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Part 32: Part XXV: Hear the Resolve of a Woman - Part A

Part XXV: Hear the Resolve of a Woman - A

Linca has by far the most events of any of the characters toward her ending flag. Of all the characters, she has by far the most development over the course of the game, and the resolution of her arc in this game is really sweet, with her finding out her true calling in life and realizing what she has to do for the people she loves Her events happen over a long period of the game, and despite the fact they're always hanging around together, her events are not intertwined with Marion's few late-game events. They are intertwined with Juris' a bit, though, but I'll explain that when I get to doing Juris' events.

The last scene we saw with Linca was where she complained about her clothes and Marion dressing her up.

What's wrong? It isn't like you to sigh like that, Linca.

Marion told me something absurd again. She told me to make friends. There is no way I can do something as hard as that.


I have tried talking to the townsfolk, but I have yet to make a friend... It does not seem like I will be able to meet the target quantity...

(Target quantity...? Linca, I don't think that's the right term...) Umm, if it's all right with you, I'll be your friend! Actually, I think you and I are already friends.

Ayesha...? No. I am supposed to guard you. You are not my friend. Marion would not approve, either. I am sure she would scold me for cheating.

I don't think she will. I'm sure she'd be happy.

However...would it be okay for someone like me to be your friend?

There's no reason you shouldn't be. It would make me very happy, as well!

...Understood. Thank you. Ayesha, you are my first friend. As your friend, I will do my best from now on. I hope you do not mind my requests.

Don't be so formal. We're friends now, so let's talk more casually.


Like talking openheartedly, and not being too rigid, but free and easy...

I see. So that is what friends are... Now, if you will excuse me...

I-I think that's good... It was a bit monotone, but I think it suits you, and it's lovely.

I see. Whatever the case, although it was just one, I feel like I have accomplished my duty. I will go report to Marion. I have a friend now. I'm very...happy. Only 99 to go... I can do this!

(Only 99...? I'd like to help, but this is beyond my control...)

Linca really seems to have trouble finding what she wants to do. I don't know if she's still cooking, but it looks like Marion wants her to do something else with her time. 99 friends is a bit much, especially with her personality...but, I'm sure everything will work out. progress stopped after reaching 98 left.

I-I see... Making friends is tough.

I did not know that hidden behind the sweet ring of "make friends", I would discover such a difficult trial.

Well, I'm sure having lots of friends would be fun, but... Even if you don't have many, I'm sure it'll be okay as long as you have a deep connection with the friends you have.

Thank you for cheering me up. My heart feels lighter now.

So, who's this other person that became your friend?

It is Marion.


Because I was making so little progress, I begged her and gained her approval.

I see. Hmhmhm, I'm happy for you.

Although, Marion had a bit of a wry face...

(I guess Marion wanted Linca to make friends with other people...)

Well, I think your relationship as friends started way before this.

Before...? Now that you mention it, maybe... I did not notice it until now, but...we were friends, Marion and I. At this rate, I may be able to make one more friend before the end of the year.

Oh, are you looking for a friend? Well now, if that's the case, you should've come to me.

Oh, Mr. Harry. Is it okay for you to be away from your job?

My duty is to lend a helping hand to the troubled people of this town. Linca, rejoice. As of today, you and I are friends!


No, no, I'm sure you're familiar with my face. I take a good amoutn of pride in being a bit of a celebrity. Now, there's no need to hold back.

If you come any closer, I will cut you!

Hey now, calm down! Ayesha, can you talk to her, too? I'm not a stranger! And I'd make a suitable friend for her!

Linca, let's put that sharp tool away for now. (Hahaha...hmm, maybe these two being friends...might not

She has another scene where she befriends Pana, but apparently I was busy with other stuff when I was recording and forgot about it. Dammit...I may just have to go back and get that scene, because it's more cute Pana moments.

Linca, after we get through this forest, what do you say we stop for a snack?

I second that. Ayesha, your snacks always bring me the biggest pleasure when I am doing my duty... Ayesha!

Yes? If you're worried about the snacks, I brought a lot. Your favorite-

Get behind me!



