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Part 56: Part XLIII: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Dandelion Among Lilies

Part XLIII: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Dandelion Among Lilies

I feel like I had a delivery to make in Vierzeberg...

Correct! Hmhmhm, you're getting more reliable!

I went on a lot of journeys and trained myself while you were gone. I think I'll leave tomorrow morning. Do you want to go with me, Nio?

Ooh, yes, yes! Don't leave me!

Hmhm, okay. Then we should wrap it up early today and-

And prepare for tomorrow! Leave the packing to me!

If Juris is here, then I guess the bazaar is going on. Even though it still kinda makes me feel uncomfortable, since there's so many people, but I'm getting used to it by now. But I have a very special delivery today! And Tanya said she might be coming in today. That means...

Wow, there's so many people...! Oh, was the bazaar today? It's so lively. And something smells delicious...

Hey, if you keep getting distracted, you're gonna get lost.

Okaaay, I don't wanna get lost again, so I'll pay attention.

Good. Now, we're gonna hurry over to Marietta's shop.

Oh, hi, Ayesha. Thanks for coming all this way. That was quick, as always. Yup, it seems good. Thank you. Has your work been going smoother since you started working with Nio?

It's much more encouraging having your family around.

Hehe, that's right.

Plus, Nio helps me out.

Hehe, I do my best to help with things that don't involve syntheses.

You two sure seem to get along. I'm an only child, so I'm kinda jealous. Oh, that's right! Everyone's been planning to get together and do something. If both of you have some time to spare, do you wanna come play?

Everyone's getting together? Wow, that sounds awesome...! What do you say, Sis?

Let's see, that day is...

I remember promising Bell, Marietta, and Nanaca that we'd have a party with Nio and Tanya as soon as they could come. I guess I could go with Linca and Marion, but they said they were really busy and just said goodbye when I stopped by Marion's office when I closed my workshop in Vierzeberg. They told me where I could find them if I ever headed to the city where they're from. Mr. Keith said very little when I stopped by, but I think he's going off on another adventure elsewhere. If he wants anything, he'll probably just stop by. As for today...

Yes, that day is completely open. Actually, I'll make it open. I wanna see everyone, too.

Then it's decided. If you come, everyone'll be really happy.

What luck! Umm, can I come, too?

What are you saying!? Of course. There's no reason you shouldn't come. There might be some people that you don't know, but don't be shy!

Wow! Thank you so much! I'll definitely come. I'm so excited! What should I wear...?

Ayesha, Ayesha! This cake is amazing!

Hehe, it took me three days to bake it!

Wow, looks delicious... Hey, I call first bite, okay? This amazing spot at the very top, with the strawberry on the whipped cream and syrup!

What!? I want that part, too!

Hehe! Other parts look delicious, too.

I've been looking forward to eating that spot for, like, forever!

Yup, yup. I've been looking forward to it even before the cake was done!

Okay, okay, settle down! Listen to me before we start eating the cake! I'm sure this is a first time for some of you, and others already know her, but... A new friend has joined us for this gathering. Please introduce yourself.

Hello. I came from the desert far to the west. My name is Tanya! I'm honored to be invited today. It's nice to meet everyone!

Okay, thank you for that cute greeting. We're glad to have another friend join us. And you two! Stop staring at each other from across the cake!

But Nio is...

But Bell is...

It's no use staring at each other. The most delicious part will be presented to our guest of honor, Tanya.


Hmm, I guess that's fine. I'm sorry, Tanya.

Oh, no. Hehe, Nio, Bell, let's split it so we can all eat it!

Really!? Yaaay, the very top!

Hehe, Nio and Bell are still totally kids. It's really cute.

Hmm, I guess the top is very popular. I never knew. Maybe I'll bake a top-only cake next time.

That sounds like it'll be heavy on the stomach...

Hehe, you won't have to worry about that, because... Huh? Nanaca? It seems like you haven't eaten too much of your slice.

Oh, you noticed? Yeah, I've been gaining weight lately...

Really? You don't look that different on the outside, so I don't think it's much of a problem...

I wish that was true...

Mmhm, I know the feeling. I'm a girl, too.

Huh? Is that...true?

Yup. The sponge, whipped cream, sugar... Everything was synthesized through alchemy.

Ooh, I never dreamed such a cake could exist...

If that's the case...then I'll eat it wholeheartedly.

Go ahead. And I guess we should eat some too, before it's all gone.

We all have our own jobs to do, but it's nice to enjoy life like this sometimes. We're a garden of beautiful flowers, to bloom for the rest of our lives, no matter what we'll all do.