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Part 5: Mushrooms and Magoo

Update 5: Mushrooms and Magoo

We have a real objective now, and what better way to celebrate than by completely ignoring it? It's time to visit our friends the shopkeepers!

Atelier Norman: Childish Booze

Music: Fun shopping Synthesizing in Kavoc

I the “ghost” really was a demon...

Yup, but don't worry. We took care of it.

That's a relief. Uh, about the reward...Since the union wasn't sure if it was a Growloon or a demon, they aren't willing to pay...This is from me, though. Sorry I couldn't give you money.

Norman hands over 5 glasses of Milk, which we'll put to good use in a sec.

It's okay, but...Maybe you could give us extra rice free of charge...?

Ha ha ha! Sure, why not? I'd be happy to add that free of charge.

You shouldn't be asking for favors, Lita. Nothing in life is free, y'know.

What are you talking about, Delsus?

Ha ha ha, he has a point! But I don't think there's anything to worry about.

I'm not actually sure what the game is getting at here. Anyway, that concludes our bit from last time with the sewer ghost. Now it's time to try out some more synthesis.

Well, actually I want to buy some stuff from him first. As I said earlier, Norman mostly sells (and makes) food and food related items. I got a lot from him as rewards, but it doesn't hurt to stock up a little more, or on things we haven't found elsewhere yet.

Oh, here's something weird. You can use Karikari Liquor as an ingredient to synthesize itself. Funny how that happens sometimes. I wonder if you could theoretically make an infinite quality item this way?

Okay, let's try for a Peach Cocktail. For our first try, I'm going to use the recommended ingredients. This will almost always get you the intended result.

Some of these reviews are just...I mean, how is a drink “too hard”? I guess it could be referring to alcoholic content.

Mmmm, that smells good.

If you like it so much, why don't you order one?

I'll stick with goat milk, thanks.

Ugh...I can't drink this. It's way too sweet...

Huh!? I never thought I'd see the day when Delsus turns down a drink!

Hey, I drink plenty of booze! I just can't stand chick drinks.

Okay, let's try again, but this time let's make the drink as saccharine as possible.

”Really childish”? It's fucking alcohol, man.

Here you go. This one's a Lando Sour.

It smells like it's sweet and sour.

Don't smell everything – just order one.

I'll stick with lando juice, thanks.

Wooo, this one's sweet...

I thought you hated sweet drinks.

You're damn right I do. Booze is supposed to be hard! Chick drinks defeat the purpose of alcohol.

Okay, so some of the little post-invention skits can get kind of samey, especially at Norman's bar. Even so, I think I like how the designers managed to sneak in some banter and even occasional character development into item synthesis. Some of the best moment in the game happen here.

(well, not HERE. They actually happen across the way at Veola's. But I'm getting ahead of myself).

Norman's last available item is a mushroom dish. This requires a pepper of some kind, two mushrooms (some kind of Dancing and some kind of Smoking) and some kind of oil. Once again, let's start with the recommended ingredients.


Curiously, making the normal dish doesn't get us a skit at all. But let's change up the oil and see what happens...

Here we are...It might be a little too sweet, but it's not bad. I hereby give you...the Sauteed fungo.

Let me try! Mmm...Perfect! Its sweetness melts onto your tongue while the bold, rich smell perfectly accents the exquisite harmony of flavor and aroma!

You've gotta be kidding. Since when do you talk like that? And...didn't he say it was too sweet?

I could probably make a spicy one for you, Delsus. Sorry you don't like it.

I suspect Norman may be right – perhaps if we change the pepper we can another variant of the dish. Unfortunately, I only have green peppers right now, so that will have to wait. Regardless, these mushroom dishes both heal HP, and the Sauteed Fungo heals MP as well. I'll have to try these out in battle to see how potent they are.

How nice.

Okay, let's shift gears and see what Veola's got to make.

Atelier Veola: These clothes...aren't cool?

Music: The Laughable Pair

(you can pretty much assume that this plays during any scene that contains both Lita and Veola unless otherwise specified)

Veola has some odd things available for crafting. I'm not really sure why I need a globe, but I'm gonna get one anyway when I have the materials for it.

For now, let's make some paper. This takes magi grass of some kind, a log of some kind, and water of some kind. I tried a bunch of variations, but none of them seemed to make anything other than the standard product.


...I give up.

Paper is very practical. You can use it to make all sorts of things.

In case you haven't already guessed, there are a few synthesis items that exist for the sole purpose of synthesizing other items. It can get kind of complicated.

Okay, now for some clothes. This requires some kind of cloth (I only have Flax or Cotton: both make the same thing) and String, which respawns at the Outdoor Theater. This creates...

… …

What's wrong with it? These are just normal clothes.

It looks...interesting.

Nobody would be caught dead in those clothes, right Klein?

… ...

Uh, Lita?

Oh, I see how it is! You're gonna take Veola's side! You need to be honest with people, even if it might hurt them.

These clothes...aren't cool?

Well, they might be...a little old fashioned...Just a little.

Ohhh...they ARE old fashioned! It's like ancient historical archeology in here...

… ...Well, then. I've decided to name these Magoo Clothes.


I feel like Veola just burned Lita really badly, but I'm not entirely sure how. Perhaps that's the beauty of it.

Despite being somewhat out of fashion, the Magoo Clothes are worth wearing for that hefty defense boost. I might even make a second set for Delsus (Lita can't equip it – not that she'd even want to).

We can also experiment with the Bomb and the Medicine that Veola already sells. I'll work on the Bomb later, but I think we might be able to try out some new meds...

Medicine requires the mushrooms called Dancing, but lets try Smoking instead.

Thanks! How's this energy drink work, anyway?

It makes you fly.

That doesn't really say much.

Would a better description make it work better? No, of course not. It's a catchy name and a snappy description. Drink it if you need a boost.

This is another MP restoring item. Definitely worth having around, especially now that I'm starting to learn some useful skills.

There's not much left for me here either, but I triggered a new scene just by leaving and reentering.

Huh? Oh, nothing in particular.

You could try being more helpful, y'know!

Could I?

Well, you're not doing a very - WHAT!? What did you just say!?

There's no reason to be helpful. I did not want to open this shop.

Then why open it at all?

...I needed to produce income.

Damn...your life must really be boring.

It's none of your business. You shouldn't stick your nose in other people's business. Please leave.

Fine, I will!

Well, that was fun. Next time we'll get back on to the main plot, but rest assured that there is plenty of Norman and Veola in this game's future.