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Part 37: Part XXIX: Hear the Honesty of a Peddler - Part A

Part XXIX: Hear the Honesty of a Peddler - Part A

Hmm...this workshop is still small and old.

Certainly. It is a bore...

However, the medicine is created here. I guess being old does have its perks...

I truly and completely agree.

H-Hello. Umm, I'll pour you some tea...

No, you don't have to. The hospitality of commoners is unpalatable. Anyway, I come bearing good news. It'd make me happy if you could give me a favorable reply.

Oh, what is it? A request for medicine?

This is more large-scale than that. However, it's not a bad thing for you, either. I, Modus, am very fond of your skills. So, I thought I'd hire you personally. You can expect to have a bigger workshop and abundant funds. And, of course, you'll be rewarded with money.

Oh, umm, that does sound nice, but...

I don't really need the money. I'm more focused on improving as an alchemist and helping my friends out. I do have plenty to live on because of all the jobs I do, but...I don't need to go into a business and work for someone.

What? Are you going to turn me down? I can assure you, you won't get a better offer anywhere.

She's out of her mind.

By wholesaling your medicine to Ernie, you don't make much money, do you? If you leave it to me, I can seel it far and wide. You'll be very rich.

Whaaat? Umm, I'm not really interested in that kind of business...

Oh, Ernie, you talk to her. I'm having difficulty getting through to this girl. I told her that I'll hire her directly, but she's being hesitant.

I thought I already told you that wouldn't be possible. I told you that she can't concentrate on making medicine right now due to personal reasons!

What? I never heard about that.

This is the first I've heard of that, too.

It's true that...I may have been discreet...and didn't say it exactly like I just did, but...

Ernie, I've always thought well of you... But are you, a mere merchant, trying to go against my plans?

That is outrageous.

I sincerely apologize, but I won't change my answer. I can't let Ayesha work for you!

How offensive!? Do you realize who you're talking to? Fine, I'm done here. This was unbelievably unpleasant! As far as I'm concerned, we've never done business with you!

I can't cause any trouble for my dear friend. I refuse to do business with anyone who deals in one-sided conditions that only benefit themselves!

Hmph. Don't you dare think that you can ever take those words back!

You will definitely regret this!

I've never seen Ernie so excited. He seemed really mad about Mr. Modus did, but part of it definitely seems like it's his fault. But, Ernie is not the kind of person who would do anything to make money. I'm really glad he's always looking out for me.

U-Umm...I feel like this turned into something serious...

No, I can't cause any more trouble for you. Anyway, I'm sorry I raised my voice. I'll come back later to apologize...

(Ernie looked so depressed... I hope he's okay...)

(Huh, that's... That's Ernie! I wonder what he's been up to since his fight with the landlord... I'm scared to ask, but I was the cause of this, so I need to ask him...)

Huh...? Ayesha?

Hello. Do you have a moment to talk? It's about last time. It seems like I caused you a lot of trouble, and... I'm sorry...

No, I'm the one who caused trouble for you. You didn't do anything wrong, Ayesha. I'm the one who should apologize. I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused. I knew I should've visited and apologized, but... I was too ashamed to go see you...

You don't have to worry about me. It didn't bother met at all. But I was really worried about you. I heard that you were depressed.

Hmhm, I'm fine. Of course, I was depressed for a couple days, but... I'm fine now. I won't brood over a failed business opportunity forever.

I'm so glad. A smile suits you best, Ernie!

Hmhm, you're right. It was a big business opportunity, but... If he's going to cause you trouble, then I'll happily withdraw.

And you can't buy friends with money. I'm actually worried about something else right now.

What's wrong? Please let me know if there's anything I can do!

Well, there's this person that I've known for a while now, and... This person is more of a friend than a client... So, my friend's family has been experiencing a series of misfortunes. They're still trying their best, but... They had an outbreak of pests on their farm, and now they're caught between a rock and a hard place. I want to do something to help my friend out... Do you have any ideas?

Pests...? Anti-Bug Grass might be good... Depending on the size of the fields, the amount you'll need will vary, but I'm sure it'll be effective.

That grows in that area around Oesten Marshland. At first, I did think it was kind of strange that I didn't see any bugs near a marshland, but the grass was keeping them away. If you want to get rid of bugs, you can't do better than planting a bunch of Anti-Bug Grass. It should be just fine for Ernie's friend.

Anti-Bug Grass... Ayesha, you sure know about a lot of things.

Hehehe, ask me anything, as long as it's about medicine! I'll prepare the necessary amount by the next time I see you.

Thank you, that'll be great. Umm, so the size of the fields are...

