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Part 56: Update LIII: An Adventurer and the Mystic Forest

Things are really getting interesting now. Very shortly, we'll be on the high seas, but we've got a few things to take care of before then.

Well, first off, since we're officially Diamond, we have new areas to reveal on our map. Let's see...

To the east, we have four new locations on the eastern seaboard of the continent. All of the locations are east of the Scorched Wasteland. To the northwest, the Forgotten Village is now linked to the north, making it much more accessable, and a new location far to the northwest completes the Northern Ruins areas. And finally, a location south of the Runestone Nest, completing the Continental Coastline areas.

All we're concerned about at the moment is the eastern territories. However, since there's a wealth of experience to be had, we want Mimi around, and she's not available for hire at the moment.

We learned this recipe from Rorona a couple updates ago. This allows us to use our Container anywhere in the world, pretty much. With this, you can freely move items between your Basket and Container, as well as taking items out of your Container wherever you want. Pretty valuable.

But since the next Mimi scene takes place three days after she leaves in Arland, and the Bag took five days to make, this scene comes up. Video goes until the screenshot of Rorona's line when she re-enters the atelier.

*fade to black*


Ahh! R-Rorona...

What are you doing there? Come on in. Totori's inside.

Oh, right. You two are still fighting. Totori said she wanted to apologize.

She has nothing to apologize for. I-I just can't see her right now.

That means you eventually will, right?

Sure. I'll keep it a secret. I hope you'll see her soon.

I'll try. Now if you'll excuse me.

*Mimi leaves*

No point frowning over it. I just have to be sure to smile for Totori as much as I can. Yeah!

This is the scene toward Mimi's ending flag I mentioned you can see before Rorona is fished out of the water in Alanya. I just kinda find that amusing, as the developers definitely didn't intend for that to happen, considering the dialogue, but I assure you it is possible.

Next up is another Rorona recipe scene I'm not entirely sure how to make happen. Probably has something to do with alchemy level, but making it trigger intentionally is strange. Anyway. Video goes until Totori says "When you sound so serious, I feel even less confident..."

What are you mumbling about?

Ahh! Totori! You were there?

Yes. I've been here the whole day...

Oh, right... I guess you were. Hehe...

You're acting strange, Teacher.

Urgh! No, I'm not.

I'm trying to glare angrily at you.

Okay! I should just do it!

I actually came up with a recipe for you. Here it is.

That's because... It's a recipe on how to make bombs.

I can see that. Is that why you were worried? I'm sure it'll be fine. I've made bombs before.

I am worried. Those bombs can be REALLY dangerous. REALLY, REALLY dangerous.

Really, really dangerous?

The whole workshop?! R-Really?!

I don't know if I should teach you... But you'll be fine, right? You're a pretty good alchemist now!

W-Wait! Working on something like that is really scary...

*Rorona leaves*

When you sound so serious, I feel even less confident...

Dangerous to us, perhaps (not really), but to our enemies? Most definitely. I already showed off what the Dark Water does, but the real gem here is the N/A. This is Totori's answer to the Tera Bomb, a weapon of unparalleled destructive power. Made properly, and the N/A can annihilate anything, and we have Chims to replicate extremely powerful N/As.

Unfortunately, the damn thing is also alchemy level 45, so it's a bit out of our range. But that's alright, since nothing at the moment requires the use of such firepower. In time, though, we will most certainly need its might. But that is a ways off.

Now then, I had virtually nothing to do between Mimi scenes, so I just went back to Alanya to get some more pies, then returned to Arland, 16 days in total, and the next Mimi event happens 15 days after the last. But let's get right to it with the next event. Video goes until the screenshto of Cordelia talking about herself.

Do you know what happened with Mimi?

I tried talking with her. She seemed depressed, so I'm sure she regrets what she said.

Really? Then we can make up? Where is she right now?

Well, about that... She's being stubborn.

So...we can't?

*fade to black*


Mimi! I'm sorry I said those terrible things to you.

I didn't mean to say them, but...

I said don't talk to me.

That was fast. You know, you have a real troublesome personality.

You can save your breath. Just do your job.

Nothing worth congratulating.

I see it. You're the same rank as me now.

That's right. You see? When I put my mind to it, it's easy. Now I don't have a reason anymore.

A reason? For what?

What? I couldn't hear you.

Listen and listen carefully! You now have no reason to look down on me!


Good. We're back to normal. You got that?

It's fine. It was just a teensy bit my fault this time around. I still have to make this right. I'm sorry.

Huh? Did you just apologize?


Yes, you did! I never thought you'd actually apologize...

*Mimi leaves*

Hey, wait. I'm not done talking!

*Totori leaves*

Well, all's well that ends well. Next scene takes place upon the penultimate rank-up. Video goes until Totori says "I'll give it my best!"

I feel relieved to see you still working as an adventurer.

Huh? What's that supposed to mean?

With your license renewal done, these two years are sort of like a bonus to you. I was worried you might not be motivated anymore.

Just one more... I'll give it my best!

