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Part 2: Galgazits

Update 2: Galgazits

Music: Wind Over Time (world map theme #1)

The NPCs in this game generally don't have much of interest to say. Klein can have a, “conversations” with a couple guys in here that don't really seem to mean anything. We're supposed to head off to this tower nearby, but it occurred to me that while I visited several shops last time, I didn't really discuss them.

Lyla's grocery store doesn't have a whole lot that's useful by itself, but has several items useful for crafting other items.

Predictably, Norman mostly serves food and food-related ingredients.

Veola's store has two very basic consumables. Considering how shiny and magical her shop looks, I was expecting a little more than this. Perhaps her menu will expand over time.

Okay, let's head out of town.

We have to pass through Lapis Woods to get to this tower, and several more times in the future. We can find a few random/respawning goodies here, such as mushrooms and nuts and things. Nothing great, but might as well collect 'em, right?

I got into one fight with the very most basic enemy, the Mini Puni. Klein killed it in one hit, so let's talk about Klein's attack.

Klein can transform enemies into elements! His standard attack, ELE EXTRACT, has this property if it lands a killing blow. Critters, monsters, even *people* can be reduced to their bare elements.

Furthermore, ELE EXTRACT is magic based, so it utilizes Klein's naturally superior magic stat at no MP cost, granting him an acceptable standard attack. Admittedly, he will soon reach the point where he can almost always do something more useful than a standard attack, but it's still nice that it's not a total joke. He also comes with a basic physical attack, in the event you want to go that route.

Klein also somehow got a level up out of that. +5 defense is nothing to scoff at. I'll talk more about level ups in a moment.

Oh, here's a shot of the world map. It kind of sucks and I'm not going to show it much except to show you new areas and maybe give directions.

These purple shapes are teleporters. Let's see where it goes!

Music: Lost Technology

The game now grants us access to the Henmil's Gate location. That's all we have to do here, but what's in that chest nearby?

I can feel mana power. It must be a mana item! Yeah...looks like an Herbal Drop. What's a mana item doing over here? Does this tower have something to do with alchemy? Maybe that girl at the magic shop really was telling the truth...I should find more mana items if I head toward the mountains...

In order to create Herbal Drops, I need Fire and Wood elements.

Klein? I can't handle Fire elements.

Yeah, I know. We'll need to find a Mana who can handle Fire.

Now seems like a good time to discuss the mechanics of alchemy a little further. As you can see, both Bomb Ice and Heal Jar take only Water elements, while the Herbal Drop takes Fire and Wood. The game won't even let me try and make the Herbal Drop right now because I have no Mana who can handle it, as the previous cutscene suggested.

Popo actually specializes in the Wood element, but can also work with Water at a 1.5x cost.

A Heal Jar typically costs two Water elements, but after Popo's modifier it costs 3 per jar, or 24 for 8. Easy enough!

Yes, Popo, I'm very proud.

Now let's make Bomb Ice. I can make the maximum of nine, think eight will do. Let's give it a try...

And this is the result! Sometimes, if your Mana like you and have good energy, they'll make extra mana items for free when you synthesize. It's not a huge deal for stuff like this, since Water elements are readily available, but it can be nice when you're dealing with rarer elements or more potent items.

As Popo suggested last time, offering your Mana gifts will improve both their energy and their disposition towards you. This is part of why collecting items, even vendor trash type stuff, is useful – even the things you can't use for item crafting can be given to your Mana to make them happier. Fortunately, Mana seem to care more about quantity than quality.

Music: Spirit's Hometown

You're that girl.

…? Oh, I remember you.

The name's Klein.

Oh, that's right. I never asked your name. I'm Lita, nice to meet you. So what brings you to the area?

Uh, well...

Fade out/in

They say nobody's been able to open it.

Klein starts examining the gate a bit closer.

Stand back!...What the -

The random guy leaves as quickly as he came.