From the size Ernie told me, it seems like I only needed 10 clumps of Anti-Bug Grass to cover the whole fields. I picked up a lot when I was Oesten Marshland, because I wanted to make sure I noted everything about those ruins in my logbook, so this will be easy! I'll go see Ernie right away, and he usually hangs out on the Vierzeberg Bridge when he's not on the road. I'll see him soon!

(I'm glad Ernie got his strength back. Hmhm, he's stronger than I thought. I can't fail him. I need to go gather Anti-Bug Grass!)

Wow, this is a lot... With this much, I hope it'll be effective.

Yes. The smoke from holding the dried grass over the fire will be especially effective.

Duly noted. I was debating whether or not to ask you for help, but I'm glad I did. I'm sure my friend will be happy with this. your "friend" a woman?

What!? N-No! Goodness, you girls sure like to talk about that stuff... Unfortunately, my friend is a guy. He's a good friend of mine. He's helped me out before, too, so I couldn't just sit and watch while he was in trouble.

Hmhmhm, I see. But, I'm glad I was able to help.

I'll go deliver this right away. See you later, Ayesha!

I didn't see Ernie for a while, probably because he was helping his friend with his fields. Because of how scarce good farmland seems to be lately, we have to treasure all we have. I'm just glad I was able to help. When I was going to go introduce Nio to Mr. Keith, we did meet in the woods outside the library. He really seemed insistent on giving me something, but it looks like he just had some stuffed animals. I love stuffed animals!

Oh, perfect timing. I have something special for you, Ayesha.

Th-This is...whoa, waht!? Where did you get this!? My goodness, she's so cute!

Right!? I knew you'd say that!

Where did you get her!?

She's a stuffed animal that I picked up as a souvenir while I out to the east. It was like love at first sight! Before I knew it, I had bought every single one they had at the store. After I calmed down, I checked and saw that I bought ten of them.

Ten of the same ones...? Ernie, you must've been very excited.

I couldn't help myself. I've never done anything like that before. But, ten is too many, so I'm trying to find people to adopt them. With that being said, this one's yours. Take good care of her.

Huh, r-really!?

Of course. I'm sure she'll be happy if she's with you.

Thank you so much. I'll give her a name and take real good care of her!

Josette is a little shy and reserved, but... I'm sure she'll show you her amazing smile once she's gotten to know you...

Hmhmhm, I see. You don't have to be shy. I'm not scary at all.

She gets lonely pretty easily, so make sure you sleep with her at night.

I'm very good at sleeping with stuffed animals, so leave it to me.

I'm Josette. Nice to meet you, Ayesha!

Hmhm, nice to meet you too, Josette!

On second thought, I should probably give Josette to Nio the next time I'm back at my workshop. I don't want to bring it on the road and have it get dirty. I'm sure Nio will keep it a lot of company when I'm out on a job or with my friends. Josette, I hope we get along!

I was wrong about the blanket Nanaca gives you and mixed it up with the bear. This is the item that gives you a 100% chance of winning any contest. The best part is that you can register the bear, with Marietta, I think, and never lose any Contest as long as you buy a copy and keep entering it. But, I've won every contest with a different item, so I'd rather not break that streak. Well, considering I've won all but the last as of my last recording, I won't have to worry about that.

I brought something to say thanks for the Anti-Bug Grass from last time...

Thank you so much, but you didn't have to get me anything.

Well, the client kinda forced me to take it... Thanks to that Anti-Bug Grass, they're having a great harvest. They gave me so much that if you don't take it, I don't know what to do with it.

If you say so... Are you sure I can have it?

Of course. I'll bring it here right away.

Hahaha, a year's worth? ...That's amazing.

It's about a year's supply, assuming that a family ate Milch Bean soup for breakfast every morning. So it might last longer for you, Ayesha...

Wow, I don't know if I can use all this...

It'll take up some space, but they last a long time, and they're packed with nutrients!

Hmhmhm, you're right. Thank you so much!

You actually do get 99 Milch Beans from that scene, the maximum of one material you can carry. I assume the Container has unlimited space, or if it's like in Meruru, where it might as well be unlimited. These are the bulk of Ernie's events, but there is one more that he's in prominently on January 20 of year 3, when Ayesha turns 21. You have to be in Kyle's bar on that day, so it's really easy to miss. I shall not, though, and I know there's a voiced scene on January 20 of year 2 where a random character (might not be, since I got Wilbell when I saw that scene). I know this because it's an event wishing Ayesha a happy birthday, since her's is the 20th. I'll have to go back and record it soon.F