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Part 5: Part V: Hear the Awakening of an Alchemist

Part V: Hear the Awakening of an Alchemist

After showing Marion and Linca around the herb garden, Regina wanted me to come back to Risengang. Apparently she had some business to take care of, but almost as soon as we got back...

I sure am. But Boss, shouldn't you knock first? The last time you barged in here, I was fresh out of the shower and still naked.

Oh, sorry. I'm just not good at doing fancy things, like knocking on doors.

I don't think knocking is all that fancy...

Well, don't worry, your naked body was as noticeable as a pebble on the ground to me.

That still kinda hurts...

It's not like you to get hurt from that. If you really didn't like that, try yelling "kyaaah" or something. Hmm? Oh, I didn't know you had a guest.

I'm Ayesha. Regina's been looking after me for a while now.

How polite of you. I'm Glide, the boss of this prospecting site. Ooh, what a pretty missy. Hey, Regina... I'll knock before coming in from now on...

Please make sure you do, it would've been even worse if Ayesha was in the shower. By the way, why did you come here today?

Oh, I almost forgot. We're gonna have a party soon, so get ready.

Again? We just had one not that long ago.

Huh? A party? Soon...?

Thinning out the slags... No matter how many times we do it, there's no end to them...

Oh, slags are mysterious creatures that dwell in the ruins. Nobody's really sure how they came to be, but they do really like the ruins for some reason. They're not quite living things, but they're not quite machines,'s kind of hard to describe them.

We've dug pretty deep, so we might've hit a nest of slags somewhere... So that's about it. Come out to the plaza later on.

Sorry, Ayesha. I guess I have plans now...

So the party is about exterminating slags? Seems like quite a bother...

Well, it's part of my job. If their numbers increase, they'll just get in our way. Basically, once a month, all the prospectors get together and do a big sweep. So, it's kinda like a party for us prospectors.

But party makes it sound like it's gonna be fun.

Hahaha, they like to fool around. A whole bunch of stupid guys like to do this kind of work, too. If you're interested, why don't you come out to the plaza? Well, I guess I should be going then!

(Exterminating slags... I wonder how it's done. I...might be interested...)

It's a good idea to take care of this event now, just for some quick materials while you're in the area. I'd advise making some Poison and Flame Aquas for attack items. I'll go into the nuances of the alchemy system when Ayesha hits alchemy level 10, because that's when the differences between this game's alchemy and the alchemy of the Arland games begins in earnest.

I also ended up with quite a few memory points by this point, so let's go ahead with another journal entry.

The Promise posted:

I managed to meet Regina up the hill. She said she'll introduce me to someone who knows about rare items and flowers, so I decided to go right to that person's shop.

Regina took me to a large shop, called Harry's Trading House. The shopkeeper, Marietta, is very with-it, but I wish she'd stop picking on me.

The owner, Harry, is weird-er, interesting. No, he is a little weird. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember what he knows, but he said he'll try to remember.

I really am grateful for Harry. In addition to trying to remember, he also decided to lend me a room for free. But, I can't just rely on the kindness of others.

It seems Regina will also help me. Whether it's being depended on as an apothecary or finding out about glowing flowers that'll help me save Nio... I have to do my best!

I'm definitely interested in helping Regina out. She's done so much for me already, I have to do something for her. The party was just about to start when I joined Regina out in the village.

If you men have some free time on your hands, please come and join us.

Boss, I'm busy, plus I'm not a man.

Participation is mandatory for you. Your slag extermination skills are way superior to these guys' here.

Whaaat? Is that supposed to be a compliment, Boss?

Stop looking so happy. It's the truth, ain't it? Anyway, the man with the most outstanding performance will earn a cash prize. In addition, as an extra prize, I'll also give them my prized alcohol, so do your best.

Huh? We get alcohol!?

Oh, so now you're interested? It's my prized it's really good.

Boss' prizes are promising... *gulp* Regina will do her best! So, let's do our best, Ayesha!

Yes. Let's be careful not to get hurt and do our best! ...Huh? Am I gonna be doing this, too?

It's more efficient with more people. I'll share the alcohol with you later!

But, I don't drink alcohol...