[Lineage of Iris forms the key with mirrors of Dawn and Twilight.] ...What does that mean?

It's called alchemy. I'm an alchemist.

Alchemist? You!? No way. I guess you're not as weak as I thought.


Music: Flask Boy

Hey, there's an idea. Want to be a Galgazit?

A Galgazit...Don't they kill monsters and hunt Growloons?

Galgazit Alchemists are pretty rare. You wouldn't be half bad.

Well, I guess I'll think about it.


Me, scared!? No way!

Okay, it's settled. You're now a Galgazit. Welcome aboard.

We should head back toward Kavoc. I have a house there.

All right, we're on our way to a full party! I wonder who our other allies will be?

Music: Spending the Night Together

These squares act as save and healing points, and also allow you to talk to your allies.

These kids are Yach (the boy) and Dia (the girl). We'll be seeing them around every now and again.

Hey, you kids be careful. You shouldn't be out here without an adult.

We ARE with an adult! Right, Pamela?

Music: Village of Snow and Glass

I'm a ghost, does that count?

… ...

… ...

Tee hee...Hello! I'm so happy that everyone can see me today.

That's a little rude! Of course I'm a ghost.

We met Pamela in the forest when we were playing. She looked lonely, so now we're friends!

You wouldn't happen to know where my body is, would you?

Well...Where did you die?

I don't really remember. I slept for a long time...I was already a ghost when I woke up.

… …

C'mon, Pamela! Let's go play!

Oh, okay! Tee hee...Well, I hope we meet again. See you!

...Was she really a ghost?

Well, the being transparent thing is a pretty strong indicator. She's certainly bubblier than I expect my undead to be, but I'm cool with that.

One trip through the woods later...

Music: Fun Shopping in Kavoc

You two certainly are an odd couple. I guess it's not so bad, though.

You've already met Klein? Well, that makes this easier. As of today, Klein's a Galgazit. We'll need to use the house for a while.

That's alright. Just don't burn the place down.

Norman lets Galgazits rent the vacant house. Our reward money will come from the charitable donations of the townspeople.

Personally, I like to generate new oxygen by BREATHEing.

Wait, that didn't work-

I think I'm okay. But I would like to use alchemy to Synthesize. I can do it outside, but it would work a lot better in here.

You should make sure that's okay with Norman, first. He's the bartender, remember?

Could you pick up a Tingleberry from Veola's Magic Shop? I couldn't find any in Kavoc, so I special ordered one.

No problem. We'll be right back.

I have kind of mixed feelings about this game's introduction. On the one hand, I think it does a good job of introducing new NPCs, worldbuilding, etc. On the other, so far this looks to be an RPG about running errands, and we don't really have a long-term goal besides the rather nebulous “reach Avenberry someday because it's there”.

Oh yeah, speaking of introducing new NPCs...

Have you heard of the Flawless Marvel?


I'm Rurona. I travel around the world studying ancient ruins.

So you're an adventurer?

Nope, an alchemist.

… ...Really? Then why're you-

It's a long story. Anyway, do you know about the Flawless Marvel? It's a legendary ruin made entirely of sculpted marble.

I always thought that was just a rumor. I don't think anyone around here actually believes it's real.

Sigh...Guess I'm on my own, then. Well, thanks anyway.

And that's it for Rurona for now. Perhaps this Flawless Marvel place has some goodies in it we can find later.

There are some knight-looking people up by this church-looking thing. We'll be seeing quite a bit of them. Notice the German numbers for names. I wonder when that became a thing?

Oh! I was just wondering what you sell here.

Oh. A customer...Let me know if you need any assistance.


Mr. Norman wants a Tingleberry. You have them here, right?

Yes. Here you go.

Th-Thank you...

Have a nice day.


If you're done shopping, you can leave any time.

We were just leaving!

… ...

Why did you have to make a scene?

Oh, like I was out of line!? She pisses me off. Let's just go. Norman's waiting for us.

