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Part 30: Part XXIII: Hear the Future of a Prospector - Part B

Part XXIII: Hear the Future of a Prospector - B

To start with, a brief discussion on making attack items. Unlike in the other Atelier games on the PS3, attack items aren't terribly important. Healing items, buffing items, and traits on equipment are far more important. But, attack items do have their place. The Black Eclipse I used on Tank isn't that effective, but the Magic Square is a bit more potent, especially since it acts like the God's Miracle Drug, getting three turns of attacking. To start off with, I made mine with Pixie Breath, Diamond Ball, Crystalline Ether, and the Sky Slag Stone.

However, it's a bit tricky to include all four ingredients and thus, get the best possible effects. The first ingredient, Pixie Breath, has a trait called Multiplication that goes in the Stock Yard. Be very careful with this: it increases the number of items you get from the synthesis, but also increases CP cost for ingredients. Quite substantially, actually. Add ingredients with Multiplication, Division, or Addition last.

Also, although I didn't screenshot it, I have 110 CP. That means I'm at alchemy level 50 (50 x 2, like I discussed earlier in the thread, the CP total is Ayesha's alchemy level x 2). The remaining 10 comes from the History of Alchemy memory in the notebook, and I think another 10 comes from completing the Alchemist of Dusk task from the Notes section of the menu, which is I believe for making 100 different items or something. I haven't forgotten about the notebook entries, but just to make things simple, I'll cover all the remaining ones that I can (I probably won't have enough memory points to write down EVERY memory. We'll see) on the penultimate, before-the-ending update.

Anyhow, to get all the ingredients in, first, I Draw Power the Ether, Power Transfer the Sky Slag Stone (it has Usage Ease on it, which lowers CP cost for ingredients), then simply add in the Diamond Ball and Pixie Breath. Doing all this results in...

I read somewhere Force +20% (adds damage to what an item does) doesn't actually work, but Resonante Alchemy definitely increases the amount of damage of all items, Geometrical Form increases quality and selling price, High Speed lowers Ayesha's Wait time after using it, and Stable Effect reduces the random number range of the damage. Nothing too spectacular, but it's better than anything I'll be using for the most part. Now, onto Regina's final events.


Hrmm, hrmm... Zzz...zzz...

She's still sleeping. I wonder if she stayed up late last night... Maybe I should just start preparing...

*yawn* Something smells delicious... Hrmm, this is nice...

Oh, good morning. Are you awake?

Ayesha, now I must know how a newly-wedded husband must feel. A cute wife, like you, making breakfast for me... That kind of life isn't bad, either...

Whaaat? But we're both girls.

Yup, that's the problem. Sadly, we can't be together... I'm pretty majorly bummed out about this...

U-Umm, I just started preparing. Is there anything you'd like to eat?

Let's see... I wanna eat something meaty...

For breakfast? Hmhm, Regina, you're always so energetic.

No, no, it's actually the opposite. I'm not feeling it today, so I have to eat a big meal.

Huh? ...You're not feeling well today? Now that I think about it, it's rare for you to sleep in...

It's not that I'm sick or anything, but I guess I'm still feeling that nightcap from last night. Some things have been carrying over to the next day recently... I mean, if I round-up, I'm basically 30 years old now...

Y-You don't have to feel that old yet...

I don't mean to, but I'm just not the same anymore. I feel like the energy I had a couple years ago...just disappeared. Getting old sure is heartwrenching...

I-Is that so? I don't really get it...

That's cuz you're still young, Ayesha. You're just starting to enter the prime of your life. If you aren't careful, after you turn'll go super fast.

I must be backed up a bit with Regina's events, because Ayesha's been 20 for a few months at the time in the game I got this scene. She starts the game off as an 18-year old.

Wh-What'll go super fast?

That's a warning from your life coach. Remember that.

(I don't feel it yet, but maybe that is how it is...?)

Ernie was nearby, and said he had to deliver a letter to Regina when he arrived in Riesengang. Regina looked concerned about it, but I couldn't see the letter itself. I hope it's nothing bad.

Oh, what's wrong? It's rare to see you sigh like that.

Yeah, I've just been thinking... Oh, I know, can I ask you something? How long do you plan on being an apothecary?

Like making medicine? Hmm, I've never thought about that before... But I think I'll still be doing it even after I become a grandma.

Okay, I see. Maybe I should've chosen a job like that, too...

What's the matter all of a sudden? You're acting weird today, Regina.

Hmm... I got a letter from my parents. They told me to come home soon. And that means I have to quit my job.

Huh...? You're gonna quit being a prospector...?

Well, I"m sure my parents are worried. For a girl to be digging holes... They start saying selfish things, like settle down already, or how they want to see grandkids. If I had a partner, I'd bring him to meet them, even without being asked.

S-So Regina, are you going home...?

And I'm not getting any younger. This isn't a job that a girl can do forever. *sigh* Maybe I should've gotten a job I could keep doing into my old age like you, Ayesha...


When I started out as a prospector, I felt like I had made a crucial decision, but... Looking back, it wasn't that hard of a call to make. My parents supported my decision, too. But when it comes to quitting, I just can't make up my mind. Like, what would I do after I quit, and will everything I've done till now become a waste of time...? I start to think deeply about that, which just isn't like me. And just jobs, but maybe everything is harder to stop than it is to start.