I'm only 18, after all. Oh, did I mention my birthday was January 20th? I don't celebrate it very much, especially since I only live with Pana lately, but Regina always comes by and celebrates it with me every year.

Just think of it as helping me! Boss always has the best alcohol.

Hmm...okay. I can't say no to doing a favor for Regina. But, I don't think I'll be much help.

Thanks! I love you, Ayesha!

Hehehe, love is too much... Don't be too hard on me, please.

The rules are the same as always. Bring back the slags' cores as proof. That's it. All right then, men, I wish you the best of luck. Now, let the party begin!

Music: Dance of Dripping Water

The slags here aren't too dangerous, right?

Right. But if you leave them be, you might trip on them, so they're kind of dangerous that way... Plus, they fill up all the holes we dig! I'm sure it's just instinct, but they go around filling in holes and cracks with something they secrete from their butt. I mean, they fill up all our holes. It's a real problem with they fill up our passages. This ruin might've been made by slags. Like, it could be the consolidation of all their secretions.

That's unbelievable. How many hundreds of years would it take them to make it?

Even so, it might be more realistic than to think some guy made it out of a big lump of rock. C'mon! If we take it too easy, the other guys'll kill our prey. Shall we get going, Ayesha?

Yes... But I kinda feel bad for them...

You shouldn't. They multiply and just keep coming. If I worried about that every time, it would cost me my job.

All the standard rules of what to do in a gathering area apply here. In spite of the fact it's a contest in-story, you're in no danger of losing. Once you defeat all enemy groups in the first and second area of this ruin, this event ends. The slags are fairly dangerous, so make sure you get pre-emptive strikes on them for each fight.

After we cleared the first area, I decided to rest a bit. Regina said we were making good time.

Whew, I think we cleared up most of this area. Wanna take a break?

*sigh* Yes, please. I'm wiped out...

Even if we get rid of them like this, they still continue to breed. Their vitality is amazing...

You're right. I feel like they're increasing as we speak...

Even so, if we exterminate them, they'll quiet down for a while. Well, that's it for our break. Let's get going, Ayesha!

Huh? Already!?

If we take too long, the others might win Boss' prized alcohol. Come on, bring the thunder!

Regina's always so enthusiastic...oh well, I'm doing it for her, after all.

When I asked Regina about that husk in the second area, she said she didn't know anything, other than it must be from some gigantic slag that died a long time ago. I sure hope it did, because whatever it must have been must have been really big... I'd rather not think about it.

This pickax is the same weapon as Regina is using at the moment, but as for all that other stuff, I'll talk about it more when I make my first Artisan's Whetstone.

Well, it was tough, but me and Regina managed to clear out a whole bunch of slags after a long day's work.

Well, we worked really hard today! Now, let's go see Boss.

Regina, you sure have a lot of stamina... I can't move anymore.

Ayesha, you can't be worn out from this. C'mon, stand up straight. If you want, I'll help you up, but... I might accidentally touch you in some weird places... Hmhmhm...

No, no, I'll do it myself.

All right, good job! Ayesha, why don't you become a prospector, too? You might become as robust as me!

Hmm...I do admire you quite a bit, but I don't think I could do that...

The one who got hte most number of slags was...the duo of Regina and Ayesha!

Whew, thank goodness. I bet Regina will be super happy, too.

Yaaay! The prized alcohoool!

Whew, I'm lad we worked so hard.

Good job. I can really count on you, Regina. Here's the money and my prized alcohol. Take them, you little lasses!

Thanks, Boss! I love you!

Goodness, you're too friendly, strong, and generous... You're gonna make me worry. If you don't calm down, you'll never find a husband.

I don't caaarrre. If that's the case, I'll just take Ayesha as my bride!


Missy, you have rather nice skills, too. You'd make a nice partner for Regina. How about it? Wanna switch teams?

S-Switch teams?

Don't get so flustered, it's not like that. I'm talking about prospecting. You're one funny missy...

Boss, I'm not too fond of you trying to indiscriminately recruit every young person you see... Plus, I have a prior appointment with Ayesha, so you can't have her! Here, Ayesha, the money's for you. And I'll take the alcohol! I'm gonna drink yummy alcohol today! Let's have a drink, Ayesha!