Actually, I'd say Veola was downright pleasant this time compared to our first meeting. At any rate, I see plenty of verbal slapfights (and possibly physical slapfights) in Veola and Lita's future.

Okay, we've talked about synthesizing mana items, and now it's time to talk about making new items at shops!

When we talk to a shopkeeper who can synthesize (currently just Norman or Veola), they'll give us a list of vendor-specific things they can make. Again, Norman tends to specialize in meals, so let's make this Meuniere thing.

Recipes call for a certain set of ingredients, but you can experiment with different ones. For example, this recipe calls for a Fish Island, a Tingleberry, and Green Powder. The Tingleberry cannot be changed, but I could use a different fish or different powder/spice if I wanted, which may affect the quality of the dish – or even create an entirely new one! For this example, though, we're going to just make it by the book, since Norman kindly supplies the ingredients.

Every ingredient has certain “review properties”. These can get combined to exaggerate or offset each other. As far as I know, these descriptions (and, for that matter, the reviews themselves) don't really matter much, but I could be mistaken.

This looks pretty good. I think I'll put it on the menu. If you want to cook, just bring me the ingredients.

And we've got a new item! Sometimes, when you synthesize an item, it will get added to the shopkeeper's menu and restocked regularly. Other items you can only really ever get by synthesizing more.

And in case my explanation didn't make sense, let's get our favorite tutor here to help...

Music: Popo's Pleasant Money Lecture

Today we're going to learn about Shop Synthesis! Some stores can create items if you bring the right ingredients.

They're professionals – so don't worry about them messing up. But I thought only alchemists could synthesize.

It's not the same as your Synthesis, Klein. Think of it like cooking – they'll mix the ingredients, but they can't use Mana like Klein.

Popo is wrong about that. You'll find plenty of perfectly good ingredients all over the place.

I hope this is more fun than it sounds.

Well, some of their items will be a lot better than your alchemist items. You really should try it out. Remember, they're trained professionals.


You'll need to make use of both alchemist and shop items. Obviously, using different ingredients will make different items. It's similar to baking. If you use fruits, you'll make a fruit cake. Chocolate makes a chocolate cake. You get it?

It sounds as delicious as it is complicated. You can also trade the item with one you had previously.

That line is a bit ambiguous – Klein's saying if you wind up making a superior (better reviewed) version of the same item, you can swap it in for the old version. So if I made Medicine that got a review of 70, then made another Medicine that got a review of 71, I can replace the old Medicine. Again, I don't think it really warrants much concern.

Look carefully at the shop's display window. Better items mean better customer responses. Customers will get upset if your menu sucks, so be careful. Anyway...the main point of today's lesson is to get used to Shop Synthesis. And here's a special hint: Befriend the shop owner! It pays to be friendly. They may even give you useful hints. So Klein, I suggest you go to the Magic Shop and ask that cute girl out on a date.

What is it with you?

That's all for today! See ya next time!

Norman forks over five each of Flour, Green Powder, Rock Sugar, Ale, Karikari Nuts, Goat Milk, and Canola Oil. Thanks, Norman!

Music: The Name's Beggur!

The gate's secret was discovered. Now they can reach Avenberry...Perhaps I should have a “word” with them...Bwuh HA ha ha Haughk hack hack...

Sir Beggur! Is everything alright, sir?

Bring the boy here...Alive.

By the way, if you didn't click on that last music link, you should. Beggur's themes are all excellent. On a related note, Beggur is excellent.

Well, we don't have any real direction on what to do now. The correct thing is to try and leave town. Upon doing so...

Music: Looming Crisis

C'mon, Klein! This'll be fun...It's our first job together!

Lita, wait-

Lita runs ahead, leaving Klein with little choice but to chase after her.

The man kills the monster with little fanfare.

Hey! Stop stealing our business!

Music: Sleeping Reality

Wait a minute...You're Arlin. I guess the rumors about you were true.

