal!

*Totori leaves*

What? Wait! You have it all wrong, kiddo!

Another stay in Arland ends, another stay in Alanya begins.

Now that we're back in the village, here's an odd and somewhat easily missed scene. To get it, all you need to do is talk to Mel sometime toward the end of year 2. The earliest seems to be October, and I have no idea when the cutoff date is. Anyway...


I completely forgot. I'll bring you a present the next time I see you. I promise.

Don't worry about it. It's not something I want to celebrate.

You're not happy? Why?

Once I realized how old I was...

That's just rude. I do think about those things. I'm old enough to get married and have kids. Doesn't mean I want to quit adventuring.

I think that's fine. My mom got married and had kids, but she kept going on adventures.

Gisela's special. I doubt I can mimic her lifestyle.

She's a special case, too. I'm starting to think that no one around you is normal.

That's not true. They're all great people.

I guess they might be, but... Whatever. Let's stop talking about it.

*Mel leaves*

I'd put good money on it. Kinda lame. When you're a kid, your birthday is the biggest day of the year for you, but gets less and less important each year, especially if you move away from most of your family for work or college or something.

These days, I mostly spend my birthdays like any other day, but I go out to eat with family and friends online and such wish me happy birthday. Didn't always be that uneventful, but just one of the things you'll have to come to expect later in life. It's especially lame if your birthday is close to Christmas, and you get less loot overall. Anyway...

So here's how I like to fuel my Chim factory: just buy pies from Ceci. There's really no point in wasting your time making pies to fuel them, especially when the Chims go through them so quickly. Every 10 days, just stock up on more. Those little guys will be happy as clams to keep working for you.

Upon returning to the workshop...Video goes until the screenshot of Totori thinking about Chim and Ceci.

Welcome h...Who's that?

Hehe. This is Chim. Teacher made Chim for me to assist with my work.



What's wrong? Ceci?

What? No! Chim is mine.

Then ask your teacher to make me one!

I-I think it's kind of difficult. She said she needed very special materials for it.

That's not fair! You get to keep something so cute all to yourself!

Chim. Chim...

Don't say that. See? You're making it awkward for Chim.


Aww, so cute...

I think that'll be all right.

Thanks! My name's Ceci. Nice to meet you, Chim.


I love Ceci's embarrased portrait. Nice smile. Anyhow, we have a couple events with Pamela we need to take care of. First up...

I want to ask something, Pamela. Where do you get your merchandise?

I don't know. Why are you asking me?

What? You're not the doing the supplying for your store?

Oh? Who is this person?

I can't say. I was told to keep it a secret.

I wonder where it's stolen from.


I mean, gathered from.

Next up to bat: Video goes until Totori says "I don't think I'll understand even if I keep asking".

This teddy bear is cute. How much is it?

Oh, no. It's not for sale.

Really? That's too bad... Why do you have it here if it's not for sale?

Bed? So you hug it when you sleep?

Of course not. I'm not a kid anymore.

I get it. You use it like a pillow when you want to take a nap...

No. It's my bed.

I don't get it.

Never mind. I don't think I'll understand even if I keep asking.

Now that Chim is in the game, Pamela sells the Water of Life. This is basically a new Chim. There's four in the game: one with Pamela, one we get when we'll rank up next, one you get in an event with Sterk, and one you get in an event with Iksel down the line. To get a new Chim, all you have to do is throw a Water of Life into the gumball machine Hom Motel in Atelier Rorona, choose the Chim's gender, and voila, new Chim.

I also decided to buy all of Pamela's recipes, costing me 15,200 Cole, and counting the Water, more than 22k Cole. Oh well.

I already talked about how to make Cannons with traits like these, but these will be my first task for the Chim: making a whole bunch of these for me. We need all the power we can get, after all.

It only takes a week for Chim to make a new one, so we can work with it. As the Chim gains experience (read: eats more and more pie), the time needed to make items gets less.

Oh, and like Rorona, Chims are managed from bulletin boards in each atelier, for all your slavedriving needs.

Remember these things? I got lucky and got a Judgment M on a Supplement that can hold that trait, registered it with Ceci, and was able to make the Ankh with that 20% increase in success chance. I have a feeling you and me are going to be good buddies.

Next up, wouldn't believe it if I hadn't got it already, but a Gino scene. When was the last one? The third update for this game? Man it's been a while.

What's wrong? It's rare to see you sigh.

It's just not any fun. There's nothing around here.

That's not true. You can get so many interesting materials in this area.

Th-That's not true. Even if it's the same material, it varies a lot depending on where you gather it from.

I said I don't care about that. I want an adventure! A real one!

We can't help it. It's dangerous to go too far until we're stronger.

Then what do you want me to do?! I can't get any stronger any faster!


What? Did you think of something?

That's it. Yeah... That's what I've been missing!

Missing what?

Excuse me?

A super move! Why didn't I think of it sooner?! All strong adventurers have a super move or two!

R-Really? Everyone really has one...?

That's where you come in, Totori. I'm counting on you!

Huh? What?!

Think of a cool super move for me.

Sorry. I don't quite follow you.

Just come up with one fast. Nothing too weird, okay? Don't make breathe fire or something.

*Gino leaves*

Hey, wait. Don't dump this on me!

This following scene, like the one with Mel, has kind of a wonky time frame, but I got it in November. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori wondering if she said anything bad.

Dad, I'm home. Huh? Sterk?

Welcome back. There's my daughter. I'll be going now.

Not at all. Glad to help anytime.

*Guid leaves*

What were you talking about with my dad?

Just informal niceties. We hit it off and I lost track of time.

Oh... By the way, how old are you?

What? H-How old is your father?

Um, I think he's 39.

I-I see... He really isn't much different...


Sterk? What's the matter, Sterk?

Y-Yes... I'm sorry. Please excuse me for today... *sigh*

*Sterk leaves*

And now, for a final scene. Obviously a follow-up to Gino's last scene.

It doesn't feel natural saying it. I mean, what is a super move anyway?

Exactly! Totori would do great on a magical girl anime or something. In fact, in a few years time she'll be able to fulfill this thought to herself.

I keep thinking of weird stuff! Oh, forget it. I'll just make up whatever comes to mind. Gino will probably be fine with it!

This, like the potion or lute last game, is the next step in Gino's ending tree. But, we'll make it, and other things, next time. May thine reading help the forums be mended.

Girl Chim artwork
Boy Chim artwork
Cuteness Swarm

Across the Wilderness