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Original Thread: A New World is Yours! Let's Play Atelier Ayesha!



A New World is Yours! Let's Play Atelier Ayesha!

Another Atelier game on the PS3?

Sure is. 2012 / 2013's Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk was released a year after the previous Atelier on the PS3, Atelier Meruru. I've covered the previous three Atelier PS3 games here. Atelier Ayesha begins a completely different storyline from the Arland games, known as the Dusk Trilogy, after a recent Gust announcement confirmed Ayesha will have two sequels, one of which was released in Japan this year.

Abandoning the light-hearted and cartoony tone of the Arland Trilogy, the Dusk Trilogy takes a far more serious tone without going too far and being super serious. Ayesha features a completely different art style, introduces new game mechanics, and a completely revamped alchemy system. Mel Kishida, the character designer for the Arland games, is gone, replaced by the character artist Hidari.

How will this thread work?

I'll be delivering most commentary as if it was Ayesha herself talking to the audience. Plain text without a character avatar means I'm speaking as Ayesha, and italics indicate I'm delivering commentary as myself, for moments where commentary is needed but it would be difficult to speak as if Ayesha were experiencing it (read that as mostly gameplay mechanics that are more "this is a game" than story-related).

My Arland thread is a good indication how I'll handle this as a general rule: I'll cover major events and travel decisions, but you won't be seeing a large number of days due to travel time, gathering / battles in gathering areas, and / or unimportant syntheses. Because the way Ayesha is played, it's much more linear than the Arland games in terms of plot progression, but the game advances at the same rate as the player makes progress. There's very rarely any mandatory waiting for important scenes like what happened in Totori or Rorona, and Meruru to a lesser extent.

Spoiler Rules

Same system I had in my last thread: everything not ending-related needs to be in spoiler tags if I haven't gotten to it in the thread. For endings, no discussion of them before they happen, even in spoiler tags. Should be easy to remember.

I'm glad I didn't have to write as much as last thread, that I'll tell you. As before, I earnestly hope you'll join me as we walk a million miles in Ayesha's platform shoes in Let's Play Atelier Ayesha!

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