Th-Thank you so much... You saved me. Linca, your swordsmanship is always amazing...!

I only have total confidence in handling a sword. I will not be defeated by some wild beast. However...maybe it is not enough to only have a sword...

(Huh? She got depressed all of a sudden... I wonder if something's wrong...) Umm, did something happen?

Marion gave me another mission, but I do not believe I can achieve it... I am a useless person after all...

(She was working so hard to make friends, so what could be causing so much trouble for her...?) Is it that difficult of a mission? What is it exactly?

(Hmm, that sounds a little different from a mission...)

Marion always tells me to do absurd things. I wonder if she dislikes me...

Umm, I think Marion is thinking about you a lot.

Is that so? I only have my sword and myself. I think it is impossible for me to find something other than that.

Hmm, I don't know what Marion's real intentions are, but... I don't think she's saying that swords are bad. Instead, maybe it's to think of how to use your sword... Is what I think this might be about...

How to use my sword...? Well, there are various ways, like cutting, striking, slicing, and smashing...

Well, umm, that's not what I meant. I think it's more about what you want to do with your sword. Like become famous, or fight your way to the top, or defeat a strong enemy... Something like that.

Defeat a strong enemy! I see... I think I may be able to do that... The problem now is to find a strong enemy... Ayesha, do you know of any?

Linca, why do you only want to do the last one? Wouldn't becoming famous be okay, too?

The other two have elements that make them difficult to understand. But defeating a strong enemy is easy to understand, so I thought that one was good.

Well, the important thing here is to find out what you want to do.

That...hrgggh. What do I want to do? I wonder... Hmmm... Ayesha, that is a very hard question. I do not think I can find the answer right away, even if I think really hard. So for now, what if I defeat a strong enemy and then think about it?

Hmm, if you say so, I think that'll be okay...

Hmm, a strong enemy might have already arrived. Ayesha! Step back!

Hehe, oh, it's just a cute little hamster. I don't think that's what Linca has in mind...

Th-This is...

Yes, it is a bit lacking to be considered a strong enemy.


Then let's do this. When I think of a strong enemy that'll suit you... I'll come let you know right away. Does that sound okay?

Please do! I will continue to wait for you to report!

(To find something you want to do... It does sound really hard... Even I'd have trouble if I was told to find something I want to do, other than making medicine.)

Yes, what is it?

Well, umm, I came here to explain something to you...

Umm, explain what...?

You've been taking care of Linca a lot, right? But she's not good at talking... So I was worried about what kind of impression Linca gave you about me.

Oh, like that story about making 100 friends? Or...

That one! I was wondering if you thought I was someone who would give out absurd orders.


I knew it... Well, it definitely wasn't like that when I talked to her. It's just that Linca seriously latched onto an idea that I gave her as an example.

Oh, so that's what it was... Making 100 friends is preposterous. Linca was at her wit's end.

She's bad at acting according to her circumstances. She's just so focused on carrying out her orders perfectly. I would like her to be able to take better care of herself, but it's not that easy... When I gave her a list of ingredients to buy for dinner... She went all the way to Hornheim to gather all the ingredients on the list. It took her two weeks. That was a frightful experience...

Two weeks...? That's fourteen dinners...

I'm sure she's causing trouble for you, as well, but please go easy on her.

What? I've never thought that Linca caused me any trouble.

Really? That's good... You're one of the few friends Linca has.

Hmhmhm, Marion, you really do care about her.

Plus, I want her to be happy. It's fine now, because I'm with her, but... I can't guarantee that I'll always be there to look after her.

You're right. You might quit your job one day to become a mother.

I mean, I'm so busy, I don't have any time. And, I don't have anyone in mind in the first place... But...I guess there might still be some hope for me. *ahem* Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I hope you'll keep being Linca's friend. That's all. I'm kinda busy, so I'll get going now.

(I'm not sure what I can do, but I'll be friends with Linca from now on, too!)

It's at this point that Linca's events come to a halt until you've advanced Juris' sidequest far enough (all the way until his penultimate event), so there is that. Even after that, her events are only about halfway done, so, we'll do Juris next. I can probably wrap up his events in a single update.