This next scene takes place the next time you rank-up after that whole kerfluffle with Mimi. Video goes until Totori says "I just realized you'll always be you"

Oh, you're here, Totori.

Hi, Gino. Look. I went up another rank.

Hehe. Thanks. Oh! (I wonder if Gino will get mad.)


What are you staring at?

No... I was just wondering if you'd be mad or not...

I don't care about temporary obstacles. Besides, I'm stronger than you anyway.

Oh. That's good.

What are you smiling about?

Nothing. I just realized you'll always be you.

So, I was off about Galaxy being achieved at 2000 points. It's a rather bizarre 2405 points to Galaxy, with a total of 4000 points total. It's going to be quite a while until we reach there, but what you get at Galaxy...well, we'll just say we're going to need that time to get stronger.

But now, time for the final Chim. A girl, naturally, but the all-important name awaits us...

Goddamit, I'm not feeling any of these. Totori, it's up to you. Don't fail me...

Chimyu? I guess it's cute, but isn't it hard to say?

No way. Here Chimyu, Chimyu, Chimyu.

Wow, Totori. Let me try.

Let's be friends, Chimyu!

There's Always Hope.

But now it's time to finally head out. This takes place as soon as you're done with Mimi's litlte outburst and you're making the ship. You absolutely need to see this scene in order to get Mimi's flag.

Yup. I have to gather it myself or Dad won't make it.


What's the matter?

I will. That's why I have to gather these materials as soon as possible.

You'll do it in no time at all, because I'm helping you.

Of course. That's my intention. I hear the oceans are really dangerous. Something about a huge monster called the Flauschtraut.

All the more reason for me to join you. You want to fight it on your own?

I haven't thought about it yet... Will you really go with me?

Thanks. I'm counting on you.

Yep, in order to get Mimi's ending events, she needs to be along for the inevitable Flauschtraut fight. But hey, that's only fair.

This time, we have a couple locations quite a bit to the northeast, north of Nabel Lake, a path east from the Promised Land that leads to Night's Domain, a path northwest of Nabel Lake that also leads to Night's Domain, and a final location to the north of Night's Domain. Oh, did I mention Night's Domain also showed up? It did.

Now that we're at the penultimate rank, we've finally charted the entire continent. There's nowhere on the main continent we can't go. Almost all future locations will have to be unlocked by following the trails from the only available area, but hey, there's still a lot to see.

But we really need to head far to the east. Our first stop is a very important one, at Hermit's Home.

Just a quiet little abandoned home. Whatever could be here that would be worth my time?

Well, there is some really high quality Tar Fruit around here, but that's not exactly why I'm here.

This is the last necessary ingredient for the Warp Gate. Your other chance to get an Azure Wing is to head north to Night's Domain and hope a Black Demon drops an Azure Wing. But why don't we go with the devil we know, hm?

And finally, we've charted the Wastelands east of Arland in the Mutant Forest. Nothing too fascinating around here (mid-quality Sage Herbs and very high quality Unis), but it's a nice looking area.

Yeah, I was wrong about the next World Spirit gathering location was in a location far in the future. Oh well.

Music: The Shadows Gather

The plants are shining. It's really pretty but it doesn't look very natural. I wonder if it's because of the machines around here.

I wonder, but Neumont is a pretty chill location, with a ton of squirrels and Bunny Punis wandering around. It also has...

The final ingredient. Of course, remember to pick up at least five of these. You can also get these at Night's Domain, but again, that's rather out of the way.

Neumont Forest has a boss monster, and you have to find all the gathering points, to get all the rank points available here. No landmark, though. It's really from this point on you'll be finding tons and tons of S-rank materials lying around, so feel free to take a lot.

In addition, the trait levels of everything in these late-game locations are also pretty great, so don't be afraid to pick up a lot. We're going to need them for future syntheses. This is really where the Speed Gloves come in handy.

Look at this mook, this T. Bomb Squirrel. He thinks he's so much better than us. Is he? Let's find out...

Okay, so these goons are coming at us in a group, but bully for them. All of them are pretty weak, and there's one more gimmick that reduces their battle capability. But first, let's help them out by reducing their defense.

Hmph. First round of attacking, and one of them is already dead.

Yeah, like Sterk, they'll go into Stand By every now and then (even though it was a sure thing for Sterk), and simply skip their turn for some reason. The other times...

Hey! That's a Tera Bomb! Be careful with that, you stupid beast!

Yeouch. Well, that was painful, but that'll be the only attack I suffer this fight.

You know, you're not going to beat me if you never attack. Never mind...

Hey, why don't we show the little guy a lights show?

Yeah, a virtual hammer of lightning attacks the target with a Quartz. It's pretty awesome-looking.

Bastards didn't stand a chance. Next!

So yeah, it's a nice looking-locale, but there's just not a whole lot going on. Time to move out.

North of Neumont is the Ancient Woods. Nothing much to say here. Just some high-quality Bamboo, Black Tree Lumber, and World Tree Twigs.

The same could be said for a location to the west, the Seaside Hill. Random high-quality ingredients, first location with an Isle Fish. Yawn.