I can understand why your parents are worried, but... I hope everything will work out in a way where you won't be left with any regrets... In the end, your life is your own, Regina.

My life is my own... Yup, you're absolutely right. Whether I keep my job or quit, I would lie to come out of this with no regrets. Oh, I'm sorry. I got kinda gloomy there for a second... But I haven't decided if I'm gonna quit yet. If I make my decision, I'll let you know.

(If Regina goes back home, it's gonna get lonely... But it's Regina's life. If that happens...I have to send her off with a smile...)

I need to start thinking about my future, too. What's gonna happen to me after my journey is over? I promised Nio I'd come home on the third anniversary of when I started to look for her. With her back, we can begin a new life together. I just...don't know what I'll do after that. I don't want to leave her behind, but there's things I'd like to see and do. I still need time to think, Nio.

A couple months later, Regina said she wanted to search for some rare rocks in the forests near Riesengang. I'm getting really used to see these forests, especially since this is on the trail I first took to Vierzeberg.

Before...? Oh, do you mean about whether I'm gonna quit my job or not? Well, it's terrible! I haven't decided anything yet, but my parents keep bringing it up. Like, "Your room's just waiting for you" or "a decent guy around here is looking for a wife", and so on.

Oh... They're really quick with the preparations. It's like they're trapping you in a corner.

Yup. It was inevitable, so I made up my mind. I went to go tell Boss that I'll be quitting soon.

I see... I'm starting to get sad.

Yeah, me too. Sorry, Ayesha. When it actually comes to quitting, you start thinking about stuff that you normally wouldn't. Like, if I was able to leave something behind with this job, or if I obtained something really great... Or like...I want to do something in the very end. I know it's not like me at all to act like this... Yeah. For my last labor as a prospector, I want to leave something behind.

Well, if there's anything I can do, I wanna help!


Yes. Super seriously! Whether it's treasure hunting or husband hunting!

...If you're gonna help me, then there's only one thing I want to do. All right, I've decided! I'll do it!!! I want to tell you more about it, so can you come with me to the tunnel?

The tunnel? Sure, I'll go with you.

We've been fixing it as we go, but overall it's pretty shaky. The trouble is especially severe right here. It probably wont' be long till we won't be able to use it anymore.

I see. The other side looks like it's about to collapse any minute now.

Right? I'm sure a lot of people will be in trouble if this piece falls apart. But it's more solid on this side here. I'm thinking it'll be more convenient if we build a bridge from here to the other side. Ayesha, what do you think? Is it too ambitious?

Looks like you'll need a great amount of time and materials, but...I think it's possible.

All right, then let's do it! It might be hard, but it'll help everyone! Of course, I'll help gather the materials.

But, I wonder if we can build a bridge with just the two of us...

When it comes down to that part, I'll get everyone to help us out. First, why don't we just get ready to construct the bridge?

I see... I guess we can do that.

Regina said she'll start gathering the necessary materials in the tunnel and in the forests nearby. All I have to do is make some Adhesion Jelly. It's an incredibly sticky material, perfect for keeping things together, like the planks in a wooden bridge. Judging by the length, I'd probably need three. Regina told me to gather all the men in the village like I was done. I'm so happy Regina will be able to leave something great like a bridge behind. The Regina Kurtis Bridge

One...two...three. Yup, I've got all the materials. We'll be able to start working.

All right, then let's start right away. I'll go call the guys. Go ahead and get started!

Regina, it's done...

Yeah. I never thought we'd be able to build a steady bridge like this. I wonder if everyone will be happy with it... Well, as my last labor, this turned out to be a splendid one indeed.

Regina, you really are an amazing gal! I always knew you'd make me proud.

Goodness, stop. You're not gonna get anything by flattering me.

Dummy, I'm not saying that just because I want something! I've been looking after you since your parents entrusted me with you, but at first, I was really worried. I wondered if a delicate girl could do prospector work... Even the men find it hard. But you earned your stripes in the blink of an eye. Your efforts really put the guys to shame. You were always my pride and joy. You were much manlier than any of the guys around here.

Manlier? Gimme a break. I am a girl, you know!

Shut up! I always thought you were the only one who could succeed me... *sniff* *sniff*

Ooh, even Boss' heart can be moved to tears!

Don't mock me! Anyway, my pride always rested with you. And doing something like this in the very end... I'm... This is the last thing we can do for you. Now...just go get married or something and be happy.

Of course. Boss, thank you so much for all you've done for me till now!

But now, I have no more regrets. I did all that I could. And that's all thanks to you, Ayesha. Thank you so much.

No, no. I didn't do that much. You were the one that did this, Regina.

Don't be so modest. I was only able to go all-out because of you. Anyway, my work here is done. I was able to end it on a better note than I hoped.

You're right. And I'm sure something new is in store for you.

Yup! Although, I don't know what it's gonna be yet.

Your name will last for all eternity in this tunnel, too.

Stop exaggerating. My name won't last that long.


He said he was gonna build a stone monument to commemorate the honor.

Ahhh! You gotta be kiddin' me!

Her future is still wide-open. So is mine. We all create our futures with every step we take, and what path we choose is our own. Although I don't know what will happen to me or my friends in the future, I'm going to try my best for everyone's sake in the future! Regina, I'll definitely miss you when you decide to leave, but I hope my friendship made you happy, too.