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Part 17: Books

Update 17: Books

Atelier Veola: The Rubber Band Trick

Music: Fun Shopping in Kavoc

What do you have to apologize for?

It turns out...The book is quite useful.

See! I told you!

However, I maintain that the argument was Lita's fault.

My fault!?

I'm just glad you could use the book.



This is for you.

Can I get a “Hell, Yeah!”?

Are you sure?

Yes, please take them.

C'mon, Klein!

Okay, yeah...Thank you.

You're welcome.

Thanks to her research, Veola has six new recipes to try out. Let's get started!

We can make a new kind of medicine from the old stuff. The recipe calls for some flower I don't have, but...

...Raflesia works just as well, and I found several of those back at the Cleft of Nelvia, so we'll just substitute that.

Please tell me you didn't name it Medicine That's a Bit Stronger.

Of course not. Goodness, what do you take me for?

Well, then...What's it called?

Farewell, Pain.

… …

So, what do you think? I stayed up all night trying to think of a name.

...You really aren't very creative, are you?

We can also power up our Blue Bull into something better...

I wanted to make some stronger medicine, but I used the wrong ingredients and made an energy drink, instead.

...I'm almost afraid to ask, but did you name it Some Stronger Medicine?

I'll have you know I thought up a much more creative name for it. I brainstormed with words like “atomic” and “super duper”.

So what was the final verdict?

I named it Crazy Bull!

… …

So...? I spent more time coming up with the name that I did making the drink.

I pity your utter lack of creativity.

I think the most important part of the name is the “!” following it.

Since when does punctuation affect the final product?

Don't listen to Lita, Veola. I think the exclamation point is perfect.

Unfortunately, I cannot synthesize Liquid Emptiness right now (I wonder what it does, anyway?). It requires some form of Glowgrass, and I don't have any. I think we'll get some reasonably soon, but I don't remember for certain.

The Comet Jewel requires a Comet Stone and some form of powder. I used Baking Powder because I thought that was funny (Wax is expensive, okay?)

It's beautiful!

You'd better enjoy it...My arm's sore from carving it. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to round a stone like that.

Maybe you should just exercise more often.

I just wanted to show off that Veola has developed a new facial expression. It amuses me that some characters have portraits just for sticking out their tongues, especially when they are almost exclusively directed at another character.

You're just jealous!

Oh, please...

The Metal Pipe requires some sort of pipe and a Sylph's Kiss. The pipes are both easy enough to find. I have two Sylph's Kisses and I cannot for the life of me remember where I got either of them. So, um, here's hoping I don't need too many I guess.

Little sour...?

Your Metal Pipe's ready.

It's just an ordinary pipe.

Hollowing out a solid metal rod is a fairly difficult task. However...if we alter the ingredients slightly, I could make something useful.

Uh...huh? Well I don't have anything that makes Veola give me the “secret new item” prompt, so we'll leave this alone for now. Time for one of my favorite inventions!

We take one quite thing, and we combine it with another cute thing (actually I think any fish will work), aaaaand...

It's StretchyStretchy!

(I like that “too puniesque” review)

StretchyStretchy is ready.

Another strange name, as usual. What's this loop for, anyway?

It's remarkably elastic. Here Lita, hold this end.

Like this?

Yes. Hold on tight! See how far it stretches?

Lita starts moving backward.

Hey, that's pretty cool!

And now, I release it.

OUCH! What the heck!?

Now use it responsibly. You should never do that to a friend.

Ooooh...I'll get you for that!

Think of it as a prank.

A prank!? We'll see how you feel after I “prank” you!

(...That looked really painful...)

This is pretty high up on my list of excellent synthesis skits.

I think most of the stuff we made this time is actually stuff for even later synthesis (Veola does that a lot). I think I heard somewhere that Comet Jewels are a decent way to make money, since they sell for a decent chunk of cash and the ingredients are semi-cheap, so I may try that if I find myself running especially low on funds.

But wait! There's more! Let's leave and return.

You look tired. What's the deal?

None of your business. However, I was thinking of how you said I didn't have fashion sense.

I said that?

… …


At any rate, you'll be pleased to know I've begun studying fashion design. I've created some new designs. Please try them out.

Two new synthesis recipes have been added!

I wonder what kind of outfits she'll create this time.

If the clothes turn out well, I'd like Klein to model them for me.


If they still look outdated, you can try them, Lita.

I guess that means I'll be wearing a lot of clothes.

What'd you say?

Hey, Lita actually got a decent burn on Veola for once. This cannot stand.

All right, let's make some fairy clothes. We need a swimsuit (the red pants I found in the base last time also work), cloth, and...a fruit? Some of Norman's fruit cocktails even work.

I made some Fairy Clothes.

Wow, nice sewing job.

Why, thank you.

But...your fashion sense could still use some help.

These are actually a pretty decent equip. But there's another thing we can make out of this recipe...

I don't understand how “a lot adults only” morphed into “uninteresting”.

Hmm...These don't look much like Fairy Clothes anymore...

Wh-What is that?

Is that a bathing suit?

I guess it could be! I'll call it the Blue Swimsuit.

Seems appropriate.

I think it might look good on you, Lita.

What's that supposed to mean? I don't like it at all.

You don't have to like a swimsuit for it to look good on you.

...Heh...If you say so.

Of course. It's all in your skeletal and muscular structures.


… …

Did you say small breasts...?