Well, here's something a bit more interesting: the Old Sanctuary. What do we find here, but...

This ornery feller (also rank points if you arrive here soon enough. I did). Let's show this Dragon what happens to those who are in my way.

So very familar...

Control CC has a small chance of inflicting Sleep when it hits. My reasoning for doing this, while most of the time it's a rather weak attack, is Mimi and Totori are the major damage dealers, and Marc might as well do what he can to hamper the enemy. Didn't work out that way, but I still win.

He didn't seem too happy about that, because his first attack was a devastating move called Bomb Flicker. Definitely the most powerful move in his bag of tricks.

And guess what? The Dragon is weak to Lightning, and we have an exceptionally strong Quartz. Poor guy.

Here I was debating whether I should fight him without relying too much on Quartz, just to entertain him.

But then I decided honor is for chumps. It's victory or death (not really).

Marc gets the finishing blow. Unfortunately, the bum saw it fit to not drop anything. Ah well.

In addition to a healthy 40 points for the Dragon, we get another 15 for discovering the shrine of Dragons. Neat.

Otherwise, none of the materials are really worth writing home about.

Last stop before Arland is the Morning Mist River. Again, nothing really worth commentating about. Relaxing area, though.

Back in town on August 1st, this scene came up.

Sorry to make you wait so long.

Oh, Marc. What do you mean by that? Did we make plans for something?

What are you talking about?

All I need now is actual data. The rest will be smooth sailing. I just need to find a workign specimen. The Promised Land is said to have one.

Marc, can you please listen to me?

Oh, whatever. I'll just wait until he's done talking.

Of course, you've got your priorities, so I won't ask you to go with me this very moment. I'd like us to go as soon as possible. Strike while the iron's hot, they say.

He's really talkative today. As usual, I have no idea what he's talking about.

*Marc leaves*

He said he was going to the Promised Land, so should I start there?

That scene only happens after you've seen all of Marc's scenes in Artisan's Way and he's greater than level 25. Dragging Marc to the Promised Land means you're on the fast track to getting his ending flag, but we've got better things to do at the moment.

Like making this puppy. No more needing the carriage. No matter where I go, I can head back to either town instantaneously. Marvelous.

But before heading back to Alanya, I decided to bring Rorona along. Why not?

Like a phoenix rising, I have been born anew.

But now that we're back, let's talk to Mel. We need to get started on her ending flag.

Hehe. Thanks. It's due to your help.

I did help you, but I never imagined you'd actually reach the same rank as me.

The same as you? Oh, really? Hehehe...

Huh? Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to...

I'm kidding. Looks like you're all grown up and a full-fledged adventurer. Hey, do you remember?

What? Promise? Oh, yeah! I remember!

Looks like you completely forgot. Well, it's not important or anything. If you don't care, that's that.

I'm sorry! I really want to know. Please tell me!

I suppose I should stop stalling.

Serious? Okay, I'll listen real good.

Thanks. About that favor... Can you try getting Ceci to go out on an adventure with you?

Ceci? Why?

I wanted to adventure around the world in her place. She couldn't even if she wanted to.

Huh? Ceci wanted to be an adventurer?

Hmm. You never noticed?

No. She never said anything like that.

If you think about it, it wouldn't be hard to come to that conclusion.

Ugh... Sorry.

Whoops. I guess that was harsh.

Oh? So that's why Ceci can always beat me up when we fight?

I don't think that's related. Most people are stronger than you.

Ugh... Why didn't Ceci become an adventurer then?

But I don't get it. Wait, is it my fault? Because she has to care for the house and for me?

I don't think it's accurate to say it's your fault.

So that's it... I didn't notice... But...

Come on, don't pout and cry. It's not like you caused her life to fall into misfortune or anything.

Of course! I'll do anything!

Thanks. Okay, let's start planning.


Well, how can I refuse? Video goes until Mel says "Well, look forward to it"

Yeah! Let's go out together!

Let's go! Let's go!

What's that supposed to mean? I just sweet-talked her a bit.

Same difference! Look, Totori. It's not that I...

Please! I wanna go adventure with my big sister! Don't you want to?

Hmm... But I don't have an adventurer's license.

First-rate? I mean, really?

Ugh... You don't trust me?

Really? Are you really sure? Yay! When do you wanna go? Now?! I better get ready! Um... Um...

Calm down. Not right away, silly. Besides, I'm working right now.

Oh, right. Sorry.

Okay! I'll get lots of stuff ready. I can't wait!

Look at her. She's so excited. I think she forgot who this trip is for.

You're right about that. So, Melvie... I really don't mind that I couldn't be an adventurer...

Oh... Sorry. I'm always so selfish...

What are you apologizing for? Besides, there's another reason we're taking this trip.

What's that?

Well, look forward to it.

So yeah, that "Invite" option is new, but we can't invite Ceci on an adventure until a month has passed. Again, it's alright, because we've got plenty to do for the next two months anyhow.

August 13th marks a very important day in Totori's young life, when she finally completed her end of the ship bargain. Next time, drama and adventure on the high seas!

The Shadows Gather