I'll just keep you company. Well, shall we go?

Ruins Showing posted:

I showed Marion the herb garden ruin near the workshop. She isn't too familiar with the area, so I'm happy I was able to help. I think she made progress on her work.

That reminds me, it seems Marion really liked the fruit hamsters. I guess she likes cute things, but I also like cute things.

I also received a map, so next time, I plan to bring her a fruit hamster as a gift. Hmm, or maybe put one in some kind of medicine... No, that won't work.

Hehe, Regina loves teasing me way too much. Marion said she had something else she wanted to talk to me about, and gave me a map which told me she's setting up in Veirzberg with Linca at her side. I better get back to them pretty soon to find out what that's about.

Oh, actually, when I was passing through Half-Flourescent Field, I spotted something really interesting. The cowgirl

Music: Swinging Hair Ornaments

I don't think they're wild cows... I wonder if someone took them out to pasture... Hehehe, but they're cute cows.

The grass here is very high in quality, and the cows really like it here.

Music: Very Ordinary

Hehehe, thank you for saying that my cows are cute. Do cows, as well?

Cows...? Hmm, I've never thought about it, but I guess I do... Pana always helps me out, too. She's family to me.

So, her name is Pana? Hmhm, that's a perfect name for her. She's so strong, carrying all that luggage. Very impressive...

Haha... She's strong and kind, but she's also a glutton.

A cow that eats a lot is a good cow. Please keep taking good care of her.

Oink moo!

Oops, I need to get going now. If I don't hurry, it'll be nightfall...

Oh, we have to get going, too. C'mon, Pana, we're leaving.

Oink. *munch* *munch*


Umm, where are you headed?

As where the winds blow, as where the cows go. Where I'm going is up to the herd. C'mon guys! We have to get going soon! If you'll excuse me... I hope we meet again... Umm... Sorry, I haven't asked for your name yet...

Ohhh, I'm sorry. I'm Ayesha, an apothecary. Although, I'm taking a break from that right now...

I'm Nanaca. As you can see, I'm a cowgirl. Let's meet again somewhere, Ayesha.

Okay, Nanaca! Somewhere, again!

Wow, someone else who likes cows as much as I do! I know I'll see her again.

Otherwise, the only really notable thing about this location is the sweet-ass battle music Music: Undine. Listen to that. Escha and Logy's regular battle music, Fulcrum, blows this out of the water, though.

I better continue on to Vierzberg. The trip through the tunnel was uneventful, until the end... The towering man

This totally looks like it collapsed recently... What should I do? It didn't seem like there were any other paths...

We were looking for another way around too, but we couldn't find one.

Oh, Nanaca!

Hehehe, so we meet again. I wonder if our fates are connected somehow...

It doesn't seem to have been that long since it collapsed. It's dangerous to go near it.

(Hyah, he's so tall...)

Music: The Man in the High Mountain

Oh, this is my brother, Juris.

...Looks like it'll be better to find an alternate route.

Oh, I know! Ayesha, would you like to come with us? I know how he looks, but my brother is actually really dependable.

Oh, really? That would be great! Okay, let's look for another way around! Maybe I should just try to find a place where a breeze is coming out...

As you can see in the above video, it's pretty easy to find the spot where you need to investigate.

But there's a rock in the way. I can't get past it.

If it's in the way, then you just need to move it. Stand back...



That's incredible! Nanaca's brother is so strong...they make an interesting couple of people. I hope I can get to know them better.

My brother takes pride in his great strength... Although, he balances it out by not seeming to be all that friendly.

Sorry about that. My job doesn't require me to be friendly.

Jeez, you won't be able to make any friends if you keep saying things like that...

I'm so glad! You really helped me!

Then we'll be going now. We're heading toward the mountain.

Than you so much. I hope I'll get to see you again.

As long as we keep on traveling, I'm sure we'll meet again. When we do, please say hi to me again. Until then...

Okay! Pana, shall we get going, too?

Oink moooo!!!

Whew, this has sure been an exciting trip so far. Well, nothing else happened on the way back to town. I've got so much to do! Beginning alchemy

This is the only sizable town in the area. I am sure he will need supplies eventually. So would he not show himself in this town sooner or later?