This is your job, right? I'll leave the rest to you.

H-Hey! Wait!

Arlin strolls offscreen as another monster pops up.

Music: Ferocious Drive

I already told you, I ran out of elements!

Is that so? Well, show me what you've got, now.

No problem. Prepare to be amazed.

Unfortunately, even this battle is still so simple and the game so early that I don't have a lot to say yet, but allow me to draw your attention to the characters' standard attacks – or more specifically, their area of effect.

Both Klein's and Lita's standard attacks can hit multiple enemies and have surprising range. Lita's attack is more rectangular, hitting enemies on a line higher and lower on the screen (relative to the player, obviously), while still having a bit of left/right range as well.

Lita's Claw Swipe also seems to have a speed boosting effect. I still haven't pinned down exactly how it works, but it looks like if she uses Claw Swipe twice in a row, she gets a third attack for free. This can make her quite effective at mopping up large groups of weaker enemies without needing to expend MP.

Klein's ELE EXTRACT also has an area of effect that seems a bit more square than Lita's. I think his physical attack only hits one enemy, though I haven't used it in a while so I can't promise that that's true.

The plant thing tries to put up a fight, but ultimately they just didn't stand a chance.

Music: Winning Shot!

Both characters also leveled up from that fight. Statistically, Lita is all about speed with a side helping of brute force, and she excels at making lots of large numbers come out of your enemies. On the other hand, her magic is crap and her defenses aren't great, either (she comes with an accessory that boosts some of her magic resistances, at least). Her MP is low, and secretly it's perhaps even lower than it appears – but that's something we'll have to wait until later to discuss.

When a character levels up, they gain three skill points that they can spend on any abilities they have to power them up. Right now Lita only has her basic attack. I save my early skill points because I'm one o f those people.

Klein, meanwhile, is a fairly straightforward caster, and he's also perhaps the worst character statistically. His magic, MP, and resistances are all fine, but his defense, HP, and strength aren't so hot. He also has rather mediocre speed, and the combination of poor speed and defenses can really cause problems as the game progresses. Curiously, he has access to a few weapons that drastically boost his strength (at the expense of magic and speed) if you feel like making him a physical powerhouse.

Of course, his mediocre stats are completely trivial next to the sheer power and utility that alchemy has to offer, so he's still worth having around as a full-time party member.

Klein's abilities are largely (if not entirely) built around his Alchemy, increasing the effectiveness of his Alchemy Items. Again, I'm saving his points for a bit.

Music: Klein and His Pleasant Friends

...You don't give out many compliments, do you?

Well...You were a lot stronger than I expected you to be!

What's THAT supposed to mean!?

Nevermind. C'mon, let's clean up.

Growloons are so cute and harmless by themselves, it's easy to forget that they're harbingers of destruction or something.

Looks like we're done here. Let's report back to the bar.

Uh-huh. I don't know what Luplus is but he's awesome looking.

Heh...I thought I saw you guys out there. You did a great job, I'm sorry this is all I can offer...

He hands over 500 Cole. Not bad, really.

Don't worry. We appreciate the townspeople donating anything at all.

Thanks for understanding. Good luck out there...Oh! I almost forgot. You are now officially a Galgazit. I'll keep track of you successful jobs.

This is a record of Galgazit success stories. Which means it's also a record of Growloons. Whenever you defeat a Growloon, I'll record it. You can use this book to see how many Growloons you've found. The townspeople are willing to shell out special rewards when you dispose of enough Growloons...They're fed up with the Growloons. The more Growloons you defeat, the better. I'll keep the book here, so you can check it form time to time.

Hey, we still need to think of a team name.

A team name? I don't like that girly stuff.

Girly stuff!? We're a team. Teams have names.

Okay, okay...geez.

Looks like that's where we'll have to stop for now. Remember to vote on a team name, and I'll see you next time as we continue exploring Kavoc – and possibly make a new friend or two!