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Part 42: Chapter XXXV: The Great Chances and Opportunities - Busybodies

Career choices

I have been working in Colseit, for the R&D branch for a long time. I'm going to see if there's something new I can do, too!

If that is what you desire, then I think that is what you should do.

Thank you, Clone! I'm going to think it over a little bit more.

Not like I don't enjoy my current job... Why go through all the trouble of making a new one? I wish I had someone to talk to at a time like this...

Miss Threia is smart, and she's been working at her job for a long time. Maybe she has some good advice. Yeah! All right, it's decided!

Logy! Logy!

Whoa! What is it?

Rather than going back to Central, why don't we talk to Miss Threia about a new job?

Threia? Where did you get that idea?

If we're both going to be doing something new, maybe I can convince you to stay and work with me instead of going back to Central!

Hm... That's something to think about. Before I came to Colseit, all my work was done in Central. Maybe it would be more interesting to work with Threia. Well, it's worth a try...

After thinking it over, I don't really feel like there's much for me in Central City...

Threia, you're going to keep working here in Colseit, right?

Of course not! I was thinking about taking this opportunity to move to Central City myself.

Huh? Is it because you've done everything you can do here?

Yes... And I'll have to study a mountain of new reports once I get there. Being out in the field is nice for research, but it makes getting your hands on new documents much harder. ...Say, I have a suggestion for you, then. How would you two like to start careers as historians?

Us? We don't have nearly as much knowledge as you do, but...

What are you talking about? We've worked together. You two would make excellent assist--er, researchers!

D-Do you really think we'd be good at historical research...?

I have no doubt you'll make excellent colleagues. So, what do you say?

Hey, Logy. Could you proofread this for me?

Sure, no problem. I've just finished my fact-checking, too.

You're a lifesaver. I just have one more pile to get through.

Oh, my, look at the time... Sorry, Escha. We'll eat a little later. Just put it over there for now.

You always say that, but you never end up eating anything...

It's crunch time, Escha... But, okay, I'll have a bite.

Here you go.

Hm... This is pretty good. I think you've improved again.

Haha, I hope so, after all the cooking I've done for you. Are you going to be ready for the meeting?

It'll be a near thing... We're submitting a brand-new theory, so we need convincing evidence. Of course, the board will pick away at our sources, too. This is why I hate those staid old nay-sayers. They haven't made any discoveries of their own, so all they do is try to find flaws in new theories.

Y-You are a little scary...

What was that?

Eek! N-Nothing...!

Yeah... If people are willing to accept our new theories, we can transform all of academia. It's only for a few more days. Think of this as our final push.

T-Tomorrow!? What? D-Did you just say "tomorrow"!?

Um, what I meant was...tomorrow you should start getting ready for the meeting!

You're kidding, right!? I thought we still had a few days! We need to change our plans immediately!

Escha, you have to help us right away. We'll never have our thesis prepared on time at this rate.

Huh!? But I don't even understand half of what's in there!

You can read, can't you!? Please, time spent talking is time wasted! Logy, you check up, and Escha, you do the rest! Thank you!

Th-That's impossible! Your writing is so difficult to make out!

Logy, forget about that part; read this and tell me what you think right away.

...Um, can I just say that this is impossible, too?

Oh? I thought nothing was impossible for a tough guy like you.

You guys like to complain a lot, but you still do everything I ask of you. All of my other aides would have quite by now, but you two still stick around.

What is it, Threia? Do you still have more work to be done?

I'm trying to tell you that I'm going to take you out to a nice dinner when this is all over!

Really? If Threia's choosing the spot, then I'm SURE it'll be delicious! I can hardly wait!

Of course it'll be amazing. Now, we've got to work right up until our deadline. C'mon!

I never thought our lives would change like this, but--

Escha, what are you doing!? I need you to look at these papers!

Ah! Coming!