Logically, that should be true, but this isn't our only job, remember? A stakeout is meaningless if we can't constantly keep an eye out. Besides, it's just ridiculous that we need to search for someone in a foreign nation, without a portrait. Could the people from headquarters be hazing us...?

Oh, Marion and Linca, are you investigating today, as well?

Well, today's job is more about searching for a certain person, rather than our usual job. Actually, Ayesha, perfect timing! I have something I wanna ask you.

Do not worry, it will not take long.

Okay, if that's the case...

Well, headquarters is looking for a certain person...and I got this wanted poster...

Huh!? A f-f-fugitive!? I don't have a lot of acquaintances, so I doubt the fugitive is someone I know...

Just listen, we only have the personal history of this guy. We don't even have a sketch of his face. But I thought maybe you would know.

Hmm, okay. I'm not sure if I can help you or not though.

Thank you. The wanted person's name is Keithgriff Hazeldine. He's in his mid-40s, tall and lean, with silver hair and a mustache. Oh, and he's always smoking cigarettes. And...this is the biggest point. This wanted guy is an alchemist, just like you.

Just like me? Could that mean being an alchemist is a bad thing...?

An alchemist...? Me...? Umm, what's an alchemist? Other people ahve called me that before, too.

Huh? You don't know? I wonder if they call it something different around here...

Ayesha, even I know what alchemists are. People call someone like you, an alchemist.

Wha-!? I'm an alchemist...?

Linca, your explanation doesn't explain anything.

Creating precious metals from base metals, or delving into the power that dwells in natural objects for cures... See? It's the same as what you're doing. That skill is called alchemy.

S-So that's what it is... I didn't even know. Hmm...but I still think of myself as an apothecary...

It seems like you don't understand the greatness of your skills. I know! I have the perfect book for you, so you can have it. It's a book on alchemy. I think you'll be able to take advantage of it.

Wow, thank you so much. And, I'm sorry for making you feel concerned about me.

Don't worry. In return, if you figure anything out about this wanted man, let me know. Well Linca, let's say it's another job done and go home for today.

Okay. Ayesha, I will see you again.

(Wow, I got a nice book. I should read it right away when I get back. Still, a wanted person. In his 40s, with silver hair, a mustache, and cigarettes... Wait a minute...)

That definitely reminds me of someone I've met recently...but I should probably take a look at Marion's book first.

I should read the preface first. Hmm, let's see... "I dedicate this book to those who seek out the truth on their own..." Ugh, it already sounds hard... It's the first page and it's already talking about "the truth"... Is this what that spectacled man was talking about at the ruin...? If alchemy is connected to the truth, then studying alchemy will... Lead me to saving Nio... All right, I need to work really hard for this! Oh...that wanted person that Marion was talking about... It seems like the description matches the spectacled man at the ruin... Maybe that man... No, no, it can't be... A-Anyway, I need to focus on understanding this book right now.

"Alchemy is the only and only practice of processing materials to create something completely different. And, an alchemist is someone who understands all creation, and is well versed in various substances. However, in order to use this skill properly, one will also need to have natural talent." Hmm, I guess it's not something that everyone can do. I wonder if I can really do it...

But, it doesn't seem all that different from making medicine, and I also seem to be able to understand this book. If I can understand alchemy, it might help me synthesize medicine. And maybe it'll give me some clues to find out where Nio went... Okay, now let's try to make this Craft thingy!

Music: Recipe

Making the Craft isn't too hard, according to this book... Spiky Fruit, Fire Stone, and Pulp Paper. Fire Stones are pretty combustible, and reacts violently when it suffers a shock, like if you threw it. I guess that's why the Pulp Paper is part of the recipe, to contain it.

By following the recipe...I was able to perform alchemy... The book said that a skilled alchemist is an amazing person who can create anything, but... It doesn't really feel like I turned into an amazing person... Anyway, I wonder what this Craft is used for... I think it mentioned it in the book. Hmm, let's see... explodes when thrown. Oh, I see. Whaaat!? This is...a bomb!? Ohhh, wh-what should I do!?

It's...a bomb. This is the first thing I made from Marion's book. Could alchemy actually be really dangerous...?