Why are you so upset? It's the truth. You're still attractive – just ask Klein.

Wha – me!? guess...

Klein, you big jerk!

L-Lita, wait!

… …?

I like how sometimes, when Veola manages to really piss Lita off, you regain control right outside like this. Anyway, let's assume some time passed for Lita to cool off and head back inside.

The other clothing synthesis recipe calls for these three specific items. Hollow Pumpkins and Star Pieces are both semi expensive but not too hard to find.

The Gogo Suit is ready. This is the pinnacle of cool. You'd be super popular in it.

… …

Is there a reason you're so outdated?

What do you mean?

If I wore that outside, I'd be laughed right out of town!

...I see.

Despite it's worth as a fashion statement, the Gogo Suit is still a pretty solid piece of equipment. It's also guys only so I threw it on Delsus because he's already the “cool but also a loser sort of” character.

Despite Veola's insistence, the Blue Swimsuit isn't really that great for Lita (though admittedly I have her with my best stuff right now so it doesn't look as good in comparison). Those stats are actually pretty decent for Norn, but I'm just too prudish to let her wear it. And I don't even want to know what that “Seductive” trait is supposed to mean.

Okay, time for a new conversation.

I dunno if I'd say it was “fun”, but it's never boring.

You have to watch out for thieves and stuff.

I see...

Were you planning on leaving? I don't mean to sound rude, but you're a little small.

Yes, I do lack your strength. It would be dangerous to leave.

You go outside, though, right?

I've considered it...But I do not want to. The only reason I would leave this shop would be to search for items and books.

Hmm...I know how you feel, being an alchemist. Why don't I look for items and books for you?


If there's anything you need, just let me know, okay?


Why what?

...Nevermind. Thank you very much.

We're done here, right? C'mon, let's get moving!

Hey, whoa...What's the rush?

Let's just go, jerk! Hurry up!

… …

Why are you being so nice to her?

Huh? I was only trying to help!

Fine. Let's just go!

Yeah, let's just go...back inside, because I'm not done.

Uhh...I don't think that's a good reason to buy clothes. Honestly, the deadly odor thing would be a lot funnier if it didn't seem to end up in half of my items. Or maybe that's the point?

...For me?

Here you go.

“Me, Myself, & Bomb”...What a curious title.

It's better than the name you would have given it.

I doubt it. I'd rather not argue this time. I appreciate you bringing this; I'm sure it will be useful. Hmm...This Craft bomb should be easy enough...

And with that, we've got three new recipes! From a book like that, this should be some great stuff.

The Spike Bomb has some fairly basic ingredients – all three of these are easy enough to find. Let's start with the default recipe, and...

I used some pine nuts to construct a Spike Bomb. It actually damages the enemy more than once.

How's that work? Is it in several pieces?

No, it deals damage three times after it's thrown. First of all, the spikes actually hurt the person throwing it. Second, the spikes damage the enemy when the bomb makes impact. Third, and lastly, is the explosion. Naturally, that hurts the enemy.

Wait, hold on. It's going to hurt US!?

Just carrying it around might hurt a little bit...It's no big deal.

It's a huge deal! I don't want this thing!

Okay, that actually is kind of dumb. Funny, but dumb. Now let's check out this Craft thing...

All it takes is a Nue or Spoiled Nue, and Veola can turn it into a bomb. Cool!

The Craft is ready. It's a unique diffusion bomb.

So it's a bomb...but you named it Craft? That isn't like you.

The name was inspired by a famous person.

Makes sense...I knew you couldn't come up with a unique name on your own.

...Give it a rest. Anyway, it's much stronger than a bomb.

There's secretly a lot more going on with the Craft item than we can really see right now. I suspect I may even have an Atelier Veola episode focused entirely around it. But that's for later. Let's check out the last recipe from Me, Myself & Bomb...

Once again, going with the basic ingredients here to create the least intuitive bomb ever...

Bomb Armor's ready.

I won't comment on the name this time. What's it do?

It utilizes flames to repel monsters. Enemies can't get close, because you're generating a fire.

Wait...wouldn't the person with the armor get burned, too?

Hmm...I suppose you're right. Well, I hope you'll take it anyway.

The bomb armor actually offers pretty decent stat boosts. I don't know if it's really worth being on fire, though.

Finally, let's try to make a Spike Bomb with some different ingredients. This Unue thing looks promising...

So, naturally, it has as stronger name.

Let me guess...Stronger Spike Bomb?

I'm not an idiot. Would you like to hear it? It's called...Spike Bomber. The “er” suffix implies additional power.

Um...I guess...

Well, that was a fun update, but I think we're about out of stuff to synthesize for now. But hey, let's have one bonus scene with another beloved character before we go.

I think someone's downstairs! Let's go – keep quiet!

*Yawn*...What's going on, guys? Could you keep it down a little?

Why are you sleeping here?

It's past my bedtime.

Oh, okay well – That isn't what I meant!

Meow, just let her sleep.

I meant why are you sleeping in my bed?

I chose this bed because it looked soft and comfortable. What's the problem?

Why would a ghost need a comfortable bed?

Ghosts are people too!...At least, they used to be. It's not a big problem, is it? I'd like to use this bed when you're away.

Well, it would be nice to have someone looking after the place when we're gone.

...It's still pretty weird.

I hope you all enjoyed this installment of Atelier Iris Veola! I guess next time we can do more main plot stuff.